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The 5 Best Healing Persona | Persona 5 Royal

Health restoration is an inescapable element of the RPG genre, Persona games included. No matter your preparation, evasiveness or personal skill levels, your party members will inevitably lose health, and thus the requirement for a healer comes to light. Unlike the SMT games that spawned it, the Persona series always gives you a ‘canon’ healer party member; Morgana in P5 for example, or Yukari in Persona 3, and these are often capable of covering your healing requirements entirely on their own. These very same games often give you the option to customise your party as you see fit however, and doing so will likely require that you cover the healing requirements on your main character, or Joker in the case of Persona 5 Royal. That being said, what are the best healing Persona options in P5R?

Persona #5: High Pixie

Healing Persona High Pixie, Persona 5 Royal

First up on our healing list, and indeed making yet another appearance in this series of articles, is High Pixie. This most unassuming of Persona is one of our absolute favourites in Persona 5, Royal or otherwise, and it comes down to one thing: Timing. You’ll be able to get your hands on this Persona during the mid to late portions of the second palace, and whilst that does not immediately seem significant, it’s also the point at which you become able to customise your party. At this point in the game most players are likely to switch out a damage based party member to accommodate your new recruit, but what if you could ditch the primarily healing and wind based Morgana and keep all of your higher damage options instead?

High Pixie enables this by essentially being a carbon copy of Morgana, or at least their most important parts. It comes immediately equipped with Media, the first group heal available, and at level 19 it learns the medium single target heal Diarama. This is where the healing elements end, but it’s also worth noting that High Pixie either comes with or learns botht he single target and group versions of the weak Wind spells. Literally a Morgana replacement for this portion of the game, and one that we encourage to grab to allow your full damage team to shine.

Healing Highlights

  • Comes with Media, the weak group heal.
  • Learns Diarama at level 19, to medium single target heal.
  • Access to both single target and group Wind spells (applicable when replacing a certain feline party member).
  • Good stat spread – high magic and high agility means that heals will hit quickly and for good amounts.


Persona #4: Isis

Healing Persona Isis, Persona 5 Royal

Before going into detail with our next choice, the choosing of which may initially confuse some players, we should note that using High Pixie to fuse Isis should be considered a priority from a healing perspective. This particular level range, that being the high level 20 to low level 30 section, isn’t exactly filled with great healing Persona options. It is however a level range during which some long dungeon crawling sections without a Safe Room can be found, so it pays to be prepared with a Persona such as Isis.

The main reason for this preparation is it’s Trait, Savior Bloodline, which reduces the cost of Recovery skills by 50%. By itself and in this particular region of the game, such a thing is invaluable, and it’s yet another reason why you should ensure you pass some great healing skills over to Isis wherever possible. In terms of learned skills, this Persona does come with Diarama, which is the medium single target healing spell, but this is the only healing spell that it naturally learns, so make sure you pass on a Media spell or such from another source. The ability to spam a group heal for half of it’s usual cost is tremendously valuable during this portion of the game.

Healing Highlights

  • Has the Savior Bloodline trait, which reduces the cost of Recovery skills by 50%.
  • Comes with the Diarama skill, which is a medium single target heal.
  • Fuse this Persona using High Pixie and Koropokkuru to pass on Media.

Persona #3: Kushinada

Healing Persona Kushinada, Persona 5 Royal

The mid game portion of Persona 5 Royal, from which we consider Kushinada to originate, is actually quite barren when it comes to healing options. There are of course reasons for this; party members have considerable options around this time, which often allows for it to be covered without a specific Persona need. Without spoiling anything, Queen would be the best example of this since she can cover group healing requirements alone. Still, should you wish to build one for Joker, sticking with those of a particular type is likely the best option.

The particular type that we’re referencing here is those that come with the aforementioned Savior Bloodline trait, which Kushinada again comes with, allowing you to extend your SP usage to the max. It also comes with Mediarama, the medium group heal, and learns the fantastic Amrita Shower at level 47, which removes almost all status ailments from the entire party. At this point in the game opponents will be slinging more and more ailments your way, so having this on Joker is a great option right now.

Healing Highlights

  • Retains the Savior Bloodline trait, reducing recovery skill costs by 50%.
  • Comes with the medium group heal Mediarama.
  • Learns Amrita Shower at level 47, which removes the vast majority of status ailments.
  • Ideal Persona to push some mid game recovery skill cards onto.
  • High Agility and Magic are ideal stats for a healing Persona.


Persona #2: Lakshmi

Healing Persona Lakshmi, Persona 5 Royal

You’ll likely immediately note the very specific way that we have built Lakshmi, our late game healing Persona recommendation – all shall become clear. Contrary to the mid game section of our list, the late game is actually chocked full of healing options, either through party members or fused Persona options. It’s certainly a critical portion of the game and it’s entirely possible to coast through it using those party members to keep your team alive, but we’d like to offer an alternative option: Try Lakshmi for a little while, you won’t regret it.

Key among the benefits here is actually something non-healing related: The Wealth of Lotus trait, which extends buff duration by 2 extra turns. This thing is absolutely incredible and it’s a skill which you’ll not want to go without in the late game. This is not directly a healing skill of course, so it’s worth noting that Lakshmi has access to both the single target and group full heals, Diarahan and Mediarahan, and it also learns the Amrita Shower skill at level 72. All of this amounts to an incredible buffing Persona that is able to cure and fully heal your entire team whenever required!

Healing Highlights

  • Has the Wealth of Lotus trait, which extends any buffs cast by 2 additional rounds!
  • Access to both Diarahan and Mediarahan, the single and group target full heals.
  • Learns Amrita Shower at level 72, which cures almost all status ailments from the party.
  • Even learns Life Aid at level 74, which restores 8% of HP and SP after a battle victory!

Persona #1: Ishtar

Healing Persona Ishtar, Persona 5 Royal

Have you taken the time to max out the Lovers arcana? Then you have access to the absolute pinnacle of pure healing Persona available in P5R: Ishtar. It’s worth noting at this point that we really would not remove our previous option, Lakshmi, from your list – that Trait is tremendously valuable and you would do well to keep your hands on this for as long as possible. That being said, if you want to get the most healing possible for the least cost, Ishtar is by far the best option in Persona 5 Royal.

First up, Ishtar comes with the Grace of Mother trait, which reduces the cost of Recovery skills by a whopping 75%. This is further exemplified by it’s learning of the Spell Master passive at level 89, which halves the SP cost for magic skills, which does stack with other SP reduction skills. What results is a Persona that is capable of casting the most expensive restoration skills for tiny amounts of SP. Speaking of which, Ishtar has access to the group full heal Mediarahan, the full health revive Samarecarm and eventually learns Salvation at level 90, which fully heals the entire party whilst simultaneously removing all ailments! Were this not enough, Ishtar also learns the Insta-Heal passive at level 87, which ensures that Joker recovers from any ailment in just 1 round!

Healing Highlights

  • Has the Grace of Mother trait, which reduces recovery skill costs by 75%.
  • Learns Spell Master at level 89, which reduces spell costs by 50%.
  • Access to Mediarahan, the group full heal.
  • Has the Samarecarm spell, which revives and fully heals a member.
  • Learns Salvation at level 90, which both fully heals and cures the entire team of any ailments.
  • Even has the Insta-Heal passive, which makes any Joker ailment be automatically healed in 1 round!


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