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5 Fantastic Early Game Persona | Persona 5 Royal

The early game of Persona 5 Royal is filled with new and unusual Persona choices. Once the intro is out of the way, you’re thrust into Kamoshida’s palace and expected to begin capturing Persona and fusing them into bigger and better beasts. Series veterans will relish this opportunity of course, but for the new player it can be tremendously confusing. Each Persona has their innate abilities, but what happens when they’re fused, and with so many to choose from, which ones should you keep?

It’s the latter question that we’re here to tackle today. We’ve put together the 5 best Persona that we found helped us the most in the early portions of P5R. For reference we’re talking about the period of time that covers both Kamoshida and Madarame, and their respective palaces. We’ll be doing a few follow up articles to cover the rest, but for the time being keep reading to see our five early game choices.

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Persona #5: Silky

Persona 5 Royal, Silky Persona

Silky is our first choice for an early Persona, and it’s the earliest that you’ll be able to get your hands on. She can be found in Kamoshida’s palace, very early in the starting floors, and it’ll make your life so much easier if you can grab one for yourself. Her Ice attack, Bufu, is a great element to have on Joker in the early period. As you climb your way through the first palace you’ll find quite a few enemies are weak to this element, specifically the tricky Berith enemies that occupy that portion between the castle and the tower. The additional spells she learns, such as the single target heal ‘Dia’, also come in handy.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse it with our next recommendation, Berith, to get Jack Frost, a powerful Ice spell Persona.
  • Fuse with a Jack-o’-Lantern to get Genbu, a good defensive Ice Persona.


Persona #4: Berith

Persona 5 Royal, Berith Persona

Speaking of Berith, here we have it. As an early game Persona, Berith has some great benefits. Not only is it very strong, which will make Joker hit harder with his base attack and physical abilities, but it also has a high Endurance stat, meaning Joker will be tougher to take down. It’s also quite fast too, meaning you won’t be left waiting for Joker to take his turn. The main benefit however is Tarukaja, an buff that increases the physical damage of your target, which is ideal for buffing Ryuji in early boss and sub boss fights.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse it with Silky to get Jack Frost, a powerful early Ice Persona.
  • Fuse with Mandrake to get our next choice, Slime.
  • Fuse with Incubus to get Hua Po, a powerful early Fire Persona.

Persona #3: Slime

Persona 5 Royal, Slime Persona

Well, if you thought Berith was a tank, check out this Persona. Slime is a early game favourite of ours, mainly because it turns Joker into an absolute tank. As you can see, it’s strong to every physical attacking option – including Gun attacks – and it’s Endurance stat is huge for the early game. Alone it’s abilities aren’t too incredible, but the Tarunda spell is very useful against early boss and sub boss enemies, since it reduces their attack power. This is particularly useful against Kamoshida, especially on higher difficulty levels.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with Genbu to get our next recommendation, the Nuclear wielding Shiisaa.
  • Fuse with a Hua Po to get our final choice, High Pixie.
  • Fuse with a Cait Sith, caught in Kamoshida’s Palace, to get Apsaras, a Persona with a group heal.


Persona #2: Shiisaa

Persona 5 Royal, Shiisaa Persona

One of our absolute favourite early Persona is Shiisaa. It’s obtainable in Madarame’s palace, though if you follow our advice above you can certainly fuse it earlier if you have a high enough level. The benefits here are rather obvious; it has balanced statistics, a great physical attacking option in Double Fangs and most importantly it’s the earliest way to get a Nuclear spell. We always make sure to grab one of these when we reach the second palace, and try to keep Frei for as long as possible, at least until you can reliably fuse Persona that use this particular spell type.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with Incubus to get the Matador, a powerful Psy and Gun spell Persona.
  • Fuse with a Cait Sith to get our last choice, High Pixie.
  • Fuse with a Slime to get the powerful and tanky Persona, Ippon-Datara.

Persona #1: High Pixie

Persona 5 Royal, High Pixie Persona

You may note, through our fusion choices we’ve managed to get both Bufu and Frei on our High Pixie. These are not present on the base version, but a little tinkering will get you there.

Our final early Persona choice is one that may be familiar to fans of the series, and indeed fans of Shin Megami Tensei in general: High Pixie. Not only can you load this one up with spells like we did to take advantage of that huge Magic statistic, but she also takes on a very key role: Morgana. Your party member options are likely to reach 5 by the time you get your hands on this, and you’ll be eager to try your new artist member alongside the other attacking options. To help assist this experimentation then, why not turn Joker into Morgana whenever you require? High Pixie comes with both healing and Wind options, rendering the cat a little superfluous and allowing you to run with three damage focused team mates.

Fusion Recommendations

  • Fuse with Jack-o’-Lantern to get Matador, a Psy and Gun Persona.
  • Fuse with a Slime to get Black Ooze, anther great tanky Persona.
  • Fuse with a Matador to get Oni, a very powerful physical Persona that has no innate weaknesses.

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