Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

How To Unlock All 4 Obelisks | Stardew Valley

Being able to travel via Obelisk is an absolute godsend in Stardew Valley. These are essentially teleporters that transport your character to another part of the valley, but besides saving on shoe leather and time, they’re also a requirement for achieving perfection in the game. So whilst they […]

Achieving Perfection #4 – Crafting | Stardew Valley

The next step that we’re taking, and indeed documenting, towards perfection is that of crafting. As a whole this will cover a great deal of elements within Stardew Valley, because crafting in some way tends to be involved with pretty much everything that you do, and whilst you’ll […]

Achieving Perfection #3 – Cooking | Stardew Valley

Our third step in Stardew Valley perfection is to target Cooking, for which you will require a great deal of recipes to complete to 100%. Now, you will likely do a great deal of cooking regardless of your play style, because the foods are tremendously useful for restoring […]

Achieving Perfection #2 – Friendships | Stardew Valley

On your journey towards perfection in Stardew Valley, you’ll soon encounter the tricky subject that is friendship, and indeed the maximising of said relationships with every applicable resident. We call this tricky, because it relies more upon knowledge than it does time, though admittedly achieving perfection in this […]

Obtaining The Secret Statues | Stardew Valley

Digging into the secret portions of Stardew Valley is an absolute joy, and it’s a feature that the developer was clearly aware his fanbase would appreciate. Subtle nods to other games, objects that show clear inspirations from other titles and even physical goods for your farm can be […]

Creating a Profitable Beach Farm | Stardew Valley

Generally speaking, the Beach Farm in Stardew Valley only tends to be recommended for Veteran players, thanks to its uniquely limited design. Featuring unusual terrain and a smaller area for cultivating crops, it can be difficult to set up a regular, profitable enterprise here, which makes it an […]

How To Get Plenty of Ancient Seeds | Stardew Valley

Taking advantage of Ancient Seeds is a surefire way to make big profits in Stardew Valley. We recently wrote about the best possible crops to position within a Greenhouse, and Ancient Fruit absolutely takes the cake, mainly thanks to their constant, self-sustaining growth and value of the eventual […]

How To Raise Slimes Effectively | Stardew Valley

Whilst unusual, the act of raising Slimes in Stardew Valley is a very rewarding venture. After a little time and preparation, you’ll have yourself a ready supply of enemy Slimes located on your farm. These can effectively be cultivated in the right setup, causing them to breed and […]


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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

  • Platform: Multiple
  • Release Date: February 26th 2016
  • Genre: Farming / Role Playing / Simulation
  • Developer: ConcernedApe
  • UPFIVEDOWN Stats: 1894 Hours