Persona Q

Persona Q

“A table should act like a table, dammit.”

Shinjiro Aragaki – Persona Q

The 10 Best Skills | Persona Q

Choosing the best selection of skills is of paramount importance in Persona Q. You could argue that this is true of almost any RPG game, especially those set around turn-based battles, but such things are even more critical with the Persona series specifically. This is because it’s designed […]

All Out Attacks Explained | Persona Q

Triggering All Out Attacks is a key part of winning battles in Persona Q. These hugely damaging maneuvers technically started out life in Persona 3, and they can be found in every main series entry ever since, including both portable titles. The system and method of initiation has […]

When And Why You Should Fight FOEs | Persona Q

Elite enemies known as FOE inhabit the depths of every Persona Q dungeon. Actually, these terrifying beasts originate from the Etrian Odyssey series, where they have terrified players since the days of the original Nintendo DS. Their function as a very difficult opponent is rather obvious from the […]

4 Powerful Party Builds | Persona Q

Crafting the right team build can absolutely make or break a dungeon crawler such as Persona Q. Games such as these typically have a large selection of characters or classes available, of which PQ is not different, which often bestows the prospective adventurer with a myriad of options […]

Choosing Your Protagonist | Persona Q

Unusually for a Persona title, your Protagonist matters less than ever in Persona Q. After a short period of dungeon diving you’ll soon become aware that every character – aside from a guest – can equip an additional persona, a feature that is historically reserved for the main […]

The 5 Best Navi Skills | Persona Q

Navi, or Navigators, are classified as supportive party members in Persona titles. Newcomers to the series will no doubt be familiar with the latest additions to this type, Futaba in Persona 5 for example, but they may not be aware that such things have existed since Persona 3. […]

Frequently Asked Questions | Persona Q

Back to Persona Q today, as we take some time out to answer some of the questions we frequently see asked. The Persona series, and indeed the Shin Megami Tensei franchise as a whole has always been difficult to get into, filled as it is with Demon Summoning, […]

Top 5 Best Back Row Characters | Persona Q

Truly at home on the 3DS, Persona Q is a wonderful mash up of the Etrian and Persona series of games. It’s filled with unusual dungeons, countless enemies and a version of the press turn battle system ideally suited for the genre. It’s also inhabited by the cast […]

5 Beginner Tips | Persona Q

For new players, Persona Q might be a confusing proposition. The game series’ from which it draws inspiration – Persona 3, Persona 4 and Etrian Odyssey – are all a complicated proposition on their own, never mind a mash up of them all. It plays like an Etrian […]


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Persona Q

  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: November 28th 2014
  • Genre: JRPG
  • Developer: Atlus
  • UPFIVEDOWN Stats: 211 Hours