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To steal an item in a JRPG is one of life’s great joys. There is something immensely satisfying about having your thief sneak around undetected, prodding at soft and unknown areas only to return with something tremendously valuable in hand. Paired with the allure of locating something powerful at an early point, it makes for a very satisfying part of the combat system in these games. Bravely Default is no different in this regard, by which we mean there’s plenty to steal and a Job available that can oblige, and if anything it’s slightly easier to do so, thanks to the available spamming of the Brave option. As per usual however, not all stolen items are worth your time and effort, so we’ve compiled a short list of items that we think are certainly worthy of getting your grubby mitts on.

5. Artisan Gloves

Ranger Job, Bravely Default
  • Steal from: Ranger Artemia, Chapter 2, Ranger Sub Scenario.
  • Increases DEX by 10.

Happily, the steals start coming thick and fast in Bravely Default. Immediately after unlocking the Thief Job, you’ll begin to encounter bosses and enemies that feature excellent steal loot tables. The first one that we’d like to highlight is the Artisan Gloves, which can be pilfered from Ranger Artemia, in the Ranger Sub Scenario. No doubt you’ll want to unlock this Job, and we’d wholly recommend that you do, but whilst you’re at it be sure to nab these. They increase your DEX by 10, which is a statistic that not only influences your accuracy, something that comes in very useful soon enough, but it also increases your chance for a Brave Attack, which is best described as those rare occasions when you start a battle with +1 brave automatically. This is the Bravely Default version of a pre-emptive attack, and it can be very useful albeit unreliable.

Job Suitability

  • Ranger
  • Pirate
  • Ninja

Ideally, your Artisan Gloves should be used by a Job that requires additional accuracy. Examples of this would be classes that rely on landing multiple hits to deal damage, like the Ranger or Ninja, or one that suffers from accuracy penalties, like the Axe wielding Pirate Job.


4. Power Bracers

Valkyrie Job, Bravely Default
  • Steal from: Einheria, Chapter 2, Valkyrie Sub Scenario.
  • Increases STR by 10.

Likely you’ve gotten your hands on the Artisan Gloves, but you’re perhaps after something with a little more punch. Look no further than the Power Bracers, which can be found by stealing from Einheria, the boss of the Valkyrie Sub Scenario. We’re not going to go too in depth here, after all Strength essentially just increases damage done with physical attacks and abilities, so you’re not exactly going to need much in the way of instruction. The best advice would be to give these to a heavy physical attack class that doesn’t rely too heavily on multiple hits and prefers skills, like a Pirate or Valkyrie.

Job Suitability

  • Almost all physical DPS Jobs.
  • Thief
  • Ninja
  • Ranger

As you might imagine, more Strength is a great thing for any Job that relies upon physical power to deal damage. In this regard you can use it pretty much anywhere, but it’s worth noting that it’ll work very well on your quick Jobs in the early game, where they might excel at dealing more than one hit, but not very hard with each.

3. Yggdrasil Staff

White Mage Job, Bravely Default
  • Steal from: Victor, Chapter 4, Story Boss.
  • Increases MND by 7, casts Esuna when used as an item.

By now your magic users are likely to be feeling a little left out, so we’ve chosen the Yggdrasil Staff as our next steal. You’ll have to wait quite a while before you get your hands on it, Chapter 4 to be exact, but the sheer statistical benefit is entirely worth it. You’ll likely end up sticking this to your main healer for the majority of the game, the obvious choice being Agnes due to her stat allocation, and we absolutely recommend that you do so. There is one better that can be found in the late game, however the relatively early point at which this can be found, plus the fact that it’s essentially free, means that we absolutely must highlight it.

Job Suitability

  • White Mage
  • Salve-Maker
  • Spiritmaster

Realistically, given the increase in MND and as such healing capabilities, you’re likely just looking at Jobs that specializes in restoring health. The obvious choices are here, but it is worth noting that you can still use this in other Jobs and receive the same statistical benefits. Red Mage, for example, has access to plenty of healing skills and, with judicious skill usage, can provide even more by equipping this.

2. Giant Axe

Pirate Job, Bravely Default
  • Steal from: Gigas Lich, Chapter 4, Temple of Earth.
  • 58 Power Axe, lower accuracy.

Possibly the most infamous of equipment pieces in Bravely Default is this, the Giant Axe. For good reason too, because it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Not only this, but it can be found at a very early point in the game, relative to its power. 58 attack power is a huge number, and at this point in the game it will easily out shine pretty much anything else that you have. There is of course that issue with accuracy, and it’s certainly a pain to constantly have attacks whiff, but those of sound eye and mind will have noted that we included an accessory that increases this – the Artisan Gloves. Combined these two will perform very well, and there are even further options for increasing said accuracy as the game progresses, all of which keep the Giant Axe relevant into the late game.

Job Suitability

  • Pirate
  • Any physical damage Job, ideally with high damage skills.

This one, we imagine, is rather self explanatory. Not only is this the ideal piece of equipment for budding Pirates out there, but mastery of this Job will allow you to carry the Giant Axe elsewhere whilst retaining its power. Level up the Pirate Job on a few characters, then let them branch out into other Jobs whilst retaining this powerful piece.


1. Hermes Sandals

Thief Job, Bravely Default
  • Steal from: DeRosa, Chapter 2, Red Mage Sub Scenario.
  • Increases AGI by 10.

Our first detail about the Hermes Sandals will likely sell you on them immediately, and that’s the boost to Agility that they provide. Why is this so good? Well, Agility itself is not only responsible for evasion, but also the amount of hits that a character inflicts, the speed with which they take their turn and even your ability to get a first strike! On the whole, it’s probably the best statistic in the game. Secondly and perhaps even more importantly, the only way to get your hands on these is by stealing from DeRosa. Technically speaking you do have more than one opportunity to do this, which we’ll attempt to avoid spoiling by limiting details, suffice to say that you absolutely must get your hands on these! You’re unlikely to have Rob Blind at this point, which would mean you could get your hands on a couple of them, but regardless getting even one of these is absolutely worth it.

Job Suitability

  • Any Job that prefers multiple hits for damage.
  • Those looking for extra evasion.
  • Pretty much any Job appreciates the Hermes Sandals in some way.

It’s hard to fully emphasise just how good the Hermes Sandals are. Every single class will enjoy more evasion, and a good handful of them will love the idea of inflicting more and more hits with each attack, so you’re likely to be spoilt for choice here. It’s a shame that you’re limited to one or two of these for the majority of the game, but your life will be a great deal easier with them, so don’t forget to grab them!

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