Dragon Quest 8

Dragon Quest 8

“Cor blimey!”

– Yangus, Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest 8 vs Dragon Quest 9 – Which Is Better?

Comparing two Dragon Quest titles against each other is a tough proposition. In many ways, we adore both of the titles we’re considering today, but for very different reasons. Dragon Quest 8 is a huge, sprawling adventure filled with massive landscapes, even bigger personalities and a cast of […]

How To Slay Every Metal Slime Type | Dragon Quest 8

Taking down strange metallic opponents has been a mainstay of the Dragon Quest series since its inception. These tricky little beasts are characterised by their willingness to flee, fling very basic spells at you, taking little to no damage from most of your attacks and, of course, offering […]

Weapon Type Tier List | Dragon Quest 8

Having previously determined the weapons that we deem to be best for each character, we’re now turning our hands to the entire roster available and considering them as a whole. Choices here can cause your characters to differ wildly, and with no way to change or refund your […]

The 4 Best Party Members | Dragon Quest 8

Picking the four best party members in a game that originally had only four choices, might immediately sound like a fool’s errand. However, the advent of the vastly improved 3DS version of Dragon Quest 8 meant that the possible choices expanded to 6, leaving the player with a […]

Character Tier List | Dragon Quest 8

Creating a tier list for the characters in DQ8 probably seems like a bit of a futile endeavour, after all the base version of the game only has 4 characters available for the party, which has 4 slots in it. Still, the 3DS version added 2 further choices […]

Key Early Alchemy Recipes | Dragon Quest 8

Taking advantage of the Alchemy system is absolutely key to ensuring success in a Dragon Quest game. Technically speaking, most story sections can be completed without approaching the magical mixing pot, but we’d argue that you’re doing yourself a disservice to completely ignore it. The early game in […]

Ultimate Builds For Every Character | Dragon Quest 8

Having already detailed recommended builds for each individual character in Dragon Quest 8, we’ve decided to put together one single article that singles out those that we feel are the ‘ultimate’ build for each of them. This is going to be subjective of course, and pretty much every […]

Powerful Team Build Variations | Dragon Quest 8

Writing about the possible build variations in Dragon Quest 8 might initially seem like an unusual prospect. In both versions of the game there are four main characters for the majority of it, and only four party slots available in which to place them. Dig a little deeper […]

4 Ideal Gold Farming Locations | Dragon Quest 8

Gathering a reasonable amount of gold is a point of consternation in almost every Dragon Quest game. New locations regularly reveal themself as the stories progress, and they’ll almost always come with a bumper selection of new equipment, items and general desirables. Further still, taking advantage of the […]


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Dragon Quest 8

Dragon Quest 8

  • Platform: Playstation 2 & Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: November 27th, 2004
  • Genre: JRPG
  • Developer: Level-5 / Square Enix
  • Author’s Experience: 1,156 Hours