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Best Hunting Styles for Gunlance | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

In any Monster Hunter game we’ve always viewed the Gunlance as the uncouth brother of the prodding duo. The Lance turns up to your hunt in a slick three piece suit, deftly prods its way through your hunt and celebrates with firm handshakes all round. By contrast the Gunlance slaps it’s friends out of the way, explodes anything moving until it stops doing so, team mates included, before lamenting any non explode-y weapons and stomping back to the bar. Probably didn’t bring any consumables either, because it brought the fire. Joking aside, the Gunlance is a fantastic weapon, and despite it feeling a little nerfed compared to MH4U and World due to the heat bar, MHGU managed to improve it with the addition of Hunting Styles and Arts. So whilst veterans of the GL are already out there causing a mess, today we’re going to highlight a few recommendations that we think newer players might enjoy!

Guild Style

Guild Style Gunlance, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Not for the first time are we picking Guild Style for a weapon. Yes, we’re aware that plenty of options are available, but sometimes the base Monster Hunter experience just fits a weapon so well that it must be used. The caveat to this, however, is the heat gauge. It sits up there in the top left corner and taunts us, restricting an otherwise fantastic weapon. Just tweak the motion values damn it, don’t shackle it down.

In essence then, what we’re looking for our hunting styles that manage to work with the new heat gauge without feeling too restricted. Guild Style manages to achieve this, thankfully, and does so by giving you ample opportunity to both work up and release your heat. Shells can be dropped onto the end of your pokes and combos, and the full slam attack is as easy as ever to pull off. We’d also fully recommend that you start to learn the weapon with this style. Others can feel either restrictive or overwhelming, requiring you to be in certain combos to pull off some abilities. Guild is the Gunlance you’ve heard about and learning the ins and outs here will prepare you for the breadth of options MHGU throws at you.

Style Pros

  • Easy to pick up for Gunlance fans from prior titles.
  • Heat Gauge isn’t a big issue.
  • Has enough explosions to satisfy those of a certain disposition.

Style Cons

  • Nothing new here, so look to other styles for variation.
  • The Heat Gauge is still there, yes there’s really no escaping it.
  • Prolonged Gunlance use has been linked to decreased IQ levels.
  • Prolonged Gunlance use has been linked to higher testosterone levels.
  • Lance sucks amarite lads!? HAHA! GET OUT OF MY WAY TRASH CAN!


Adept Style

Adept Style Gunlance, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Capcom were clearly aware of the innate Gunlance IQ risk, so set out to counter this by introducing Adept Style. By locking the most powerful of explosions behind an Adept block, their intent was clearly to throw the dribbling wrecks they’d created a lifeline, if only they could get them to look up from their explosions.

Adept Style bridges the gap between Gun and Lance, yet somehow manages to make it work. Upon initially picking up the two you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’re similar, and whilst they do both poke with a similar type of weapon, they tend to play very differently. It’s surprising then to find a style for Gunlance that makes it feel super similar to the Lance.

The style focuses on using the Adept Guard to block an attack – activated simply by pressing your block button – then using the opening you’ve been granted to immediately reload your shells and launch into a hugely powerful slam attack. You can even direct these post-block abilities to ensure they hit the right spot. It’s incredibly satisfying, and whilst it does take a bit of practice to get used to the block timing, it’s so addictive to do so that you’re likely to stick with the style for a good while. There are a couple of caveats: It’s harder to do the block in Multiplayer, mainly because you’ll be targeted less, and you do lose the ability to manually reload your shells but it’s a small price to pay if you ask us.

Style Pros

  • Very satisfying block & explode play style.
  • Your shield actually means something.
  • Reports of increased IQ due to Adept Style have been noted in the community.

Style Cons

  • Lack of manual reload can feel unusual at first.
  • The increased IQ may cause you to question your life up to this point.
  • Increased empathy for Lance users may cause unrest in the Gunbro clan.


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

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