Bravely Default

Bravely Default

“A man defending what he holds dear is far more formidable than one who seeks to take it”

Swordmaster Kamiizumi – Bravely Default

The Best Skills & How To Use Them | Bravely Default

The Job system in Bravely Default, and indeed any Final Fantasy title, is essentially a ‘carrier’ for differing types of skills and their subsequent customisation. At a very basic level for example, the Thief Job is likely to learn skills that focus on pilfering items, however the Bravely […]

The 5 Best Genome Skills | Bravely Default

The Vampire Job and indeed Genome skills are, essentially, code for the ‘Blue Mage’ of Final Fantasy lore. It’s a Job or Class that is able to learn enemy skills, typically by being the victim of them, and use them as part of it’s repertoire going forward. Title […]

The Best Jobs For Every Character | Bravely Default

It’s fair to say that Bravely Default’s Job system forms the basis for the series’ success. Having developed and evolved in the Final Fantasy series over the years, it’s here that it can be found in full bloom. By selecting a job for any given character, you’ll gain […]

5 Best Items To Steal | Bravely Default

To steal an item in a JRPG is one of life’s great joys. There is something immensely satisfying about having your thief sneak around undetected, prodding at soft and unknown areas only to return with something tremendously valuable in hand. Paired with the allure of locating something powerful […]

Entry Level Party Builds | Bravely Default

Building a functioning party in Bravely Default requires more than just a little thought. You can choose the Jobs that you like of course, but with a huge amount of abilities to learn, transfer and combine, things can get tremendously complex very quickly. The last thing you want […]

5 Best Early Game Jobs | Bravely Default

In determining the best early game jobs in Bravely Default, two things must be noted about this period; there are lots of new jobs to play with, and there is a limited amount of experience to go around. When the game finally gets going, directly after throwing totally […]

5 Great Job Combinations | Bravely Default

Combining every Job in Bravely Default requires knowledge of their 14 possible abilities, each of which influence either the field of battle, or aid your party in novel ways in the world outside. These abilities range from basic heals and damage in combat, earning more money from your […]

Recommended Jobs for Ringabel | Bravely Default

In Bravely Default, Ringabel is the outlying character, the odd one out. Where the other team members have well defined goals and concerns, he has a completely obfuscated past, seemingly existing solely for comic relief. We’d argue he’s closer to an early Final Fantasy character than the others, […]

Recommended Jobs for Agnes | Bravely Default

In many ways, Agnes and her quest are the main story threads in Bravely Default. Much of the game is centred around her quest which itself focuses on crystals – little wonder this was described as a Final Fantasy game in everything but name then. Very early on […]

Recommended Jobs for Edea | Bravely Default

Edea is the physical powerhouse of Bravely Default. Despite appearing to be an antagonist at first, she joins the party soon after and takes up the mantle of the groups muscle head, in more ways than one. She has a rather straightforward story arc, certainly compared to some […]

Recommended Jobs for Tiz | Bravely Default

Tiz Arrior is the main character in Bravely Default. Well alright, he’s the first one that you’ll have control over, though this soon changes and we’d argue the game focuses equally on the four heroes you eventually bring together. Tiz is a man with a complicated and often […]

Job Tier List | Bravely Default

Creating a Tier List for Bravely Default jobs is a hard task. The whole game is designed around experimenting, customising and trying everything available. Each job has it’s highs and lows, but they all have something to offer for a certain build, and they can all carve out […]


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Bravely Default

  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: December 6th 2013
  • Genre: JRPG
  • Developer: Silicon Studio
  • UPFIVEDOWN Stats: 574 Hours