Dragon Quest 9

“I always dish out pearls of wisdom”

– Stella, Dragon Quest IX

100% Completion Infographic | Dragon Quest 9

Having reached the end of our Dragon Quest 9 content, we’ve decided to put yet another title into our 100% Infographic formats. To be honest, we just like to summarise our feelings on some of our favourite games, and it satisfies a creative urge at the same time. […]

3 Strong Post Game Team Builds | Dragon Quest 9

Concluding the story portion of DQIX is just the beginning, it’s fair to say. In fact, we’d argue that there’s just as much, if not more content available to the player after the conclusion comes and goes. This is all thanks to the grotto system, which is essentially […]

Preparing For Post Game Grottos | Dragon Quest 9

Reaching the post game, Grotto diving portion of Dragon Quest IX is to find yourself exposed to a whole new game. You see, despite its significant length, the story portion of this game is but a small distraction to its monstrous end game. Where DQ8 had its monster […]

The 3 Worst Classes | Dragon Quest 9

It’s remarkably difficult to pick the worst classes in Dragon Quest IX, because it’s undoubtedly one of our favourite games of all time. We’ve spent literally thousands of hours playing around with each and every class the game has to offer, and on every occasion we’ve had a […]

How To Defeat Metal Slimes | Dragon Quest 9

Hunting the elusive Metal Slime enemies in a Dragon Quest game is a long held staple of the series. SInce its inception, metal versions of the basic slime enemy have been sought after, primarily because they offer bucket loads of experience should you manage to take them down. […]

The Best Accessories For Every Class | Dragon Quest 9

Choosing the right equipment, accessories or otherwise, is crucial in any Dragon Quest game. In IX this takes on even more importance, thanks to it’s big selection of diverse classes, or vocations as they’re known. All told there are 12 classes on offer here, ranging from dedicated healers […]

Priest or Sage – Which Is Best? | Dragon Quest 9

The debate over the inclusion of either a Priest or a Sage in the team, is one that has plagued Dragon Quest IX players since it’s release. The former is unashamedly a pure healer, designed to restore health, remove ailments and contribute a small amount of damage. The […]

4 Fantastic Vocation Combinations | Dragon Quest 9

Choosing the right Vocations for your party members is critical in Dragon Quest IX. Technically speaking, it’s possible to level each of your teammates in every single vocation, such is the scope of this massive game, but in reality the average player is going to pick two or […]

The 3 Worst Weapon Types | Dragon Quest 9

Wielding the correct weapon is more important in Dragon Quest IX than any other entry in the series. There is a massive amount of content on offer, partly because it was initially designed to be an MMO of sorts, and traversing its many labyrinths and grottos will require […]

Class Tier List | Dragon Quest 9

Delineating between tiers for classes in a game such as Dragon Quest is no easy task, and isn’t helped by the largest selection ever being on offer ever in DQ IX. All of them come with particular equipment choices, skill lists and spells to consider, all of which […]


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Dragon Quest 9

  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Release Date: July 11th, 2009
  • Genre: JRPG
  • Developer: Level-5
  • Author’s Experience: Roughly one million hours.