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It’s fair to say that Bravely Default’s Job system forms the basis for the series’ success. Having developed and evolved in the Final Fantasy series over the years, it’s here that it can be found in full bloom. By selecting a job for any given character, you’ll gain access to a myriad of fun and unusual abilities, and combining these with each other, which the game allows, can have some interesting and useful effects. That said, there are four characters on offer in Bravely Default and despite their relative statistical similarities, they are different. So who should you consider for each Job? There are far more jobs on offer than characters going, and unless you’re willing to grind then you’ll have to make some choices. The following are those that we’ve found best suit each member of the team.

Tiz Jobs

Spell Fencer Job, Bravely Default
  • Monk
  • Merchant
  • Spell Fencer
  • Red Mage
  • Swordmaster
  • Pirate

In almost every RPG or JRPG title there exists the ‘everyman’ character, and in Bravely Default this is Tiz. He is the first character available in your team, and as a result of this he feels closer to the player character than any of the others. That said, and thanks in no small part to his very balanced statistics, Tiz can pretty much take the role of any Job that you might require. In our six choices you’ll see that he takes on a whole gamut of possible roles, from the supportive Merchant and Red Mage jobs, to the offensive Monk and Pirate. He’ll perform well in every single one of these, but we tend to find he gravitates to the ‘middle ground’ supportive roles.

As a Red Mage he’ll offer both damage and healing support, and combining their spells with the Spell Fencer Job will ensure that he can always deal high amounts of damage when required. The Pirate and Swordmaster combination is a great way to transition into high damage in the late game, though you may want to consider Dark Knight too, thanks to its synergies with the Monk job.

Character Traits

  • Tiz has well balanced statistics.
  • Likely candidate for almost any job, but we tend to push him towards physical options because two other characters are technically better in magical roles (Agnes and Ringabel).
  • Technically, the only statistic in which he’s considered the ‘best’ is health total.
  • He really isn’t too far behind any of the other characters, so he’ll still perform well regardless of the job you choose for him.


Agnes Jobs

White Mage Job, Bravely Default
  • White Mage
  • Time Mage
  • Salve-Maker
  • Performer
  • Conjurer
  • Spiritmaster

Were it not given away by the Job that almost immediately appears upon her recruitment, Agnes is designed to be a magic user. Her statistics mean that she’ll often be superior at both healing and dealing magic damage, only occasionally approached by Ringabel in the latter thanks to random statistical gains whilst levelling. Needless to say, she’ll excel at the most magical of Jobs and is most certainly the best choice for a healer in the early and mid game. Don’t completely pigeon hole her however, because Jobs like the Time Mage and Performer will allow her to amplify the power of other party members too. This becomes more and more relevant as the game progresses thanks to the power of physical damage classes, and the Performer combined with healing spells will do well in the mid to late game. In the absolute end game she’ll excel as a Spiritmaster or Conjurer, amplifying heals or deleting random battles respectively.

Character Traits

  • Agnes has the best combined magical statistics, INT and MND, of any character in Bravely Default.
  • This is offset by lower statistics everywhere else, including HP.
  • Naturally this means that she gravitates towards magical jobs, and whilst the temptation is to simply leave her as a healer, be sure to branch out into damaging roles too.

Edea Jobs

Knight Job, Bravely Default
  • Knight
  • Valkyrie
  • Pirate
  • Dark Knight
  • Templar
  • Swordmaster

Thankfully, when Edea takes some time to close her mouth-siren, she’s actually tremendously capable in battle. In fact, we’d argue that for the majority of the mid game she’ll be the one doing the most damage in your entire team. She accomplishes this by being the character with the highest STR, and by applying this with some of the excellent physical jobs available throughout Bravely Default.

Things are likely to start out a little slow, especially with the Knight class, but we urge you to stick with it. Grab yourself the Two-Handed skill at the very least, because it makes a massive difference to Edea specifically. With this, she can take on roles like Valkyrie, Pirate and to a lesser extent, Dark Knight. Each of these benefit from a disposition towards physical damage, and you’ll often want to keep Edea in one of these for the vast majority of her time in your team. Even the late game, in which you’ll perhaps want to branch out a little, will see you struggle to identify anything better for her. By all means grab yourself some side benefits, like Free Lunch or such from another job, but in both the Valkyrie and the Pirate you have random battles and boss killers respectively.

Character Traits

  • Edea is both the strongest character in the team, and the most defensively accomplished.
  • This lends her to both the physical damage and tanking roles specifically.
  • It’s certainly possible to have her branch out into the ‘quicker’ physical roles, like Ranger or Ninja, but the amount of options that jobs like the Valkyrie and Pirate have available means that you’ll often do just as much damage with them.
  • Whilst it might not seem like it, the Knight job is critical to pretty much everything Edea does. Dual Shields is an incredible tanking ability, and Two-Handed will amplify pretty much every subsequent physical job.


Ringabel Jobs

Vampire Job, Bravely Default
  • Black Mage
  • Thief
  • Ranger
  • Ninja
  • Arcanist
  • Vampire

Well, if you’ve been paying attention so far, you’ll note that we have identified the strongest, most well rounded and magically gifted party members, so what remains? Yes that’s right, the nimble and quick character, which in this case is Ringabel. Yes, the man with little to no memory to weigh him down is the quickest party member that you have available to you, in both AGI and DEX terms. Again, the difference between party members isn’t a vast, gaping chasm, but it’s enough to decide who goes first in battle, which can make all the difference.

In terms of Jobs, he’s ideally suited to the ‘quicker’ of them, like the Thief, Ranged and Ninja. Whilst this does mean that he’s likely to be a little less defensively blessed, it does mean that he’ll often do the most hits, benefiting jobs reliant on this to do their damage. At this point however, we should note that he is the second best character from an INT perspective, which means that he’ll also excel in magically damaging roles. This can leave RIngabel in an odd position, since you’ll likely want him to focus on too many jobs, but from a magical perspective you really only need Black Mage and Arcanist. Other than this he can focus on swift powerhouses, like the Ranger and Ninja, the former of which he’ll excel in for the majority of the mid game.

Character Traits

  • Ringabel is the archetypal ‘fast’ party member, with the highest DEX and AGI on average.
  • This means he’ll excel in jobs that deal additional hits or rely on evasion. Ranged, Ninja and Thief make a great deal of sense here, with him being the ideal character to focus on stealing items with the latter.
  • There are a great deal of magical options in Bravely Default, however Black Mage, Arcanist and perhaps Red Mage are all that you need.
  • In the absolute end game, it feels like Ringabel is ideally suited for the Vampire job, perhaps because the others tend to fall into a more defined role.

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