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The 3 Best Early Hammers | Monster Hunter World

You’ll struggle to find a Monster Hunter World weapon more focused than the Hammer. It’s sole purpose is to bludgeon the head of it’s target over and over again until it finally yields to the knock out, at which point the weapon, erm, continues to bludgeon the head? This may sound simple, but given the huge amount of monster variation in these games it’s never quite as easy at it sounds, especially whilst you’re a young hunter still learning their craft. That being the case, the following three early Hammers might just make your head-hunting life a little easier.

Hammer #3: Kulu Beak

Kulu Beak, Monster Hunter World

So here you are, fresh faced into the world of Monster Hunter, searching for some blunt meaning in a sea full of sharpness, but which of the bludgeoning tools deserves your attention? Well, first up we’d like to recommend the Kulu Beak, the Hammer that is much more impressive than it’s weapon model might suggest. We too were hoping for something closer to the Kut-Ku model from games gone by, but we were given a bone hammer with some red cloth on it…

Anyway, the Hammer itself is actually a very good starting point on your journey. The raw damage is fairly good and the sharpness can be worked with, but the main benefit is the 15% affinity that accompanies said damage, after all who doesn’t like to crit with huge head shots? It’s also one of the Hammer models that has a huge amount of upgrade options as you progress into the late game, so when you realise that it’s eclipsed by our number one choice, you’ll at least have a reason to keep it around.

Early Features

  • Fairly good starting raw damage.
  • 15% affinity is a nice bonus.
  • Fantastic upgrade options in the late game.


Hammer #2: Bone Spike

Bone Spike, Monster Hunter World

Perhaps you’re looking for ways to increase your head shot damage? Of course you are, but you’ve optimised your early armour as much as possible, you ensure that you’re taking every consumable under the sun and you’re slowly getting used to head shot positioning, what else is left? Enter the Bone Spike, otherwise known as the Sleep Hammer. For those of you that don’t know, a sleeping monster takes double damage from the attack that wakes it up… Like perhaps a charged up Hammer to the head?

You get the idea. Happily this weapon has a fair bit more going for it than just the sleep. The raw damage is very good, much better than our first option, and you’ll come up against Radobaan very early in the game, meaning you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on this one. Sharpness is this weapon’s weak spot, but don’t let that stop you – grab it, sleep them, profit. It even comes with a little bonus defence attached, nice!

Early Features

  • Sleep status is a great addition, allowing for huge wake up head shot damage.
  • Raw damage is good on this model.
  • Sharpness isn’t the best, but it’s workable.
  • Small addition of defence is a nice addition.


Hammer #1: Defender Warhammer

Defender Warhammer, Monster Hunter World

As per usual, we need to preface this recommendation by saying that we’re not huge fans of the ‘Defender’ series of weapons. In short, we feel like they’re too powerful for the early sections of Monster Hunter World, and as such we’re only recommending key weapons that still require you to learn regardless of their power, of which one is the Hammer.

We’ll detail the hammer itself first: It’s stupidly powerful. The raw damage on this thing, for the point at which it can be used, is massively high. There are no bells and whistles, no additional affinity or status, not even a hugely impressive weapon model, it’s just has massive raw damage and a huge gob of Blast. It will outperform any other Hammer you can find in Low or High rank, though it is designed to fall away once Iceborne is reached.

We are choosing to recommend this particular Defender weapon for one main reason: No amount of fantastic weapons will make you good at the Hammer. You can equip the biggest, most shiny weapon possible, but you’re still required to stand in front of dangerous opponents to get those head shots.

Early Features

  • Massive raw damage.
  • Comes with a huge chunk of Blast damage.
  • Will outperform nearly every other Hammer in Low and High Rank.
  • Designed to fall off in Iceborne.

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