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Picking the best weapon to solo with is crucial in Monster Hunter. The series is renowned for it’s multiplayer action of course, but we’d argue that the purest experience one can achieve with the series is to go it alone, 1 versus 1. Well, until the monsters themselves start ganging up on you, which calls into question the fairness of it all. Regardless, in Monster Hunter your weapon is your character. You can dress it up in layered armour and give it shiny trinkets, but your choice inevitably comes down to one of fourteen.

Perhaps you like a solo, attrition based system that favours defensive weapons like the Lance. Or maybe you like to stay at a distance and pepper your target from afar. Every taste is catered for in Monster Hunter, but what if you’re a fresh faced beginner, dazzled by the selections on offer? No doubt your friends are in Master Rank, already enjoying the sights and sounds of Iceborne, and you’ve been left to your own devices to catch up. Well today we’re here to give you a little helping hand in the form of our Top 5 Solo Weapons. Grab one of these, check out a few of the following steps and you’ll be slicing tails and breaking heads in no time.

Weapon #5: Long Sword

Long Sword, Monster Hunter World

The Long Sword is by far the most popular weapon in Monster Hunter, no matter the game. We suspect this is down to it’s immediately familiarity – it’s present in so many other titles, to the point where players almost know what they’re going to get: It’ll be stylish, fairly long ranged and it’ll do a good amount of damage. For the most part this is true of the Monster Hunter version, though like every choice it takes a great deal of time to master. After a period of familiarisation, and quite a few carts we might add, it does become a fantastic damage dealer, and a relatively safe option at that.

We recommend it here because it’s such a malleable weapon. It has the ability to pump out incredible damage, especially once it climbs up the colour gauge, and it does so whilst remaining very safe. The new abilities added in World see it become and fantastic defensive option too, with the ability to dodge almost anything your opponent can throw at you. It’s there really that the solo element comes alive – in a multiplayer game the monster’s attention will be split, but in a duel it will focus almost entirely on you, letting you line up those stylish, slicing counters.

Solo Highlights

  • Balanced aggressive and defensive abilities.
  • Counter ability is ideal for 1 on 1 encounters.
  • Easier to build the gauge when alone.
  • Huge damage capability alone.


Weapon #4: Charge Blade

Charge Blade, Monster Hunter World

A relatively new addition to the Monster Hunter armoury, the Charge Blade is resolutely not a beginner weapon. It’s a complex beast that features the ability to transform from a business-like sword and shield, to the berserker rage axe mode at the press of a button. It’s capable of dealing some frighteningly large chunks of damage thanks to the phial system, yet it’s also capable of completely nullifying incoming attacks with it’s guard points. This remarkable weapon was introduced in the fourth generation of the series, and thanks to some additions in World it continues to grow and evolve, all the while retaining it’s massive damage capabilities.

The reason it’s here, in fourth place on our list, is mainly due to the playing style it evokes. A true Charge Blade master wants the monster to be focusing on them at all times. This allows the player to hop around in Sword mode, line up those guard points and unleash devastating phial attacks. It’s not a bad weapon in Multiplayer, far from it, but it truly shines when taking on an opponent alone. Seeing a true Charge Blade expert taking down a monster alone is a sight to behold – a delicate dance punctuated by outrageous slams and knock outs.

Solo Highlights

  • Guard Points are ideally suited for solo play.
  • Lining up Phial attacks is easier when the monster is more predictable.
  • Diverse move set can adapt on the fly.

Weapon #3: Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive, Monster Hunter World

Yet another inductee in the fourth generation, the Insect Glaive is a tremendously unique weapon in the Monster Hunter portfolio. It features the ability to vault up into the air and descend upon the target, dealing damage whilst doing so and perhaps mounting the beast. Along with the Glaive aspect, which itself is capable of putting out some immense damage, the Kinsect is able to attack monster parts and return buffs to the hunter. All of this adds up to a very powerful weapon that’s capable of dealing incredible damage, and doing so from angles other weapons would be jealous of.

