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Top 5 Best Characters In Fire Emblem Awakening – First Generation

The Best Characters in Fire Emblem Awakening can often be found in the first generation. These are the ‘parents’, with the second generation being the ‘children’. Each of these characters come with their own character traits and skills, some of which are much more useful than others.

Fire Emblem Awakening doesn’t make all characters equal, much like other titles in the series. So today we’ll be listing the 5 best characters from Fire Emblem Awakening that are in the first generation. We’ll also include a few details as to why we’ve made this decision.

5. Chrom

Fire Emblem Chrom

It sounds strange to be saying this about a lord within the Fire Emblem franchise (apart from Ike) but Chrom is actually pretty awesome. Sure, he’s not going to output the most damage or take the most hits, but that’s really not why you’ll want to use him. He is immensely useful when supporting other characters, either by proximity or pair up. His Dual Strike skill will activate very frequently, something you’ll often have to rely on, especially on the highest difficulty modes. Plus, he is a requirement, so you might as well make the most of him.

Notable Skills (Base Class Line):

  • Aether – Attack twice with a change to proc Sol & Luna.
  • Dual Strike – 10% more chance for a dual strike.

4. Panne

Fire Emblem Panne

Panne is such an under appreciated gem in Awakening. Perhaps it’s the unusual looks, strange supports or maybe the annoying slow battle animation, but for some reason she rarely makes it onto many lists. If you can look beyond these quirks however, what you’ll find is a very powerful unit, capable of not only dishing out significant damage, often double attacking, but also standing up to some attacks herself. She might need a little love in the early game, but once she gets a few levels there is no stopping her. Get her into a flying class as soon as possible and watch those growths catapult her stats upwards.

Notable Skills (Base Class Line):

  • Beastbane – Extra damage to beast units, including griffon riders.

3. Tharja

Fire Emblem Tharja

Contrary to Panne above, Tharja is a unit that tends to make it onto most peoples favourite lists. Alright, so most of these lists tend to like her looks, in no small part due to that statuette, but outside of this there are plenty of reasons to prioritise her in your team: For starters, she’s a dark mage, meaning the tomes available to her provide you with a little more utility than usual – Nosferatu for example, will allow her to heal herself. Her starting stats mean she can jump straight into your team without issue, and they also mean she’s less squishy than your usual mage.

Notable Skills (Base Class Line):

  • Anathema – Avoid & Critical Avoid down to all enemies within a 3 tile radius.
  • Tomebreaker – Hit & Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a tome. (Sorcerer)


2. Sumia

Fire Emblem Sumia

It’s Fire Emblem, and this means that the earliest flying unit to join you tends to be very good, and Sumia is no exception. She comes with speed high enough to double enemies, strength low enough to require work and resistance high enough to take down mages. So far so flyer, right? Well there is more to her, and to her class routes, than meets the eye. By promoting her into a Dark Flyer, players can gain access to Galeforce, an ability which grants the unit an extra turn should it defeat an enemy during the players turn, which can also be transferred to the second generation of units. Take care of her low durability, keep her stocked with javelins and watch her grow into one of your groups most powerful units.

Notable Skills (Base Class Line):

  • Galeforce – Grants an additional turn if the unit defeats an enemy on the players turn. (Dark Flyer)
  • Relief – The unit will recover 20% of it’s HP if no other units are within a 3 tile radius.

1. My Unit / Avatar

Fire Emblem Awakening Avatar

The avatar character in Fire Emblem Awakening is by far the best unit available for use. Not only can it essentially become any class you want, it also has very good growths to accompany your choices. Should you decide to keep it as the base class of Tactician into Grandmaster, you’ll gain access to a significant exp boost, damage increase and useful support skills all in one. Of course, should you wish to do so, you can also make the unit a female and progress her in the same fashion as Sumia above, eventually producing multiple units with the Galeforce ability.

All in all, your unit can do pretty much anything you want and end up being superior to almost any other character available to you. The choice is yours.

Notable Skills (Base Class Line):

  • Solidarity – Critical and Critical avoid increased for adjacent units.
  • Rally Spectrum – +4 stats or all units within a 3 tile radius, for a turn. (Grandmaster)

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