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UPFIVEDOWN are a small group of gamers that enjoy playing and writing about games. We are also honest – we know that a good portion of our content is lists. Lists are quick, bite sized pages of information designed to help people and honestly it attract viewers. Everybody likes a list, and it’s a good way to drive traffic. We would like to one day do this kind of thing for a living, but we do currently have day jobs that support this passion of ours. Besides the lists, we like to go in depth on the games that we love. Most of these are JRPG titles, simply down to personal taste. These in depth articles tend to be much longer than the lists, and delve deep into a single character or mechanic that we enjoy.

Please enjoy our content and feel free to get in contact with us to provide feedback and comments on our articles.

<strong>Emily Haugh</strong>
Emily Haugh

Gaming Experience: 21 years.
Writing Experience: 2 years.

<strong>Martin Hill</strong>
Martin Hill

Gaming Experience: 30+ years

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