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How To Slay Every Metal Slime Type | Dragon Quest 8

Taking down strange metallic opponents has been a mainstay of the Dragon Quest series since its inception. These tricky little beasts are characterised by their willingness to flee, fling very basic spells at you, taking little to no damage from most of your attacks and, of course, offering massive amounts of experience for their defeat. This latter point in particular means that they require a little more forethought, because if you want to take advantage of them to catapult your levels upwards, you’ll need to pay attention to your skills. Choices in this regard are unfortunately permanent in Dragon Quest 8, so we’ve put together a short guide that details how to take down each type, and where to find them.

Metal Slime

  • Basic Attacks
  • Metal Slash (Swords)
  • Metal Mower (Boomerangs)
  • 2-Hit weapons, like Falcon Blade
Metal Slime, Dragon Quest 8

As you might imagine, the basic Metal Slime is the first opponent of this type that you will encounter in DQ8, and they’re by far the easiest to take down. This is mainly because they have a grand total of 4 HP, which can be dispatched quite quickly, and you can even accomplish this with basic attacks alone, assuming you’re patient enough to watch all of the misses take place. Double hitting weapons will help, but by far the best way to go is to use Metal Slash. Early in the game specifically, you’ll have two party members that are capable of doing so, and investing into Swords far enough to get the skill really isn’t a concern. 

Whilst the basic Metal Slime can appear in a few other locations, the best option is to find them around the Riverside Chapel location, just before reaching Ascanthia. If you explore north of the chapel, you can find a route down next to the river, on which Metal Slimes will regularly appear. It’s best to take advantage of this location, along with the convenient Inn at the chapel, to bolster your levels as much as possible. Whilst it’s not technically a requirement, the transition from Ascanthia into Pickham will include some tougher enemies and a forthcoming dungeon, so it’s not a bad idea to grind a little until you feel comfortable. 


Liquid Metal Slime

  • Metal Slash (Swords)
  • Metal Mower (Boomerangs)
  • Thunder Thrust, Lightning Thrust (Spears)
  • Hatchet Man, Executioner (Axes)
Liquid Metal Slime, Dragon Quest 8

Despite not being the pinnacle of Metal Slime hierarchy in DQ8, the liquid slime can be the most annoying to pin down and defeat, though this tends to differ depending on location. Either way, you’re going to need to cut through 8 HP this time, which means that basic attacks are absolutely out of the question, unless you’re fishing for a lucky critical hit. Even the skills that do 2 damage will likely give them a chance to escape, so investing early in either Thunder Thrust or Hatchet Man will serve you well. This is probably the most awkward of requirements of the three if we’re honest, because the Hero is likely to be investing into Courage or Swords, and whilst Yangus does very well with Axes, he alone may struggle to land a hit before the slime escapes.

Technically speaking, you’ll find Liquid Metal Slimes in quite a few places, including certain islands and hilltops that cannot be accessed without a vehicle, however the best place to find them is in Trodain Castle. Here you will find one particular corridor that houses them, and the location makes them easy to lock down and encounter. Now, whilst it is a great idea to take advantage of them here, we’d say that these are the least necessary and most awkward to deal with. You’ll likely be part way through skill builds and not necessarily have the ability to reliably take them down. Fish for those criticals and maybe through some Metal skills around, but don’t fret too much, there’s a much better opportunity for levelling before the game ends…

Metal King Slime

  • Thunder Thrust, Lightning Thrust (Spears)
  • Hatchet Man, Executioner (Axes)
  • POWER Pound, POWER Pummel (Clubs)
Metal King Slime, Dragon Quest 8

Here we are then, finally we’ve reached the big ‘uns. The Metal King Slime is the pinnacle of Metal opponents in DQ8, and defeating one will grant you an incredible 30,000 experience points each. This makes them the ideal opponent to use when preparing for the final stretches of the game, or even for training up to tackle the post game. Doing so however, will require that you land a critical skill like Lightning Thrust or Executioner, because they have 20 HP. Anything outside of these skills, or Indeed those belonging to Morrie’s Club skills, will be worthless here. You need only land one critical strike and the battle victory is yours to enjoy, tasty experience points in tow.

In terms of location, the Metal King Slime can be found in quite a few, including inaccessible areas that must be landed upon in the late game. However, our favourite location is within the Dragon Graveyard dungeon, where you’ll find them bouncing around, ready and willing to join you in battle. You’ll almost always have to fight a non-slime target in the battle, and you can technically encounter more per battle in other locations, however those housed here will give you a nice boost as you approach the final quarter of the game. Only those truly obsessed with levelling and taking on the full post game should approach the Untrodden Groves… Yes we went there, and yes it’s glorious. 

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