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Ideal Accessories for Every Character | Persona 5 Royal

Unlike the majority of RPG games, Accessories are given a great value in the Persona series. Where others may confer simple beneficial effects, like immunity to an element or a reduction in damage taken, those found in Atlas’ most prized series can completely change a party member. Sure, there are the usual damage reductions and buffs, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll find some that house entire spells, ludicrous stat buffs and critical amounts of regeneration. With such a varied selection of team mates however, it can be difficult to determine who should take what. Today we’re putting together a list of Accessories which, at least in our opinion, most suit their wearers. 

It’s worth bearing in mind at this point that Amp and Boost versions of passives do stack with each other, so when we’re recommending one of these in accessory form it’s because the character in question either does not have access to them naturally, or their usage can free up a skill slot whilst retaining the passives.

Ryuji Accessories

Ryuji, Persona 5 Royal
  • Regen Patch: Restores HP every round
  • Regent R: +5 Strength and Auto-Tarukaja
  • Bravery Sash: Passive: Arms Master – 50% less HP cost for Physical Skills

As you might imagine, Ryuji is all about those physical attacks. He does have access to Elec spells of course, but given that other forms of disable are easier to apply we don’t tend to recommend you steer him towards that. Then there is of course the small matter of the massive physical damage that he is capable of putting out, which is absolutely the direction we would go. 

Grabbing a Regen Patch of sorts is a great early game option – you’ll want to spam his physical attacks as much as possible, and whilst the small amount of HP recovered each round isn’t that huge it’ll certainly add up. Regent is another early accessory which increases Strength by a small amount and automatically grants Tarukaja, ideal for a physical powerhouse such as Ryuji. Of the three here however, Bravery Sash has to be our favourite; it reduces the HP cost of physical skills by 50% through the passive Arms Master – it’s not going to increase your damage, but those late game HP costs can really add up so it’s nice to have a buffer.


Morgana Accessories

Morgana, Persona 5 Royal
  • SP Adhesive: Restores SP every round
  • Jade Wind Necklace: Passive: Wind Amp – 50% more Wind damage

Whilst we’d argue that Joker can complete the task just as well, Morgana is at the very least considered as the early game ‘canon’ healer. His repertoire of restoration and Wind spells make him essential in the very early game and will keep him relevant for quite a while. We’d argue that the mid and late game present much better damage options, and indeed much better healing options with Joker, but some players will likely opt for keeping their pocket healer present throughout.

Should you wish to do so then you’ll have quite a few options for Accessories. The first one is rather obvious: Get working on that Death arcana to open up the SP Adhesives – that drip feed of SP each round can make a real difference. If you’re intent on being a little more aggressive with our little feline friend, then Jade Wind Necklace is probably your best bet since it applies Wind Amp, which increases Wind damage by 50%.

Ann Accessories

Ann, Persona 5 Royal
  • Ring of Envy: Automatic Concentrate at the start of battles
  • Red Band / Lantern Necklace: Fire Boost / Fire Amp – 25 / 50% increased Fire damage
  • SP Adhesive: SP Restored every round

It’s immediately obvious upon recruiting Ann that she is primarily a spell based damage dealer. Yes she has a singular heal and a few other additions, but the main event is those Fire spells and her huge Magic stat that are jointly designed to demolish your opponents. In the late game there are actually some options for augmenting her physical attacks, mainly in the form of some easily accessible status whips, but to get the most out of your Lovers confidant you’ll want to focus on spells.

By far the best option is the Ring of Envy, which automatically applies Concentrate, an ability that multiplies your next magic based spell damage by a whopping 2.5 times. Having this automatically in place at the start of an encounter is a total game changer, to the point where Ann will often be able to end a battle on the first turn alone. Earlier options revolve around increasing Fire damage with the Red Band and Lantern Necklace, or restoring SP through an SP adhesive. Both are viable options of course, but they’re destined for the bench once the Ring of Envy becomes available.

