Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening

“The enemy sure had some nice weapons. I should look into their suppliers.”

Anna – Fire Emblem: Awakening

The 5 Best Classes | Dragon Quest IX

More so than in any other Dragon Quest game, Classes, or Vocations, are crucial in the completion of the ninth installation. Some modern titles in the series completely eschew this system, opting rather for a defined set of characters replete with personalities and skills, however here your party […]

The 4 Best Weapon Types | Dragon Quest IX

When it comes to weaponry, the Dragon Quest series has always been somewhat of an outlier, despite remaining resolutely traditional. Where other JRPG games become more and more fantastical, DQ sticks to swords, shields and staves, like the RP games of old. That’s not to say they do […]

Starting Party Recommendations | Dragon Quest IX

Forming a party in the early portion of any Dragon Quest, particularly those that let you choose classes – or vocations as they’re known – tends to come with two caveats; the choices will entirely inform your opinion on the battle system, yet it’s also likely to be […]

Top 10 Best Skills | Fire Emblem: Awakening

In a Fire Emblem game, your skills really make or break your units. Sure, some classes might have fantastic statistics, and some characters may have excellent growth rates, but without the right skills they’ll be rendered useless. This is especially true in Awakening thanks to the second generation […]

Top 5 Best Pairings | Fire Emblem: Awakening

Pairing up your units in a Fire Emblem game isn’t exactly a new concept. These games have had second generation units taking part ever since the Super Nintendo days. We’d argue that Fire Emblem: Awakening does take it to another level however, given that the sheer amount of […]

5 Beginner Tips | Fire Emblem: Awakening

We were new to Fire Emblem once, and we would have loved to get some tips from somebody a little more experience – it might have saved us from countless hours and numerous restarts. Then again, that’s kind of a right of passage for the Fire Emblem series […]


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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening

  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: April19th 2013
  • Genre: JRPG / Tactical RPG
  • Developer: Intelligent Systems
  • UPFIVEDOWN Stats: 1251 Hours