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Bravely Default is one of our favourite 3DS RPG games ever. In fact, it’s one of our favourite RPG games period. The game is ostensibly a Final Fantasy game, but one that has been let off the leash by removing it from the name, the result of which is a swift, satisfying, stat filled role playing game in the palm of your hand. The 3DS itself is blessed with numerous excellent RPG titles, yet still Bravely Default manages to stand out.

It’s been a while since release, so much so that a sequel has come and gone and yet another game in the series is in development for the Switch. Despite this, we still see the same questions being asked, so we’re here today to clear up some of the common queries we still see being posed today.

How Long is Bravely Default?

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The main portion of the game will take you between 50 and 60 hours to complete, depending on experience levels. If you’ve played a significant amount of RPG games, particularly Japanese types akin to Final Fantasy, you’ll likely complete the game a little quicker than this.

Your play time will change depending on the amount of extra content you choose to complete, and you should expect something like the following:

  • Main Story Only: 50 to 60 hours.
  • Main Story & Optional Dungeons: 70 – 80 hours.
  • Full Completion, best items, all optional: 100+ hours.

You can compare against other Bravely Default players HERE, at Howlongtobeat.

How Many Chapters in Bravely Default?

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There are a total of 8 chapters in Bravely Default.

In the course of the main game, you’ll progress through chapters 1 – 4, and these form the majority of the game experience. After this point, and upon completing chapter 5, you’ll enter the final sections of the game, which include revisiting major locations throughout the world.

The absolute final sections of the game, during which you revisit locations, can be revisited to alter the ending of the game.


How Do You Unlock Blue Chests?

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In order to unlock the blue chests littered throughout Bravely Default, you’ll need to reach Chapter 6. There, you’ll note that a chest key appears on the deck of the Grandship. You can use this key to unlock all of the blue chests dotted around the game world.

It’s worth heading back to unlock them all too, there’s some great items available. They’re not quite super end game items, but they’re certainly worth getting your hands on at that point in the game.

What Carries Over To New Game+?

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When starting New Game Plus, which is unlocked upon attaining the true ending and saving the game once the prompt appears, you’ll be given the option to take the following things over with you:

  • All Unlocked Jobs
  • All Job Levels
  • Money
  • All Items & Equipment
  • All Skills
  • ‘D’s Complete Notebook
  • Construction Level of Norende

We’ll admit, it’s kind of hard to push straight into New Game Plus, especially after hitting those final chapters, but it’s actually worthwhile here. Not only will the battles be more difficult, but additional content in the form of conversations and cut scene changes can be found, along with a few hidden extras!

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