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The 5 Best Wind Persona | Persona 5 Royal

The Technical overhaul in Persona 5 Royal has increased the prevalence of all elemental attacks, Wind included. Previously you could only get yourself a Technical by using a Wind element spell on an enemy afflicted with the Burn status, but thanks to the addition of the Technical Book – ‘Knowing the Heart’, purchased from Jinbocho – this particular element can also activate them on confused enemies. That being the case it’s now a more worthwhile element, and depending on your party choice you might be looking to get your hands on some Wind Persona as you progress, so let’s have a look at 5 of the best you’ll find throughout P5R shall we?

Persona #5: High Pixie

Persona 5 Royal, Wind Persona, High Pixie

Similar to some of the other elements in our articles, aside from Ice that is, our first recommendation for Wind comes at a bit of a higher level. Again, this is mainly because you’re likely to have a Wind user in your party until this point, in the form of Morgana. Once you reach the second palace you’ll be given the ability to switch your party around, and doing so may find you left wanting for certain elements.

High Pixie then, is almost perfectly designed to take the spot from your feline friend. Not only does this Persona come with the basic wind spell, Garu, but it also has the group heal Media, allowing Joker to perfectly occupy the gap left by Morgana. This persona in particular will also learn Magaru at level 22, which is a group targeting Wind spell, and it comes with the Skilful Combo trait, meaning you’ll deal more damage after a baton pass!

Wind Highlights

  • Comes with the basic Wind spell, Garu.
  • Will learn the group Wind attack, Magaru, at level 22.
  • Also comes with both group and single target heals, the latter of which is an upgraded Dia, Diarama!
  • Skilful Combo trait makes you deal more damage after a baton pass.
  • Even has a very high Magic stat, bonus!
  • Kind of puts Morgana to shame for this point in the game…


Persona #4: Fuu-Ki

Persona 5 Royal, Wind Persona, Fuu-Ki

Phew, how do you top that first choice? Well, we were never going to find something quite that perfect, but we have found the next step of natural progression for the Wind element: Fuu-Ki. It might look like it’s more interested in physically slicing some chunks out of you, but in reality it’s actually a talented spell caster with more balanced statistics.

The benefits of this persona are much more cut and dry. It comes with the medium single target Wind spell, Garula, which pairs well with it’s Intense Focus trait that increases single target magic damage by 20%. Once level 25 rolls around, it will also learn Wind Boost, which increases Wind damage by 25%, and at level 26 it will learn the group version of it’s initial spell, Magarula!

Wind Highlights

  • Has access to both single target at group versions of the medium Wind spells, Garula and Magarula.
  • Learns Wind Boost at level 25, increasing Wind damage by 25%.
  • Intense Focus trait will increase single target spell damage by 20%.

Persona #3: Jatayu

Persona 5 Royal, Wind Persona, Jatayu

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have gotten quite a lot of mileage out of Fuu-Ki, mainly because of those two damage boosting passives. This, combined with some limited Morgana usage, will likely keep you going for quite a while. That being said, the next Wind Persona that stood out for us was Jatayu. You’ll have to wait all the way until level 51 for this one, but it’s worth the wait.

First up, Jatayu comes with the heavy single target Wind spell, Garudyne. Next, it will access Wind Amp at level 54, increasing Wind damage by a massive 50%, and the group heavy Wind attack Maragudyne at level 55. Capping this all off is it’s trait, Wind Bloodline, which reduces the cost of Wind spells by 50%!

Wind Highlights

  • Access to both single target and group Wind spells, Garudyne and Maragudyne.
  • Learns Wind Amp at level 54, increasing Wind damage by 50%.
  • Comes with the Wind Bloodline trait, decreasing the cost of Wind spells by 50%.
  • Bonus: Learns Auto-Sukukaja at level 57, and comes with a great Magic and Agility stat!


Persona #2: Quetzalcoatl

Persona 5 Royal, Wind Persona, Quetzalcoatl

Full disclosure, at no point during the writing of this article did my brain manage to store the fact that there is an extra ‘L’ in the middle of this Persona’s name.

Next up on our list is Quetzalcoatl. This is probably the weakest point on our list, and not just because spelling it’s name multiple times is a nightmare. Essentially this is just a statistical upgrade to Jatayu. We’re not sure if this is a slight on our current choice or a compliment to our last, but either way it’s the next step in Wind progression around the level 60 to 70 mark.

Much like the previous entry, it has access to the heavy Wind spells, Garudyne and Maragudyne. Similarly, it will learn Wind Amp at level 71, increasing Wind damage by 50%, and it comes with the same Wind Bloodline trait to reduce SP costs by half. This essentially makes Quetzalcoatl just a direct statistical upgrade to Jatayu, nothing more nothing less.

Wind Highlights

  • Has access to the heavy Wind spells, Garudyne and Maragudyne.
  • Learns Wind Amp at level 71, increasing Wind damage by 50%.
  • Has the Wind Bloodline trait, reducing SP costs by 50%.
  • Inexplicably has the medium group Wind attack Magarula.
  • KEY ITEM: If you use the electric chair on this Persona, during a fusion alarm, you will get Panta Rhei, which is the severe single target Wind spell. This is key for our next choice…

Persona #1: Vishnu

Persona 5 Royal, Wind Persona, Vishnu

Alright, we have to talk about late game Wind Persona, because the situation is kind of broken.

Most elements come with a canon, go-to end game Persona that epitomises the element itself – Electric has Odin for example, which comes with everything you could possibly need from that particular element. Wind however, does not. It actually has three very good Wind Persona, of which neither covers all bases, so we’ll cover it here as best as possible:

  • Baal: Comes with both severe Wind Spells, but no passive damage amps.
  • Hastur: Has the amp, but no single target severe Wind spell or trait.
  • Vishnu: Only has the severe group Wind spell, plus the amp and trait.

Hence our previous tip to put Quetzalcoal in the electric chair during a fusion alarm. Once done, you can give Vishnu the requisite Panta Rhei, and along with Vacuum Wave it will have everything you could possibly need. It even comes with the Vahana’s Wings trait, which reduces Wind costs by 75%, and Concentrate to increase spell damage even more!

Wind Highlights

  • Learns Vacuum Wave at level 85, the severe group Wind spell.
  • Learns Wind Amp at level 88, increasing Wind damage by 50%.
  • Learns Concentrate at level 86.
  • Has the Vahana’s Wings trait, reducing Wind costs by 75%.
  • By sacrificing our previous choice, Quetzalcoatl, you can teach it Panta Rhei, the severe single target Wind spell, completing it’s Wind repertoire… Because the game didn’t.


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