Dragon Quest 8

Dragon Quest 8

“Cor blimey!”

– Yangus, Dragon Quest VIII

Amazing Red Builds | Dragon Quest 8

Upon her finally joining your party, Red will immediately become tremendously useful. Her ability to passively gather more gold and loot through her Roguery skills is tremendously useful, and it’ll make your late game Alchemy life a great deal easier. In fact, she’s even the proud owner of […]

Marvellous Morrie Builds | Dragon Quest 8

Ostentatious, pro wrestling parody Morrie is an addition to the party members available in the Nintendo 3DS version of Dragon Quest 8. By taking part in his Monster Arena side quest, and indeed defeating Morrie himself, you’ll be able to recruit him to your team, and find yourself […]

Awesome Angelo Builds | Dragon Quest 8

Adequately describing Angelo can be quite the task, but after a long period of deliberation we’ve settled upon the word ‘Cheeky’. No matter the situation, be it dire or filled with brevity, he’s there to cushion the blow or lend a hand with a quip or two. Well, […]

Epic Jessica Builds Detailed | Dragon Quest 8

Despite additions to the roster in the 3DS version, Jessica remains the closest party member to the ‘mage’ archetype that you will find. Others will be able to contribute of course, but her high magical statistics and equipment choices mean that she will be the one capable of […]

3 Powerful Yangus Builds | Dragon Quest 8

Were one phrase capable of describing Yangus, it would have to be the ‘lovable rogue’. From the very beginning of Dragon Quest 8 he is your bro, and he never so much as considers turning his back on you, mainly thanks to you saving his life on a […]

The 3 Best Hero Builds | Dragon Quest 8

Determining the very best build for the Hero of Dragon Quest 8 comes with one very significant caveat: He’s by far the best healer in the game. Now, we’re not about to claim that it’s impossible to heal without him, after all characters like Angelo can also do […]

Dragon Quest 8

Dragon Quest 8

  • Platform: Playstation 2 & Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: November 27th, 2004
  • Genre: JRPG
  • Developer: Level-5 / Square Enix
  • Author’s Experience: 1,156 Hours