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The 5 Best Psy Persona | Persona 5 Royal

Making it’s first appearance in the Persona series, the Psy set of spells are yet another way to inflict magical damage on your opponents. The history of this particular spell type actually starts back in the Shin Megami series, though it’s likely to be most familiar to players of the Devil Summoner games. Their place in Persona 5 is somewhat similar to the Nuke set of spells, acting like yet another ‘element’ for enemies to be either weak or strong against. Unlike Nuke however, the Psy set are much more aligned to Technical attacks from the outset, since they can activate on enemies suffering from Confuse, Forget, Despair, Fear, Brainwash and even Rage. That being the case you’d be wise to keep a good Psy Persona by your side throughout P5R, so let’s pick out 5 of the best possible options in this regard shall we?

Persona #5: Shiki-Ouji

Psy Persona Shiki-Ouji, Persona 5 Royal

To many Persona 5 Royal players, and even those of the original, the very sight of this Persona is likely to send shivers down their spines. Yes, we are picking out this Persona in particular for our first Psy choice. You may have hated it because of that physical and gun immunity, but you’ll learn to love it for different reasons. It’s likely that you’ll have to wait until the end of the second palace, or even the start of the third, but it’s definitely worth fusing it ASAP.

The first thing you’ll note is that we’ve skipped over the very first opportunity to get your hands on Psy skills. Technically speaking you can gain access to these spells earlier, through the Kodama Persona for example, but we found that the spells in question really don’t gain a great deal of value until the third palace rolls around. Once it does, and you’ve grabbed your very own Shiki-Ouji, you’ll have access to both the weak group Psy attack, Mapsi, and the medium single target version, Psio! It even comes with the Psychic Bloodline trait, reducing their cost by 50%!

Psy Highlights

  • Comes with the Psychic Bloodline trait, reducing Psy costs by 50%.
  • Learns the weak Psy group attack, Mapsi, at level 19.
  • Learns the medium Psy attack, Psio, at level 23.
  • Of course, it’s also immune to both physical and gun skills…


Persona #4: Kaiwan

Psy Persona Kaiwan, Persona 5 Royal

Next up we have the Kaiwan Persona, which feeds directly and very nicely onward from our previous choice. It’s a fair few levels higher – level 36 to the level 18 of Shiki-Ouji – so you’ll likely have to wait until the end of palace 4 to fuse it, or capture it in palace 5 during battle. Either way, it makes for the perfect step up in Psy terms, though unfortunately you cannot directly fuse our first choice into Kaiwan.

Once obtained, you’ll automatically regain access to the medium single target Psy spell, Psio, and it also retains the Psychic Bloodline trait, which reduces the cost of these spells by 50%. Give it some experience points and get it to level 40 however, and you’ll unlock the heavy single target Psiodyne spell. It’s a bit unfortunate that this Persona doesn’t naturally gain a group Psy spell, so you may need to get creative with skill cards, but it does come with the Speed Master passive, which is a nice addition.

Psy Highlights

  • Has the Psychic Bloodline trait, reducing the cost of Psy spells by 50%.
  • Comes with the medium single target Psy spell, Psio.
  • Learns the heavy single target Psy spell, Psiodyne.
  • Learns the Speed Master passive at level 38.
  • Impressive mix of Magic and Endurance stats, for it’s level.
  • Kaiwan is key in fusing our next Persona.

Persona #3: Okuninushi

Psy Persona Okuninushi, Persona 5 Royal

As noted, it’s key that you use our previous choice – Kaiwan – during the fusion of our next choice, Okuninushi, the reasons for which will become clear. When it comes to actually acquiring this Persona, you’ll likely have to wait until you’re approaching the end of the base P5 game, but the power available once your each this point certainly makes it worth your while.

To battle then, in which Okuninushi comes with the now familiar Psychic Bloodline trait, reducing Psy costs by 50%. It also comes with Mapsio, the medium group Psy spell, and learns the passive Psy Boost at level 55, increasing damage from this spell type by 25%. Unfortunately this is where their Psy skills end, but our previous fusion tip is here to save the day. By fusing Kaiwan with the Kushinada Persona you’ll be able to fuse an Okuninushi and pass on that fantastic heavy single target Psy spell, Psiodyne, which helps to create a full blown Psy powerhouse Persona for the mid-to-late game!

