Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

The Cave: Mushrooms or Bats? | Stardew Valley

You must have noticed the Cave, right? If they haven’t, players new to Stardew Valley will soon notice the empty cave on their farm, which seems to have no purpose. No doubt many will have completely forgotten about this place, that is until they earn themselves 25,000g and […]

Animal Care Guide | Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley features a variety of animals that require care. In the natural course of things you can receive a cat, dog and even a horse, but this isn’t where your animal ownership needs to end. It’s possible to raise chickens, cows and even pigs, should your farm […]

Our 5 Favourite Festivals | Stardew Valley

For us, Festivals are one of the best features in Stardew Valley. They’re fun events that happen all year round, featuring quests to complete, new NPC’s to talk to, mini games to take part in and even shops selling exclusive loot. They’re great fun to attend, but more […]

Preparing for Skull Caverns Guide | Stardew Valley

Found in the desert of Stardew Valley, Skull Caverns is a randomly generated dungeon. It’s essentially a later game place in which you can find challenging enemies, randomly generated floors and oodles of epic loot. Not only is it a fantastic challenge to take on, but it’s also […]

Fishing Guide | Stardew Valley

On only your second day in Stardew Valley, Fishing is introduced. You’ll be sent a letter by Willy inviting you to the beach, whereupon you’ll be adorned with your first rod and introduced to the world of Fishing. It’s an invaluable skill that provides numerous benefits; fish can […]

Foraging Guide | Stardew Valley

Foraging is one of the many skills the player character can level up in Stardew Valley. It can be levelled by collecting items you can find in and around Pelican Town. These items can be used to complete community centre bundles, to generate money or to restore energy. […]

Clay Guide | Stardew Valley

Consumables such as Clay are everywhere in Stardew Valley. Fruits, Vegetables, Woods and Ores, they’re all in there. There’s even a fish called Legend. Each of these consumables has their use; some can be cooked, others combined in recipes to make bigger and better items. The overriding feeling […]

10 Beginner Tips | Stardew Valley

Beginner players can struggle in Stardew Valley; one short intro, an inherited farm and a messy front garden can combine to leave the new gamer a little disorientated. It’s a title that focuses on farming of course, but with so many options available to the player, where should […]

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

  • Platform: Multiple
  • Release Date: February 26th 2016
  • Genre: Farming / Role Playing / Simulation
  • Developer: ConcernedApe
  • UPFIVEDOWN Stats: 1894 Hours