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At times Persona Q2, and indeed the original Q, can feel like such an afterthought. Little wonder really, given that the game released for a console on it’s last legs, and that it seeks to blend the open ended exploration of the Etrian series with the prescribed, social experimentation of a Persona title. We’d argue that both games fail to live up to their forebears, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great games in their own right.

Still as complex as ever however, so we’re back again to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on Persona Q2! Don’t forget to ask anything you can think of in the comments at the end!

How Long is Persona Q2?

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It will take you approximately 50 – 60 hours to experience the story of Persona Q2. We would consider this rushing however, since there’s a huge amount of content to discover, side areas and fusions to be doing, all of which will add up to hundreds of hours of game time. The systems contained within Q2, and indeed any Persona or Etrian game, are deep enough to keep you going long after the respective stories end, and we’d encourage that you do so.

We’ve played through Q2 approximately 3 times, so take these with a pinch of three times salt, but the following are the times we’d expect different play through types to take:

  • Main Story Only: 50 to 60 hours.
  • Main Story, Full Exploration: 80 – 100 hours.
  • Full Completion, Full Exploration & Loot, Full Compendium: 120+ hours.

More information regarding play time, including others’ experiences, can be found HERE at Howlongtobeat.

What is Persona Q2?

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Persona Q2 is a spin off from the mainline Persona games, which sees the cast from three of the series main titles come together to explore and battle their way through labyrinths, traversed in the style of Etrian Odyssey. It’s essentially a first person dungeon crawler, wrapped up with the style and sheen of a Persona game. We’ve summarised the portions it takes from each game below:

Taken from Persona Games

  • Cast members from Persona 3, 4 and 5
  • Some locations
  • Most regular enemies
  • Both the fusion system and the majority of the Persona created
  • Loot, equipment and items are similar

Taken from Etrian Games

  • Map making & exploration
  • Battle system is similar to Etrian, but with some Persona mixed in
  • FOE system
  • Dungeon structure
  • Loot system (selling loot gains access to new items)


How Many Dungeons Are There In Persona Q2?

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There are 5 main dungeons in Persona Q2. Each of these take on the form of a popular film and are accessed through the titular cinema screen. These dungeons all have approximately 4 main floors, and often feature multiple sub boss and main boss fights.

It’s worth bearing in mind that whilst these numbers do not seem high, the structure of these floors, along with the side content available, means that you’ll be trekking through the dungeons for quite a while.

When Do Other Characters Enter Persona Q2?

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The game begins with the Persona 5 cast, which gets completed during the process of the first dungeon. In the second dungeon, the P4 cast become available, and P3 in the third. Unfortunately this means you may be waiting a while before you can form your ultimate Persona dream team. It’s worth the wait of course, but three dungeons is quite a big portion of the game.

There are a few wrinkles to this information. The female main character from P3 for example, joins during the first dungeon, but otherwise the remaining cast members will join when mentioned.

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