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Choosing The Best Asset and Flaw | Fire Emblem: Awakening

In Fire Emblem: Awakening, picking the correct Asset and Flaw for your Avatar might seem like a small decision, but it influences their statistics for the entirety of the game. Your choice will increase the growth of one, whilst leaving the other to languish. OK so it’s not actually that meaningful, but you certainly want to pick a combination that at least compliments the class you’d like to favour. That being the case, today we’re going to summarise three of our favourite choices for Assets and Flaws. We’ll also detail a little bit of why, and the classes that we find these options work well with. Let’s get into it!

Our class recommendations come with the preface that you thoroughly explore and use Tactician & Grandmaster first – they’re too good to pass up.

All Round Performer

Robin, Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Asset: Speed
  • Flaw: Luck

This is our go-to, basic choice for our Avatar. As usual with a Fire Emblem game, Speed is a fantastic statistic that is responsible for quite a few things, not least the ability to attack twice should your stat outweigh the target enough. It’s also pretty universal, since almost any type of attack can strike twice, and even defensive units want enough of this to ensure the exact opposite happens on the enemies turn.

Why negative Luck then? Well, again like most Fire Emblem titles, it really doesn’t matter very much here. If you dig really deep, of course you’ll be able to see some % chances are lower, but in our experience this isn’t enough to really make a huge difference. We like to use this combination on classes that always see benefits from the Speed, and can deal with the Luck loss.

Ideal Asset & Flaw Classes

  • Mage / Sage
  • Myrmidon / Swordmaster
  • Archer / Sniper


Offensive Melee

Frederick, Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Asset: Strength
  • Flaw: Resistance

This one probably seems quite self explanitory: You have strong units, so make them stronger, simple enough surely?

In part yes, but the Resistance Flaw must be considered first, after all it’d make little sense to use this if you’re planning on building a mage killer. So we tend to use this when we’re pushing our Avatar into a mount or flying category. The flying options already have plenty of Speed, and don’t necessarily benefit from stacking even more like a Swordmaster, so giving them more Strength is a great thing. They also come with plenty of Resistance, so they can deal with the loss.

Mainly though, we tend to use this when we’re making ourselves a Paladin. This class naturally comes with more Resistance than the Great Knight counterpart, and the additional strength never stops giving.

Ideal Asset & Flaw Classes

  • Wyvern Rider / Wyvern Lord
  • Cavalier / Paladin
  • Fighter / Warrior


Lunatic+ Build

Tactician, Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Asset: Defence
  • Flaw: Strength

No prizes for guessing the difficulty level we’ve used this build with.

This is our go-to build when we’re attempting something difficult, but with a caveat: It’s only for the early game. The difficulty of Awakening on Lunatic+ mode is so unforgivably high, and our minds so logically wired, that we’re drawn to anything that can give us a degree of stability, which this build does. Being able to take a hit with a unit other than Frederick in the early game makes the world of difference.

Once we’re out of that veritible frying pan of an early game, we tend to push our Avatar one of two ways; something with high speed, or something with high magic. Specifically we love going the Dark Mage route, building our Robin into a tanky, self healing beast.

…It’s mainly just about that early game though…

Ideal Asset & Flaw Classes

  • Dark Mage / Sorcerer
  • Dark Mage / Dark Knight
  • Priest / War Monk

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  1. …Hmm…That first one is simple but effective.
    And that second one is if you want to be a tank in your own army than it’s perfect.
    AAAND…hmmmm…I have never played in lunatic before but I kinda want to now just to see how challenging it is because you kinda peaked my interest…uh with the last one of course.

    • You should give it a try for sure. The extra Defence makes a real difference, though it’s mainly for the first 3 – 4 chapters, which are just crazy difficult and a bit unfair on Lunatic+. Make sure to use Frederick as much as possible with Pair Up if you give it a try!

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