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Zanado Treasure Fruit Guide | Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The elusive Zanado Treasure Fruit is one of the most rare and special cooking items in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As part of the side activities within the game, the player can choose to cook up some recipes with an associate, during which your relationship with the student will grow. Various meals can be made and subsequently shared, temporarily increasing your team’s statistics. Of these meals, those that require the Zanado Treasure Fruit are considered the best, a highlight of which is ‘The Best of Fodlan’, which increases all stats by +1 for the whole month! Unfortunately, cultivating the Zanado Treasure Fruit – one of the three ingredients required for this recipe – is easier said than done thanks to the RNG inherent in cultivation. The following is the best method that we have found for getting this most sought after ingredient.

UPDATE: For those that really want to dig into the complex numbers behind Gardening in Three Houses, Geoff Horn has written an excellent FAQ that goes into great detail around the subject. Click here to head over there and check out his work!

Fire Emblem Three Houses, Cultivating Zanado Treasure Fruit
Our Cultivation method to get the Zanado Treasure Fruits.

How to get the Zanado Treasure Fruit

The best way to get the Zanado Treasure Fruit, in our experience, is to take the following steps:

  • Plant at least one Boa-Fruit Seed, two is best.
  • Plant at least one Mixed Herb Seed, two if possible.
  • Plant at least one Purple Flower Seed.
  • Add two additional seeds if you have the available slots.
  • Pick a cultivation method that gets you to a yield of 3. We found the ‘Spread Pegasus Blessings’ cultivation option was best.
  • Come back next week to check on your harvest. This, like most methods, is RNG dependant however if it does work, this method is likely to yield you more Zanado Treasure Fruit than others (pictured below).

Your success in cultivating Zanado Treasure Fruit is likely to vary significantly thanks to the inherent RNG of this process, however the above method has given us the most success in finding this most elusive of fruits. If you follow this guide and cross all of your fingers, you might just get a yield like we did, pictured below.

Zanado Treasure Fruit, Fire Emblem Three Houses
We’ve yet to find a better yield of Zanado Treasure Fruit pictured by anyone else!


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