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5 Incredible Mid Game Persona | Persona 5 Royal

Tackling the mid game of Persona 5 Royal can be a tricky proposition. The early portion of the game is quite easy: You get some party members and adapt Joker to plug any holes depending on your team of choice – nothing too difficult there. As the game progresses however, things tend to get a little more complicated, thanks to even more party members, new spell types and a rising prominence of buffs and debuffs. Adapting Joker becomes a more and more complex affair.

Your Persona choices in the mid game are absolutely critical then. You’ll be bending and moulding Joker into various shapes to fit the current requirement, and the amount of choices of offer can be deafening. Today we’ll be writing about some of our favourite choices that helped us through the third, fourth and fifth palace. Hopefully we can help to guide you through this turbulent portion of Persona 5 Royal!

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Persona #5: Kin-Ki

Persona 5 Royal, Kin-Ki Persona

Towards the end of the second palace, which we consider the end of the ‘early game’ portion of P5R, you’ll start to note just how powerful physical attacks can be. That being the case, why not get Joker in on the action? His main role up to this point has been plugging the spell weakness holes that your team is missing, but with attack up buffs and new equipment available, surely it’s his turn to shine?

There are earlier examples of strong physical Persona, but for us Kin-Ki is the first with which a physical damage Joker truly arrives. This is mainly due to two things; fantastic physical statistics and a great selection of skills. Vajra Blast is a strong AOE attack that demolishes random battles, and given a few levels will see you learn Sledgehammer for single targets. Regenerate 1 is a nice little bonus too, albeit a little superfluous.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with the level 10 rare Persona, Regent, to get one of our next choices, Ara Matama.
  • Fuse it with a Hua Po to get the fan favourite Persona, Legion.


Persona #4: Principality

Persona 5 Royal, Principality Persona

Towards the mid game, the Bless spell category will really start to become active, and there are no better options than the Principality Persona to take advantage of this. Out of the box it comes with a strong AOE Bless attack, whilst also coming with the Blessed Bloodline trait, halving the cost of these spells. Keep it around for a bit and you’ll also gain access to a powerful group heal, and even Bless Boost at level 34, which increases the damage of your Bless attacks by 25%, bonus!

Keen eyed readers will note the weakness to Curse attacks of course, but we’d argue that these really don’t become too relevant until the fifth palace or so, by which time you’re likely to have moved on. Principality will last a few palaces for sure, and we’d recommend passing some of it’s skills on if you can.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with a Mandrake to get the Legion Persona, a fan favourite with plenty of ailments.
  • Fuse with Pixie to get Anubis, a strong Bess and Curse AOE Persona that has no inherent weakness.
  • Fuse with Regent to get our final choice in this list, the Power Persona.

Persona #3: Ara Mitama

Persona 5 Royal, Ara Mitama Persona

There are a great many reasons why Ara Mitama is a fantastic mid game Persona. Firstly, it comes with a strong single target Nuke attack, and whilst a certain new party member comes with this already, it’s never a bad thing to have choice. Second to this is it’s trait, which halves the cost of Nuke skills – again just a nice thing.

Thirdly, and by far the most importantly, it comes with a tremendous selection of buff and debuff skills: Get it to level 35 and you’ll gain access to both Marakunda and Matarukaja, which debuff all of your enemies defence and buffs all of your parties attack respectively. Both of these combine to make your whole team into physical damage behemoths. A party of three physical attackers and Joker casting these buffs can deal an insane amount of damage in the mid game.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with Orobas to get Kaiwan, a strong Psy based Persona.
  • Fuse with Regent to get the strong Gun and Support based Persona, White Rider.


Persona #2: Thoth

Persona 5 Royal, Thoth Persona

Full disclosure here: Thoth is one of our favourite Persona in the whole of Persona 5 Royal. It becomes available around the fourth palace section of the game, and immediately catches your eye by displaying an incredibly high Magic statistic… Ok so it’s the spell it learns at level 37 – Megido – that you’re looking at really, but we’re pleased to report that it actually has some other benefits, chief among which is the Concentrate ability.

Yes that’s right, Thoth comes with the ability to more than double the power of your next magical attack, and comes equipped with an Almighty AOE attack. You don’t need us to tell you what to do here now, do you?

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with Decarabia to get a powerful healer, Kushinada.
  • Fuse with a Lamia to get our final Persona choice, Power.
  • Fuse with Regent to get King Frost (Level 61).

Persona #1: Power

Persona 5 Royal, Power Persona

Our final choice for the mid game is the Power Persona. As noted in our first choice, physical attacks really start to gain prominence as the game progresses, so it’s always a good idea to keep something well suited to this in your possession. Power is ideal for this, though mainly because of the accoutrement of additional benefits that comes with it’s great statistics.

As you might imagine it comes with some great physical attacking skills, of which Swift Strike is our favourite. Aside from this however, it also learns a great Bless AOE, the Bless Boost passive and also Masukukaja, which buffs your teams agility. If that weren’t enough, it’s trait will make your buffs last one round longer, and it even learns immunity to Curse at level 45, patching up it’s own weakness! For us, it’s the ideal Persona to join you on your journey into the late game and beyond.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with Regent to get Melchizedek, a powerful physical Persona (Level 58).
  • Fuse with Kurama Tengu to get Queen Mab, a fantastic Elec/Fire Persona with Burn Boost and Concentrate.
  • Fuse with Neko Shogun to get Hariti, an incredible healing Persona.

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