Yusuke Accessories

Yusuke, Persona 5 Royal
  • Cooling Pack: Passive – Freeze Boost
  • Regen Patch: Restores HP every round
  • Bravery Sash: Passive – Arms Master, HP cost of skills halved

In many ways the intrepid artist of the troop, Yusuke, is similar to Ryuji. He has access to a given element, Ice in this case, but the main event has to be his physical abilities. Having access to the highest Strength stat in Royal means that you’ll almost always want to have him casting physical skills, but to do so at the complete cost of Ice spells may not be the best idea, thanks to the value of the Freeze status and subsequent Technical attack.

The value of this element is boosted by the inclusion of the Cooling Pack accessory, which boosts the activation of the Freeze ailment when using Ice spells. This can be very helpful when taking down awkward enemies, particularly in the late game. Outside of this his recommendations are similar to the blonde lad; Regen Patch and Bravery Sash are probably the best bets here, though we’d argue that Regent or Regent R also hold some value. Again, halving his HP costs through the Bravery Sash is very valuable in the late game, and we often find that Joker acts as a better spell caster by then. 


Makoto Accessories

Makoto, Persona 5 Royal
  • Star Bracelet / PI Badge: Passive – Nuke Boost / Amp, 25 / 50% increased Nuke damage
  • SP Adhesive: Restores SP every round

Makoto occupies such a strange middle ground when it comes to team members. She has access to a group heal, some useful buffs, Nuke spells and a few physical attacks. As is often the case with these character types however, she excels at none of these and tends to function like a Jack of all trades – useful to have for sure, but often outdone by more focused members as the game progresses. 

Regardless, if you want to optimise Accessory usage with her then you’re going to have to lean in one particular direction. If you’re going for increased Nuke damage then you’ll want to grab either the Star Bracelet or PI Badge. It’s worth reiterating that she’s not going to shine bright in these roles and she’ll almost certainly be outdone by Joker on every occasion, but she’ll still perform well. The SP adhesive is a rather easy option for the early game, though we’d argue that it’s pretty damned critical during the Palace in which she joins, thanks in no small part to some… Interesting safe room regularity. 

Futaba Accessories

Futaba, Persona 5 Royal
  • Lucky Robe / Super Lucky Robe: Luck +5 / Luck +10
  • Feng Shui Charm: Luck +3

Opinion seems to be rather split when it comes to Accessories for Futaba. Some say that stacking her Luck statistic will ensure that she gets involved more frequently, yet others do not agree. Further still, some consider that a higher Luck stat will get you better buffs when she does appear. We’re not taking any chances; those Luck increasing Accessories were just sitting around doing nothing anyway, so why not throw them on a passive party member?

Haru Accessories

Haru, Persona 5 Royal
  • Circular Band / Psy Necklace: Passive – Psy Boost, 25 / 50% increased Psy damage
  • Engraved Dog Tag: Passive – Gun Boost, 25% increased Gun damage
  • SP Adhesive / Regen Patch: Restores SP / HP every round

Unassuming doesn’t quite cover it now does it? There is something about the developers of a certain country that predisposes them to creating timid, softly spoken characters and giving them hugely powerful weapons and abilities. We’re not complaining really, we love Haru and think it’s quite sad that a lot of players don’t give her a chance, assumedly because their team is rather set in their ways by the mid to late game. Powerful Psy and Gun attacks outside of Joker with a powerful party cleanse to boot? Sign us up.

Our preferred Accessory here has to be those that empower Psy attacks; they’re slightly more awkward to stack up on Joker around Haru’s joining time, so powering these up will serve you well, especially in her Palace. Otherwise we’d pick up a regeneration of sorts, the type of which will depend on what you prefer Haru does. We often go for Gun, and we’ll sometimes bring the Engraved Dog Tag to bring Gun Boost, freeing up a skill slot.


