Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

“Je Suis Monte!”

Every Hunter Online – Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Best Hunting Styles for Bow | MHGU

The Bow is such an interesting Monster Hunter weapon. With it in your hands you feel like a modern day Robin Hood, slipping and sliding around the battlefield, thunking arrows into the nearest shambling beast until it falls. In the hands of a team mate however, you’ll barely […]

Best Hunting Styles for Hunting Horn | MHGU

Some Monster Hunter weapons just have no point of reference for those coming from other games. Sure, some might have a hammer, but a hammer that also plays songs? Others might have a bard class, but can they also knock out their enemies in a hammer-like style? Truly, […]

Best Hunting Styles for Heavy Bowgun | MHGU

Monster Hunter weapons tend to vary in degrees of popularity depending on the title. In 4U for example, the Long Sword underwent an unusual dip in users, mainly due to the silly red buff timing, and weapons like the Sword and Shield tend to gain a resurgence towards […]

Best Hunting Styles for Light Bowgun | MHGU

The Light Bowgun is one of our favourite weapons in MHGU, as readers of our Weapon Tier List will know, though this was not always the case. Our route through Monster Hunter games was thus; MH3U, MH4U, MHGen, World and finally MHGU. That being the case, the four […]

Best Hunting Styles for Insect Glaive | MHGU

From one Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate debutante – the Charge Blade – we now fix our vision on another, the Insect Glaive! If you thought that transforming sword-axes were unusual, how about trying to defeat your target with a pole vault and an insect? You get the feeling […]

Best Hunting Styles for Charge Blade | MHGU

We’ve written about numerous Monster Hunter weapons so far. Each of them has their own ‘feel’ or description that we find best suits them; the Lance is a stoic professional, the Long Sword a parrying Samurai. After some deep consideration we’ve decided that the Charge Blade is the […]

Best Hunting Styles for Switch Axe | MHGU

The Switch Axe is such an unusual Monster Hunter weapon. Until now our Hunting Style series has referenced somewhat recognisable options: Long swords, daggers and even lances are familiar to players coming from other games. What on earth then must a new player think when they find the […]

Best Hunting Styles for Gunlance | MHGU

In any Monster Hunter game we’ve always viewed the Gunlance as the uncouth brother of the prodding duo. The Lance turns up to your hunt in a slick three piece suit, deftly prods its way through your hunt and celebrates with firm handshakes all round. By contrast the […]

Best Hunting Styles for Lance | MHGU

The Monster Hunter Lance is the weapon of choice for the true hunting professional. It’s the weapon for those that study their target intently, determining their most Lance-applicable weakness and developing a style to exploit it. Perhaps it’s their huge defensive capabilities but nothing phases the Lance user […]

Best Hunting Styles for Sword and Shield | MHGU

Looking for a Monster Hunter weapon that’s wholly underappreciated? Look no further than the Sword and Shield. Alone it’s capable of filling numerous weapons’ niche: It can slice body parts off, KO and Exhaust monsters, apply status and elements quickly and still keep it’s hunter safer than most […]

Weapon Tier List | MHGU

When choosing a weapon in a Monster Hunter title, all kinds of considerations must be made: Monster size and speed, elemental attributes and status vulnerabilities to name but a few, never mind the myriad style and art options. Eventually, when all is said and done and many a […]

Best Hunting Styles for Great Sword | MHGU

When it comes to Monster Hunter weapons, the Great Sword is our outright favourite. It’s slow but measured, lumbering yet stylish and it’s capable of outputting the biggest gobs of damage possible in one swing of it’s massive blade. This weapon traces the evolution of the modern Monster […]


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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: August 28th 2018
  • Genre: Action / Monster Hunting
  • Developer: Capcom
  • UPFIVEDOWN Stats: 1562 Hours