Thanks to the mounting aspect of the weapon, it’s widely appreciated in a Multiplayer environment – having an easier mount option alongside you is always a good thing after all – but when it comes to the hunter that is wielding the thing, well, they’re probably making concessions. See, there is a trend that is forming as we work our way down the list: Weapons that want the monster to be in the right position to do their job, of which the Insect Glaive is no different, shine in the solo environment. Not only can you reliably aim your vaults when the monster is predictably attacking you, but the Kinsect can be much more successful in grabbing those buffs too, making the weapon feel like it was built for the solo player. In our experience, it’s also one of the best tail cutting weapons available, thanks to those epic buffed up weapon combinations.

Solo Highlights

  • Vaults are much easier to aim alone.
  • Kinsect will also appreciate a monster that isn’t randomly moving at other hunters.
  • Alone is capable of tremendous damage.

Weapon #2: Hammer

Hammer, Monster Hunter World

Speaking of weapons that want the monster in a particular position… Next up we have the Hammer. It’s a wholeheartedly, unashamedly single minded weapon: You want to hit the monster in the head, followed by hitting it in the head again, then – wait for it – strike more blows on it’s head region. All of this is done with the goal of knocking the monster out, allowing you and indeed your teammates to wail on the downed monster. In theory the weapon is very simple, but it takes a great deal of practice and a great deal of failures to truly master the beast.

That goal of head pounding is also the reason why it’s an ideal weapon for solo play. When you’re hunting a monster with a group of four, that’s four different targets for the monster to attack, and most importantly face towards. As such, most multiplayer hunts as a Hammer user result in a whole lot of running around charging up your weapon, only to whiff that head by a hairs breadth, all because another hunter looked at it funny and it changed target. Now we’re not saying that a Hammer in a party is a bad idea, far from it, after all having a KO machine is great for downing hunts quickly. What we are saying is that going solo with the Hammer is a great idea – having that head exactly where you want it, when you want it, is literally as ideal as it gets for the weapon.

Solo Highlights

  • Much, much easier to position those head shots.
  • Timing charged attacks is much easier.
  • No really that’s it, the head is easier to target when the monster is just chasing you.


Weapon #1: Lance

Lance, Monster Hunter World

Finally we buck the trend a little when it comes to our number one choice, the Lance. It’s a Monster Hunter stalwart, having been there since the start of the series on the Playstation 2, and at first glance it personifies the most defensive of weapon options. Don’t be fooled however, the Lance is just as capable as the others at putting out damage, and it’s arguably the best way to apply status effects with a melee weapon, alongside the Sword ‘n’ Shield and Dual Blades. The damage output that comes from those prodding attacks should not be sniffed at, and it’s of course accompanied by unmatched levels of defence in the form of the shield, itself capable of blocking almost any attack in the game.

So why is it first in our list? We’ll level with you, it doesn’t really buck the trend too much: The Lance still wants the monster to be in and around itself, but more to the point it wants the monster to not be chasing others all over the place. The weapon does it’s best work when the target is directly on the point of it’s Lance, right in front, with only a massive shield separating the two. From there it can poke and prod, all in relative safety, and attrition the target into dust. Should you deign to take it into a Multiplayer game you’ll no doubt have some fun, but you’ll spend most of the hunt sheathing your weapon to chase after the monster, or trying your best to use the charge ability for the same reason.

Do yourself a favour: Take your Lance, take no friends and go hunt your favourite monster. It’s an absolute joy to Lance things on your own. It’s just you, the monster and a resolutely simple weapon. Even better, grab yourself your best Poison Lance and grind you way through any target you feel like. It’s made for flying solo this thing, so get out there and enjoy it.

Solo Highlights

  • No need to sheathe and chase monsters when you’re alone.
  • Great damage and status options can deal with anything.
  • Blocking and setting up opportunities is much easier alone.
  • Who doesn’t love being a solo, immovable, walking tank?

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