Kasumi Yoshizawa

Kasumi, Persona 5 Royal
  • White Band / Koh-i-Noor: Passive – Bless Boost / Amp, 25 / 50% increased Bless damage
  • Bravery Sash: Passive – Arms Master, 50% reduced Physical skill costs
  • Regent R: +5 Strength, Auto-Tarukaja

The first and probably most divisive of additions to the roster in Royal is Kasumi. This sword toting, Bless casting, ballet dancing character certainly makes you wait to get your turn with her, but once you do so you’ll soon find her a powerful member. Despite her clear visual similarities with Joker she’s actually quite a focused character in battle, choosing to dole out high damage through physical and Bless abilities. We may not be a fan of her shoe horning into the story but her power cannot be questioned.

Our chosen accessories are mostly built around emphasising that physical damage. With Sword Dance she’ll often be landing a Critical hit, so we tend to opt for increasing this damage type with Regent or Regent R, but Bravery Sash will also come in handy to reduce the costs. If you’re insistent on pushing her Bless spells then you may want to consider the White Band or Koh-i-Noor, but we’d argue you’re going to get more mileage going the physical route. Again, Joker will likely outperform all but the very best spell casters with their chosen element, and besides the Bless tree stops at the ‘Heavy’ category, making it even less worthwhile in the late game.

Akechi Goro

Akechi, Persona 5 Royal
  • Black Band / Night Necklace: Passive – Curse Boost / Amp, 25 / 50% increased Curse damage
  • Ring of Envy: Automatic Concentrate at the start of battles
  • SP Adhesive: Restores SP every round

The final optional party member entrant into our list is the erstwhile antagonist Akechi! Much like our last entry you’ll have to wait quite a while before he joins your team, but a certain showtime manoeuvre certainly makes it worthwhile. That’s not all either, for Akechi himself actually has quite a good list of skills, ranging from powerful magics to big gun skills. He even learns the absolute best skill in the game: Debilitate.

If you’ve been keeping up with our list so far then the choices are rather obvious, though you’ll note our lack of a Gun buffing skill. We prefer to push Akechi down the spell casting route, and as such would optimally aim for Ring of Envy, the power of Concentrate being just too good to ignore. It’s possible to buff his curse damage with the Black Band or Night Necklace, though by the time you have your hands on this lad Joker is likely light years ahead. SP Adhesive is of course viable, though by the time you reach Akechi as an active party member you’re likely to have plenty of SP restoration choices.



Joker, Persona 5 Royal
  • Ring of Envy: Automatic Concentrate at the start of battles
  • Regent R: +5 Strength and Auto-Tarukaja
  • SP Adhesive: Restores SP every round

Alright, time to let the imagination run wild. We’re written far too many articles on the persona types available in Royal, and gone into a great deal of detail on exactly which ones are worth your time, but none of this would have been possible with Joker. It’s the boon of a Persona main character that they’re able to equip multiple persona, and this tends to lead to them having fantastic statistics no matter the situation. As such they’re able to equip pretty much anything and excel, and Joker is no exception.

Should you decide to grab yourself some beefy physical persona then it’s hard to go wrong with the Regent R accessory; it’s easy to get and allows you to put some of the more focused equips on your remaining team members. Likewise Ring of Envy is by far the best choice for a spell caster version of Joker, especially if you can grab a good group Almighty attack – it’s a recipe for random encounter deletion. No doubt some of you will rush through the game, content to experience the story at the expense of side content, and to those we say slap an SP Adhesive on Joker – you’ll use a boatload of SP as you use him to exploit weaknesses, trust us!

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  1. A few corrections here: the Tiki Keychain (and all of the Hawaii date gifts) can only be equipped by Joker (not to mention you wouldn’t want that equipped lategame since Morgana and Makoto learn full-party heals). And the only accessory that has any effect on Futaba are the Team Glasses that give her +exp.

    • Thanks for the info Darren – think I have mixed that up with the Salvation Crown, looking at the location I had for getting them in my file. Also a fair point regarding Futaba, though the glasses are DLC and we always like to believe that she’ll RNG us a good buff with some lucky encouragement. Anyway, good reason to revisit the game on gamepass under the guise of checking performance…

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