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5 Powerful Late Game Persona | Persona 5 Royal

By the time you reach the late game in Persona 5 Royal you’ll be flooded with Persona choices. Almost the entire repertoire of your compendium will be revealed, spoiling you for choice in the process, and Joker’s inventory will be bigger than ever, ready to be filled with the latest and greatest. In our Mid Game article we noted that physical attacks were king, but does this continue to bet he case as you reach the later portions?

For reference, the Late Game portion we’re concerned with here stretches between Palace 5 and 6. Keep your eyes peeled for our End Game version, where we’ll talk about Palace 7 and 8, but for the moment we’re looking at the next steps in your journey, between level 40 and 60. Following are our recommendations for this portion of the game, along with a few tips about how to fuse them going forward!

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Persona #5: Queen Mab

Persona 5 Royal, Queen Mab Persona

By fusing the final recommendation from our previous article – Power – with Kurama Tengu, you’ll net yourself the Queen Mab Persona. As you can see, this is heavily weighted towards being a magic based Persona, and it has both the skills and the statistics to back it up. Not only will you get access to Burn Boost and Agidyne, which are a great combination together, but you’ll also eventually gain access to Concentrate, a skill that multiplies your next magic damage spell by 2.5! You can see now why we’ve loaded it up with our most powerful and useful spells then. The Persona already having both Mazionga and Matarunda are just a great bonus, albeit with a poor trait.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with the level 10 rare Persona, Regent, to get one of our next choices, Rangda.
  • Fuse with Tam Lin to get our next choice, Valkyrie.


Persona #4: Valkyrie

Persona 5 Royal, Valkyrie Persona

If you’ve followed our Persona Fusion tips here, or even if you haven’t, the next Persona you should really get your hands on is Valkyrie. This is the ideal replacement for the Power Persona, taking it’s spot on your team as the physical attacker of choice for Joker. It comes with a truly fantastic assortment of physical skills, the highlight of which has to be Deathbound, an AOE physical attack that hits the entire enemy team up to two times that it learns at level 46. Combine this with the Attack Master skill, which causes Joker to come automatically buffed with Tarukaja, and Matarukaja to buff your whole team, and you have the perfect late game physical Persona – as you can see, we kept ours for quite a while.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with Mithra to get our final late game Persona choice, Cerberus.
  • Fuse with Girimehkala to get our next choice, Rangda.

Persona #3: Rangda

Persona 5 Royal, Rangda Persona

Next up in our list is Rangda, our favourite ‘all rounder’ for the mid game. This Persona comes with a few nice features out of the box, chief among which are it’s defences, which as you can see denote that it repels both physical and gun attacks, which is useful for certain sub and boss encounters. On top of this, you also get a Persona with well rounded stats and a good amount of Agility to ensure Joker acts quickly, and it comes with nice spells such as Eigaon, Swift Strike, Bloodbath and Matarunda, ensuring that you can adapt to any situation pretty well.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with Mithra to make our final choice, the Cerberus Persona.
  • Fuse with a Garuda to make our next and all time favourite Persona choice, Skadi.


Persona #2: Skadi

Persona 5 Royal, Skadi Persona

We’ll be honest with you from the outset here, Skadi is our absolute favourite Persona in all of P5R. It’s such a fantastically well rounded choice, having as it does zero defensive weaknesses. We would like to note something first however, which is how you should go about fusing this one:

Fuse a Sarasvati with the rare Persona Orlov, to make a Skadi. Doing so will give you a huge choice of AOE magic spells, all of which will be boosted by Skadi’s excellent magic statistic.

Whether you choose to follow this tip or just grab one in any way possible, what you’re getting is an incredible magic specialist Persona that doesn’t have a weakness. It also comes with the deadly combination of Evil Smile (Fear all enemies) and Ghastly Wail (Kill all enemies currently suffering from Fear) and Fear Boost! On top of this it comes with some great Ice and Curse spells, so do what you can to load it up with anything else you like – we opted for Thunder and a buff spell – and you’ll have an incredible Persona that will keep you going all the way to the end game.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse it with a Horus to get our last choice, the Cerberus Persona.
  • Fuse it with a Barong to get the fan favourite and ever useful Titania Persona.
  • Fuse it with our final choice – Cerberus – to get the powerful Bishamonten Persona.

Persona #1: Cerberus

Persona 5 Royal, Cerberus Persona

Our final choice for the late game is a balanced Persona that will take you into the late game. Cerberus is an all round powerful choice that covers a great deal of requirements as you move into the final quarter of the game. We’ve already noted the power of Fire spells in the late game, and this thing comes well equipped to take advantage, learning as it does both Agidyne and Maragidyne, whilst also coming with the Heated Bloodline trait, which halves their cost. On top of this, the inexplicable singular headed dog brings Rebellion – the superior critical skill – and even learns Enduring Soul at level 60, allowing you to survive a fatal blow whilst restoring all of your HP.

Megaton Raid and High Counter aren’t exactly highlights, but they’re nice to have. Like us you can choose to load it up with some other spells – Psy and Bless in our case – to ensure you’re covered as you move into the 7th and 8th Palace portions. Enjoy!

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with Lilith to get the powerful physical attacking Persona, Raphael.
  • Fuse with Lakshmi to get the Debilitate sporting magic Persona, Dionysus.

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