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Recommended Jobs for Edea | Bravely Default

Edea is the physical powerhouse of Bravely Default. Despite appearing to be an antagonist at first, she joins the party soon after and takes up the mantle of the groups muscle head, in more ways than one. She has a rather straightforward story arc, certainly compared to some of the other members, but she tends to hit on some more heartfelt moments as the game progresses. As you might imagine, her statistics lean away from magic and directly into the more physical jobs available.

It’s those Jobs we’re focusing on today. We’re going to pick out four Jobs that span the length of Bravely Default, from early to late game, and give you some reasons – and skills – that might convince you to give them a try. As usual the game can adapt to pretty much any choice, but these are some of our choices that we think make the most of Edea.


Bravely Default Knight Job

Despite the name and the connotations, the Knight doesn’t actually do a great deal of damage when you first unlock it. This does change a little once you grab the Two-Handed skill, but the Job itself tends to lack speed, so you’re unlikely to hit more than a few times. Defensively it’s fantastic and certainly your best option in that regard for a while.

All that said, we tend to make Edea into a Knight purely for the skills. The Two Handed, Shield Lore and Sword Lore skills are just too good to pass up, especially early on in the game. Swords tend to dominate the early game in terms of loot, so having someone able to use them to their fullest, even if they switch jobs, is a great benefit. Two Handed in particular tends to come in handy for the remaining jobs in this list, though we’d argue you might want to pick up Dual Wield from the Ninja job at some point too.

Useful Skills

  • Two-Handed (Level 2)
  • Shield Lore (Level 7)
  • Sword Lore (Level 9)


Bravely Default Valkyrie Job

The Valkyrie Job is one that we love. It’s such a fun, well rounded and almost ‘complete’ Job. Alone it’s capable of demolishing random battles, doing significant damage to bosses and well… It just looks cool as all hell. Sure, it might not stand up in the absolute end game of Bravely Default, but it’s certainly very useful en route.

The important skills, almost all of which are available after a few levels, can make mincemeat of random battles, and the jump skills will even come in handy in boss battles. If you bring your Two Handed skill over from the Knight Job, spamming Crescent Moon can completely remove random battles, especially if you transition a few other members into the Job for a short while. The next Job in our list is a little too good to pass up, but we’d certainly understand if you just kept Edea as a Valkyrie for a good portion of the game.

Useful Skills

  • Crescent Moon (Level 1)
  • Judgement (Level 4)



Bravely Default Pirate Job

On balance, the Pirate Job is probably our favourite available in the Bravely Default. Accuracy of axes be damned, we love the big, visceral, slamming attacks it features. There is certainly an argument to be had that our prior recommendation, the Valkyrie, is better at removing groups of enemies, but it really cannot be argue that the Pirate excels versus single targets.

This is mainly due to it’s debuffing ability. By using the selection of Pirate skills, your team can end up fighting a target that causes less damage whilst simultaneously taking more, making the Job ideal when opposing a single target. Combine this with some super high damage physical attacks, and you have a Job that’s huge fun to play with, and one that plays into Edea’s high physical statistics perfectly.

Useful Skills

  • Shell Split (Level 3)
  • Scale Strip (Level 4)
  • Defang (Level 10)
  • Skull Bash (Level 11)
  • Amped Strike (Level 14)

Dark Knight

Bravely Default Dark Knight Job

By the time you reach the end game of Bravely Default, you’ll notice that Jobs start to become quite experimental. They begin to interact with each other in strange and wonderful ways, and the Dark Knight is no different. It essential does more damage by either being low on health, or sacrificing it in order to do damage… Which achieves being low on health and doing more damage. Sounds strange, right?

It is strange, but tremendously powerful when used correctly. It’s entirely capable of removing random battles in one foul swoop, and doing huge damage to single targets, all whilst coming with fantastic stats and one of the best physical damage support skills available. By the time you get here your Edea will have a huge amount of options available to her, so whilst we’re not going to say that you should commit to the Dark Knight Job and stick to it, you should certainly play around with it a bit – you’ll be surprised just how much damage it can do.

Useful Skills

  • Dark Nebula (Level 11)
  • P. Attack Up 30% (Level 12)
  • Life or Death (Level 13)

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