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In many ways, Agnes and her quest are the main story threads in Bravely Default. Much of the game is centred around her quest which itself focuses on crystals – little wonder this was described as a Final Fantasy game in everything but name then. Very early on Agnes finds her way into your party, and immediately positions herself as the ‘defensive caster’ archetype of your troop. She’s ideally suited to the healing role, and whilst she’s perfectly capable of performing in other Job types, you’re better off leaning into this particular direction.

Which Jobs should you choose for Agnes then? After all, Bravely Default has a huge amount of options that straddle multiple archetypes. We’ve come up with four options that we found best suits the polite, whiter-than-white one throughout the game. You probably won’t need too many guesses to determine our first choice here…

White Mage Job

White Mage, Bravely Default

Let’s face it, Agnes is the White Mage of the group. The game practically throws this information at you, and if we’re honest it feels like it suits her, like it’s thematically correct. Her stats, personality and even her demeanour all lend themselves to a helpful, healing spell caster, so why fight it?

Unless you’re happy to throw items around for the first third of the game, having a healer is essential. Agnes will keep you going through multiple dungeons, boss battles and all. Early on, she effectively takes the ‘healer bullet’, letting the rest of your team experiment whilst she sticks to what she knows. Once you gain access to newer Jobs – things like the Red Mage – you’ll be able to branch out, knowing that others are covering the healing. Until then however, we like to keep her as a White Mage – happily there are some fantastic skills to get your hands on as you level up.

Key Agnes Skills

  • White Magic Lv. 2 (Level 3)
  • Angelic Ward (Level 8)
  • Epic Group-Cast (Level 12)


Time Mage Job

Time Mage, Bravely Default

Save it, we know you were probably thinking, “yeah, we can’t keep her as a White Mage forever, it’ll get boring”, and you’d be right. This is where the Time Mage steps in for us. In previous (read: Other) Final Fantasy games, spells like Haste can either feel broken or unnecessary, and whilst we don’t feel it’s the former in Bravely Default, the Job is not without it’s benefits.

Chief among these is the addition of attacking spells from the off. These damaging spells give our supporting, defensive mage something to do when healing isn’t necessary. We’re not going to claim this is an incredibly powerful option, but it’s something that feels perfect for Agnes early on in the game. By rotating between this and the White Mage, she becomes the perfect blend of defence and attack. That level 13 skill is super nice to have too, if you can get there early on.

Key Agnes Skills

  • Time Magic Lv.2 (Level 4)
  • M. Attack 30% Up (Level 13)

Salve-Maker Job

Salve Maker, Bravely Default

By the time you reach the Salve-Maker Job, your Agnes has been resigned to healing and doing the occasional bit of small damage – we’ve been there, trust us. Those White Magic skills have been stuck to her ability sheet for what feels like most of the game, and we were desperate to get her something else to do. Enter the Salve-Maker.

It’s a Job that manages to accomplish the goal of healing, saving and generally supporting your team, just with less hassle and ability slots being taken up, which in turn allows that little bit more creativity. We like to grab the Salve-Maker, put a load of levels into something attacking, then combine the two. This has the potential to move Agnes on from a 10/10 healer and a 5/10 attacker, to something more akin to 8/10 in both. It’s a much needed escape for what is probably the most pigeon-holed character in your team, and it’s a choice that we like to stick with all the way to the late game with.

Key Agnes Skills

  • Experiment (Level 3)
  • Inoculate (Level 5)
  • Widen Area (Level 8)
  • Healing Lore (Level 9)


Performer Job

Performer, Bravely Default

Finally we come to the Performer Job – perhaps you were expecting something different, like the Spiritmaster perhaps? Well stick with us here, things aren’t quite that simple.

Throughout our character specific Job recommendations, we’ve been focusing on enhancing each character as much as possible, and this becomes especially important when you consider the Jobs that other characters are inhabiting in the late game. Pirate, Ninja, Ranger and such are all available along with some tremendously powerful weapons, and by the time the Performer comes along, there is a break point that has arrived: It’s now more efficient to buff your friends with Agnes, than it is to have her contribute damage herself.

That being the case, our Agnes fell into the role of both Healer and Buffer. When heals aren’t required, she’ll buff your damage dealers. When they are required, she has a super powerful arsenal of heals thanks to either Salve-Maker or White Mage. She’s the perfect ‘full support’ unit, and at least in our team, this is a role she occupied all the way to the games’ finale.

Key Agnes Skills

  • Love Power (Level 1)
  • One More for You (Level 3)
  • My Hero (Level 14)

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