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Top 5 Best Nintendo 3DS RPG Games – Part 4

Part four in our Nintendo 3DS RPG series, and we’re not sure it’s showing any real signs of slowing down. In fact, midst writing this introduction we’ve managed to come up with a few more. The depths of this genre on our favourite little handheld knows no bounds, […]

Top 5 Best Nintendo 3DS RPG Games – Part 3

The Nintendo 3DS is RPG heaven, this much we have determined. We’ve managed to push our way through two parts in this series so far, and if we’re honest it’s not showing any real sign of slowing down. This genre truly runs deep on the little dual screened […]

The Nintendo 3DS in 2020

Well, 2020 is here and the Nintendo 3DS has survived another year.. Or has it? Only a tiny dribble of games can be seen releasing of late, none of which are anywhere close to ‘Triple A’ in nature, and developers continue turning their attention to the new golden […]

Top 5 Best Nintendo 3DS RPG Games – Part 2

As genres go, the RPG is by far our favourite, and in terms of consoles that house them well, it’s hard to beat the Nintendo 3DS in our eyes. It’s the perfect combination of deep, exp bar filling goodness and dual screen portability that keeps us coming back […]

Top 5 Best 3DS Virtual Console Games

The Virtual Console on the 3DS, or indeed any of the Nintendo consoles, is a godsend for so many reasons. It makes old games available for nostalgia hunters like us to play again, whilst simultaneously opening the door for a new generation of players to find out what […]

Top 5 Best Cheap Nintendo 3DS Games

These days cheap games are the lifeblood of any console. For every triple A, full priced title there are hundreds of reduced rate, low cost games waiting to hoover up your spare pennies. The Nintendo 3DS is no different of course, but being a console that is now […]

Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem Games Ranked Worst to Best

Just what is the best Fire Emblem on the Nintendo 3DS? Well, ranking these games is no easy task, trust us this took a while. Yes that’s right we’re back talking about one of our favourite game series’ of all time, Fire Emblem, and specifically how we rank […]

Nintendo 3DS Monster Hunter Games Ranked Worst to Best

The best Monster Hunter game on the Nintendo 3DS is a question that continues to crop up from time to time. This might sound somewhat unusual, after all surely the newest, Monster Hunter Generations, is the best right? Well, it’s not quite that simple, so today we’re going […]

Top 5 Best 3DS Games

Determining the best 3DS games might be the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. The magnificent little console is home to some of the best games ever created, and it’s full catalogue has enough quality to rival any other console in history, even the reviled PS2. Yet, […]

Top 5 Best Nintendo 3DS RPG Games

RPG games and the Nintendo 3DS – name a better pairing. We love the little clam shell of joy that is the 3DS, mainly because it houses so many good RPG games, J or otherwise. In fact, we’re fairly certain it’s home to one of the biggest and […]

Top 5 Best 3DS Hidden Gems

Hidden gems on the 3DS can be hard to find. The console is out there competing with the Switch now and releases have dried up. It’s a sad but inevitable fate for a console to slowly wind down. Happily for us however there are still some great hidden […]

Top 5 Most Wanted 3DS to Switch Ports

We really love our Nintendo Switch, but the release of it’s follow up – the Switch Lite – seems to have signalled the end of another of our favourite consoles: The 3DS. All is not lost however, with developers everywhere continuing to update and refresh their back catalogues […]

Nintendo 3DS

  • Release Date: March 25th 2011
  • Manufacturer: Nintendo
  • Predecessor: Nintendo DS
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