Psy Highlights

  • Has the Psychic Bloodline trait, reducing Psy costs by 50%.
  • Comes with the Mapsio spell, which is the medium group Psy attack.
  • Learns Psy Boost at level 55, increasing Psy damage by 25%.
  • Some judicious fusion work can bring the Psiodyne spell into Okuninusi’s kit, completing it!


Persona #2: Kohryu

Psy Persona Kohryu, Persona 5 Royal

Having created a Psy powerhouse in Okuninushi, the gap until our next choice – Kohryu – shouldn’t be a major issue. You’ll have to wait until level 76 before you can get your hands on this one, although by now you’ll likely be able to fuse it at an earlier stage for a little compensation. Whether you wait or fuse it early, we recommend that you grab yourself one of these, because doing so will net you one of the most powerful Psy Persona that the late game has to offer.

In a break to proceedings, we’re first going to talk about ailments. These particular spells can inflict annoyance and pain not only on your team members, but your opponents too, and they become all the more prevalent as the game progresses, often being required to take down some of the more annoying enemies in the late game. That being the case, and bearing in mind that Psy spells will cause a Technical attack on a great deal of ailment suffering opponents, how about a Persona that takes advantage of this fact to cause huge damage?

Enter Kohryu and it’s trait, Universal Law. This thing increases Technical damage by a whopping 50%, which as noted will benefit Psy spells in a huge way. When you combine this with it’s severe single target Psy spell, Psycho Force, or it’s heavy group version, Mapsiodyne, you’ll be dealing absolutely massive amounts of Psy damage. Get it to level 80 and it’ll multiply further by learning Psy Amp, increasing Psy damage by another 50%. All of this can be combined to deal insane levels of damage!

Psy Highlights

  • Has the Universal Law trait, increasing Technical damage by 50%.
  • Learns the Psy Amp at level 80, increasing Psy damage by 50%.
  • Access to Psycho Force, the severe single target Psy spell.
  • Has the heavy group Psy spell, Mapsiodyne.
  • Even learns Concentrate at level 79, and Spell Master at level 82, reducing all spell SP costs by 50%!

Persona #1: Chi You

Psy Persona Chi You, Persona 5 Royal

In many ways our previous Persona choice, Kohryu, is almost the ultimate Psy spell casting Persona that you can make. In fact it’s likely to do more Psy damage than any other we could come up with, our current choice included. Being completely honest then, the only reason that we’ve chosen to include Chi You in our list is because of it’s spell selection, and in particular the inclusion of Psycho Blast. This is an ability that is only learned by two Persona in the entirety of P5R, and Chi You is the superior option of the two, the other being Shiva. It’s also unfortunately true that both Psycho Blast and indeed Psy Amp cannot be learned via skill cards.

Chi You leaves us in a unique position then, because we can’t really claim that it will do more damage than our previous choice. What we can say is that it’s statistics are naturally superior, and it does come with both severe Psy spells, Psycho Force and Psycho Blast. It also learns Concentrate at level 94 and comes with the Chi You’s Blessing trait, which reduces Psy costs by 75%. In summary then, we’re advising that you go through getting all 6 Persona required to fuse Chi You, a Persona that does less damage than our previous choice – Kohryu – all just so that you can get to see the Psycho Blast spell…

Psy Highlights

  • One of only two Persona that learn the severe group Psy spell, Psycho Blast.
  • Also has access to Psycho Force, the severe single target Psy spell.
  • Has the Chi You’s Blessing trait, reducing Psy costs by 75%.
  • …Will likely do less damage than our fourth choice Kohryu… But Psycho Blast!
  • We’ll level with you. If you’ve gotten this far, just fuse Chi You to see the spell, then head back to Kohryu… Or just watch Psycho Blast on Youtube or something and keep our fourth choice for it’s huge damage!


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