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100% Completion Infographic | Dragon Quest 9

Having reached the end of our Dragon Quest 9 content, we’ve decided to put yet another title into our 100% Infographic formats. To be honest, we just like to summarise our feelings on some of our favourite games, and it satisfies a creative urge at the same time. There’s something ultimately therapeutic about putting out your thoughts regarding some of your favourite things, and titles like this and others certainly influenced our gaming lives enough to warrant it.

Dragon Quest 9 in particular was a big part of our collective youth. The mix of creative party control, huge crafting possibilities, massive post game and a boat load of the usual DQ charm made it nigh impossible to put down. Vast swathes of time was committed to this game, and having visited it again during our time writing about it reminded us just how great it was. To this day we’re still puzzled how they managed to fit so much game into one little cartridge. It’s the kind of game that reminds you that, on any given day, it could be your favourite if it wanted to.

100% Completion, Dragon Quest 9

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