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5 Amazing End Game Persona | Persona 5 Royal

Traversing the End Game of Persona 5 Royal can be a tricky proposition. Two new dungeon routes require conquering, each coming with a new band of enemies, all of which are raring and ready to ruin your day. Being prepared is as crucial as ever then, and nothing is more important than your choice of Persona, after all what good is a stylish protagonist without the backing of strong allies? As you approach the End Game of P5R then, which we consider to be Palace 8 and 9, consider the following five as your final, and best, Persona choices.

It’s worth bearing in mind that something like Satanael is always going to be very powerful, so this article is more likely to include options that we think are realistic for you to get on a single play through, and that do not require a huge amount of effort to do so. Additionally, you may want to check our Early, Mid and Late game articles for some recommendations for earlier portions of P5R.

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Persona #5: Dionysus

Persona 5 Royal, Dionysus Persona

Our first End Game Persona recommendation is one that is ideally positioned to transition from Late: Dionysus. As you can see, this is a magic based Persona, so you’ll mainly be bringing this out when slinging spells with Joker. Well, we say ‘spells’, but it’s rather more singular than that, because Dionysus learns the frankly epic Debilitate spell at level 76, which is likely to be the main reason you choose to fuse him. Outside of this, Amrita Shower is a one-stop-shop for removing ailments, and it does come with some powerful thunder skills.

As you can see, we’ve chosen to load ours up with further elemental skills, with the aim of making this our go-to magic Persona, at least until something absolutely max level comes along a little further in. Oh, and the lack of a weakness on Joker’s defence is a nice bonus too.


Persona #4: Zaou-Gongen

Persona 5 Royal, Zaou-Gongen Persona

So… Can you guess what we use this Persona for? Yes that’s right, Zaou-Gongen is our go to Persona for Physical and Gun attacks, for now at least. These types attacks only seem to grow in stature as the game progresses, especially when you’re able to load yourself up with damage improving skills. Unusually, it learns Gun Amp at level 84 yet does not innately learn any Gun skills, so you’ll have to pass this on or add it via a skill card – as you can see we put One-shot Kill on there.

The real benefit however, comes from a combination of stats and skills. That high Agility will ensure Joker hits first, and the Strength will keep him hitting hard. It’s once these get paired with the powerful God’s Hand skill and the Undying Fury trait that things get really interesting, given that the latter increases physical damage by 30%. You’ll get some Fire skills that try to make an appearance, but we found more success replacing these and doubling down on physical options. Honestly, the only annoying thing about Zaou-Gongen is the requirement of maxing the Strength arcana to unlock him, but even that isn’t too difficult to achieve.

Persona #3: Cybele

Persona 5 Royal, Cybele Persona

No team is complete without a healing Persona in the hands of Joker, or at the very least in his back pocket should it be required, and they don’t come much better than Cybele. Once fully levelled, this Persona will learn pretty much everything a healer might want; Amrita Shower to remove ailments, Samarecarm to revive someone at full health, Mediarahan to fully heal your party and Salvation, which combines Amrita Shower and Mediarahan, should you require. It will come with the ability to absorb bless attacks and auto buff Matarukaja, but if you’re anything like us you’ll probably just want to load up some more useful magic abilities on there.

This being the end game, it’s another arcana you’ll have to max out before unlocking it, this time being the Priestess. Being a main party member this should be too hard, besides which it could be argued that this particular confidant is the best girl. Maybe.


Persona #2: Alice

Persona 5 Royal, Alice Persona

Perhaps our first recommendation – Dionysus – has reached the end of it’s useful life and you’re looking for something new to take up the magic, spell damage mantle? Or maybe you just want to throw teddy bears at your enemies and watch them fall over? Either way, we recommend you get yourself the Alice Persona, heaped as it is with a dollop of nostalgia for series veterans.

It’s not all funky looks and rose tinted spectacles however. Alice comes with some fantastic skills including the Die For Me! Skill, which is unique to Alice, that has a high chance to instantly killing all foes. Once fully levelled there’s unlikely to be a random battle that she cannot immediately end, helped even more so by Mudo Boost. She’ll learn Concentrate too, so we like to take advantage and load up on some powerful magic skills where possible. You’ll have to max out the Death arcana for this one, but given the huge benefits of improving your relationship with the resident punk nurse, we’re going assume you’re just fine with that.

Persona #1: Yoshitsune

Persona 5 Royal, Yoshitsune Persona

Speaking of nostalgia, our final recommendation comes with something that Persona fans will no doubt recognise: Hassou Tobi. Yes, the physical move to end all physical moves is back, and it’s just as good as it ever was. This ability will strike every enemy on the battlefield eight times. Yes you read that right, eight times. As you might imagine this does massive damage, especially if you combine it with Charge and a high Strength statistic, both of which Yoshitsune owns. Take a little time to remove the opponents defence too and you have the recipe for incredible damage numbers.

Once again you’ll have to max out an arcana to unlock it, this time the arcade dwelling Tower confidant. This in itself is quite useful, but it’s entirely worth doing so just to get your hands on this massively powerful Persona. Take your time to level it up, grind it to max level and max stats, then weep… For there are no more worlds to conquer.

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