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Digging into the secret portions of Stardew Valley is an absolute joy, and it’s a feature that the developer was clearly aware his fanbase would appreciate. Subtle nods to other games, objects that show clear inspirations from other titles and even physical goods for your farm can be found by a player willing to delve deep enough. One of these secrets takes the form of three statues, which can only be found by solving the puzzle within a Lost Book, which themselves are often only found via random accident. Rather than waiting for the game to throw you a proverbial loot bone then, why not try following our steps below to unlock yourself some novel farm decorations?

Lost Book, Stardew Valley

Decoding The Lost Book

Should you locate a Lost Book, which are found either through Artifact Spots, hoeing dirt in the Mines or Skull Caverns, or via fishing chests, you’ll find that they automatically get added to the bookshelf in the library. Unlike many other options however, the Lost Book that unlocks the secret statues will likely look like gibberish at first glance. Upon further inspection however, you can spot a pattern by using the first letter of each word in each sentence, to form a pattern:

  • Super Cucumber Town
  • Duck Mayo Saloon
  • Strange Bun Toy Box

The first two words in each of these messages equate to items that you can locate, and the final word indicates the location in which you should deposit them. Once this has been completed, the statues will be yours! However, there is the small issue of locating what must be said are rather unusual items.


Secret Statues, Stardew Valley

Unlocking The Secret Statues

Now that you have a shopping list of requirements, it’s time to set about locating everything that you need. Unlike some relatively simple crafted components that are required for bundles and such, some of these have very specific requirements, so we’re going to list each of them in order with direct instructions on what to do.

Super Cucumber

The first of these requirements is by far the most simple. To catch a Super Cucumber you must fish in either the Sea or the Beach Farm, in Summer or Fall, between the hours of 6pm to 2am. Alternatively, you can catch these via Ginger Island or on the Night Market Submarine ride. Once you have the Super Cucumber, you must deposit it within the box in a fenced zone north of the Blacksmith shop. There is a small gap in the fence on the eastern side of it, near the tree, where you can pass through and deposit into the box.

Duck Mayonnaise

As you might imagine, you’ll need access to Ducks in order to access a Mayonnaise consisting of them. More specifically you will need access to a Duck Egg and a Mayonnaise Machine, the latter of which is a Farming Level 2 recipe that requires 15 Wood, 15 Stone, 1 Earth Crystal and 1 Copper Bar to create. Place the Duck Egg into the machine and after 3 hours, you’ll have yourself some Duck Mayonnaise! This must then be placed into the box that is hidden in the northern, barrel filled room in the Saloon, which will get you another statue!

Strange Bun

For our final item, the Strange Bun, it is technically possible to find them as an enemy drop in the mines, or purchase them at the Travelling Cart or Krobus’ Shop, however a more reliable method is to craft it yourself, especially since you require it to complete all of the cooking recipes. First things first then, you’ll need to raise your relationship with Shane to at least 7 hearts, at which point he’ll send you the recipe in the mail. You’ll need 1 Wheat Flour, 1 Periwinkle and 1 Void Mayonnaise to craft this, and you’ll also need to complete it within your Kitchen, so some upgrading may be required first. Once you have the Strange Bun, take it to Vincent’s room (which you’ll need at least 2 hearts with said resident to access) and use it with the Toy Box. This will unlock the final of the three secret statues, and you can now adorn your farm with three unusual figurines!

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