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3 Two-Handed Swords Worth Using | Castlevania – Symphony of the Night

Often considered too slow for extended usage, the Two-Handed sword feels like the forgotten stepchild of the Symphony of the Night weaponry. Generic models like the Zweihander don’t help this opinion, because despite having the dashing special attack, they’re perilously slow and don’t really offer enough additional power to justify their continual use. Pair this with the inability to equip something in the offhand, and it’s easy to see why this particular weapon type is maligned. That said, we do think there are a few that are worthy of your attention, if for nothing other than their novelty factor… 

Sword of Dawn

Sword of Dawn, Castlevania Symphony of the Night
  • 27 Attack Power.
  • Summons a random Dawn Warrior (Hadouken Special Method).
  • Has a chance to summon a full army of Dawn Warriors – (Pictured Above).
  • Found in a secret wall in the Reverse Keep.

Technically speaking, the Sword of Dawn is the weakest of our options here today. It’s available within the first section of the reverse castle, and upon initial inspection it seems like a rather useless addition to your arsenal, mainly because it’ll show up as an attack power drop despite requiring both hands. This is because all of its power is hidden within the ‘Hadouken’ special attack (Down, Down-Forward, Forward & Attack), which will summon a random Dawn Warrior to fight for you. Further still, there is a chance for this to actually summon a full army of them, which we’ve pictured above, that’ll each deal increased damage. 

It’s little more than a novelty in truth, after all even with the improved damage of the spell chance it’ll do very little to late game enemies, but it’s a good amount of fun to use at the very least. Trying to take down some of the toughest opponents with nothing but an army of Dawn Warriors is ridiculous, bosses even more so, but we must applaud the developers for including something so unusual at least.


Yasutsuna, Castlevania Symphony of the Night
  • 60 Attack Power.
  • Allows slashing whilst walking, hits twice.
  • Attack zone is very close to Alucard.
  • Defence reduced by 20.
  • Dropped by Werewolf enemies in the Reverse Colosseum.

Alright, so the Sword of Dawn was a bit of an outlier in terms of weaponry, so what about a two-handed sword that might actually be worth using? Well, assuming that you’re not immediately heading into the reverse library to grind for the very best the game has to offer, you might want to grab yourself the Yasutsuna, available as a rare drop from the Werewolf enemy, found in the Reverse Colosseum zone. If you can push through the massive amount of Iron Fist weapons that they drop, you might get lucky enough to grab yourself one of these.

We’re not about the claim that this thing is a full ‘end game’ piece of weaponry, because it will be overshadowed by the true final pieces of equipment available in SOTN, but it’s a powerful stop gap whilst you’re exploring the second castle. It’s main benefit is the ability to slash whilst you’re moving, meaning you won’t need to suffer the achingly long standstill that happens with pretty much every other two-handed sword in the game. Further still, if you position yourself correctly it will strike twice, meaning you can do a great deal of damage at times. Things aren’t quite perfect however, because the hit zone is perilously close to Alucard himself, and equipping the weapon passively reduces your defence by -20 points, so whilst it’s not quite as brainless as the now-legendary Crissagraem, it’s still a powerful weapon that can be used on your way through the second castle. 



Masamune, Castlevania Symphony of the Night
  • 90 Attack Power
  • Highest natural attack power Two-Handed sword.
  • Teleport strike special move.
  • Defence reduced by 30.
  • Dropped by the Black Panther in the Anti-Chapel.

By far the strongest two-handed sword is the Masamune. In fact, outside of the weapons that might be levelled up in some way, like the Sword Familiar or the Muramana, the Masamune is the highest rated attack power weapon in the entire game. Before we get into why we consider it a good choice, it’s worth noting that taking down the Black Panthers that own it will require something that hits instantly and doesn’t have a noticeable weapon swing, or they’ll disappear. Using an attacking item, the Alucard Shield & Rod combination or the Crissagraem will work, though you might have to take down quite a few to get your hands on the rare drop…

Anyway, to use the Masamune is to fully accept the compromises that you’ll need to deal with. It does have huge attack power, but it cannot swing whilst walking and reduces your defence by a whopping -30 points. Thankfully, all of this is balanced by the special teleport attack, which is essentially a direct copy of that found on the Alucard Sword. Using this skill with a huge amount of power is a great way to deal with late game bosses and difficult enemies like Guardians, and it’s the entire point of making this weapon useful. Sure, you’ll take more damage from every enemy, but does that really matter if you don’t need to go near them?

Castlevania Symphony of the Night

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