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5 Powerful Physical Skills | Persona Q2

Once again, physical skills are tremendously powerful in a Persona title. That this would be true in Persona Q2 is no surprise, but it’s worth noting that a certain amount of balance has been achieved here. Magical skills are more powerful than ever and there are a whole host of alternative skills available. Thankfully, physical skills have retained almost all of their power, and they’re given plenty of priority thanks to more defined roles being present within the huge cast. No doubt you’ll all be able to guess one particular entry in our article today… But we’re tried to assemble the physical attacks that we found most useful during our numerous playthroughs of this fantastic little title.

5. Zanshinken

Makoto, Persona Q2
  • Light physical damage, hits again if the user takes no damage that turn (1 Target)

One of the more satisfying changes in the Q series of games is the relevance of the tanking role. It’s much more necessary of course, given that these titles are based on the Etrian style dungeon crawlers, which themselves tend to direct more damage at the party than usual, but the main thing we’re interested in here is the redirection of damage. By redirecting damage away from your offensive party members, it enables skills such as Zanshinken, which is a fantastic early physical skill. It’s not yet influenced by the Boost state, which is a shame, but it’s still two attacks in one round, which is a great way to do damage versus bosses or awkward targets in the early game. If you can pair this with skills that reduce enemy defence, and any attack buffs you might have access to, then it’s a recipe for great damage against awkward opponents.

Skill Sources

  • Yusuke & Persona 4 Protagonist learn this skill.
  • Valkyrie (Innate)
  • Yatagarasu (Innate)
  • Raijuu (Learns at level 13)


4. Triple Down

Akihiko, Persona Q2
  • Medium damage, 3 hits, power scales with Boost (1 Target)

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have taken advantage of basic physical abilities quite often, but perhaps not as often as you may have liked. Well, with the advent of Triple Down and our next skill, you’ll be in the position to do so. Triple Down in particular is the perfect early game physical attack. Not only does it hit multiple times, as ever the recipe for big damage in a Persona title, but it also scales up when you’re in the Boost state. Harkening back to our previous point, this is where your Tank steps in to soak up hits, not only because it protects your squishy team members, but because it allows them to retain their Boost state into the next round. Three hits from a Boost state member, buffed up and potentially against a debuffed opponent, is bound to cause huge amounts of damage.

Skill Sources

  • Haru, Akihiko and Koromaru learn this skill.
  • Yatagarasu (Learns at level 17)
  • Mezuki (Learns at level 31)
  • Rakshasa (Innate)
  • Red Rider (Innate)
  • Belphegor (Innate)

3. Deathbound

Kanji, Persona Q2
  • Heavy damage, power scales with Boost (All Targets)

Alright, we’ll level with you here. Heat Wave is the ‘medium’ version of this skill, and we had considered it’s inclusion at this point, but we wanted to ensure that we’d covered each portion of the game as much as possible. That said, Deathbound is likely to become available around the mid to late portion of the game, especially if you pay attention to the side quest tickets. Even without this, a team with Shinjiro or Ryuji will unlock this fairly early, and with it will be ready to decimate random battles. It’s fairly self explanatory, simply being a huge physical attack to every enemy, but it’s another that is improved by using it in the Boost state. If you pair it’s user with a well rounded elemental selection of spells in it’s sub persona slot, you can ensure they’ll likely get into the Boost state in round 2 of most random battles too.

Skill Sources

  • Ryuji & Shinjiro learn this skill.
  • Fenrir (Innate)
  • Bugs (Innate)
  • Chernobog (Level 66)
  • Mada (Level 71)

2. Vorpal Blade

Ryuji, Persona Q2
  • Heavy damage, 4 hits, power scales with Boost (1 Target)

By the time the late game rolls around, you’ll likely be jonesing for something that hits very hard versus a single target. No doubt plenty of players will gravitate towards skills like Myriad Arrows or such, which often have the potential to hit a lot of times, but we tend to find that their accuracy is lacking and the additional hits aren’t guaranteed. You can abuse Panic to help out said accuracy of course, but we prefer to rely on the Vorpal Blade skill. It will hit 4 times, every time, is accessible fairly early through either party members or fusing Longinus, and it’ll continue to deal large amounts of damage as you progress towards the end game.

Skill Sources

  • Chie & P3 Protagonist learn this skill.
  • Longinus (Innate)
  • Suparna (Innate)
  • Hell Biker (Level 55)
  • Melchizedek (Level 66)


1. Hassou Tobi

Yusuke, Persona Q2
  • Medium damage, 8 hits, power scales with Boost (Random Targets)

Come on now, it wouldn’t be a modern Persona title without Hassou Tobi now would it? They’ve tuned it slightly for Q2, since it now hits random targets rather than all of them, and we do get the feeling that they’ve grown a little tired of making it by far the best skill in every single title, but that didn’t stop them from making it tremendously powerful here in Q2. As usual, you’ll have to push your way through to a very high level, and you’ll very specifically have to fuse Yoshitsune, but know that once you do, you have truly arrived. If you can manage to use it within the Boost state, and take advantage of powerful buffs like Shura Tensei or such, then it’ll deal almost comical amounts of damage. Anything you can do to scale this further – Debilitate, Attack buffs, etc – will send it into the stratosphere. Random targets don’t matter when there’s only one to hit, right?

Skill Sources

  • Yoshitsune (Level 80)

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