Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

“Fifty minutes of huntin’ time!”

Up-and-coming Wrestler – Monster Hunter Rise

Features We Want In The Next Monster Hunter

Welcoming a new mainline Monster Hunter title is a big deal for gamers like us. Those of you that have managed to penetrate their thick outer shell, will doubtless have been swept up into an obsession with at least one of these games, and will fully appreciate just […]

Our Sunbreak Monster Wishlist | Monster Hunter Rise

The sun will soon rise on the expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, Sunbreak. Having lived through far too many expansions and ultimate versions of games in this series, we’re all too aware of what these entail; greater challenges, new tiers of equipment and most importantly, more monsters. It’s […]

Becoming A Better Hunter | Monster Hunter Rise

Progressing through a Monster Hunter game and getting better at Monster Hunter are two very different things. We recently wrote about transitioning into High Rank from Low, and all of the changes that you have to make in order to do so. That info, however, is rather small […]

Preparing for High Rank | Monster Hunter Rise

Entering High Rank is always a daunting prospect for the budding hunter. The prospect of new monsters, improvements to the flock already experienced and the knowledge that gear upgrades are required can cause a bit of anxiety in the new player. In reality, the start of HR tends […]

Weapon Tier List | Monster Hunter Rise

We’ve written tier lists about Monster Hunter titles before, and we often feature these towards the beginning of our publishing thanks to prior experience with the title. In the case of Rise however, we started to write about it soon after it’s release, and we like to really […]

14 Incredible Low Rank Weapons | Monster Hunter Rise

Low Rank equipment, weapons included, are best described as stepping stones by the majority of the Monster Hunter community. However, whilst long time veterans are already slaying their way to the end game, very little thought is spared for the new player. Triumphing over even the most basic […]

Ideal Beginner Armour Sets | Monster Hunter Rise

For beginners to Monster Hunter, Armour Sets can mean the difference between life and cart. It’s all well and good picking up a weapon and learning to swing it around, but unlike some other games you absolutely will take damage here, no matter your skill level, and wearing […]

4 Ideal Beginner Weapons | Monster Hunter Rise

For a beginner, the right weapon can make or break the Monster Hunter series. No doubt some players will already be familiar with what is considered an ‘action’ game from their past experiences, but none of this matters when faced with the complexities of a title such as […]


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Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch / Windows PC
  • Release Date: March 26th, 2021
  • Genre: Action / Monster Hunting
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Author’s Experience: 938 Hours