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Recommended Jobs for Ringabel | Bravely Default

In Bravely Default, Ringabel is the outlying character, the odd one out. Where the other team members have well defined goals and concerns, he has a completely obfuscated past, seemingly existing solely for comic relief. We’d argue he’s closer to an early Final Fantasy character than the others, having seemingly fell into a world spanning crisis just because. That doesn’t mean we dislike him, far from it, if anything he’s our favourite, especially as the game progresses and his past becomes clear.

In battle, Ringabel seems to occupy two archetypes; high attacking magic and high speed. Both of these mean that he can turn his hand to a great many Jobs that the game has to offer. So much so in fact, that you’ll often be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing his role. Continue reading to find out those that we found the most success in using.

Black Mage Job

Black Mage Job, Bravely Default

This should be no surprise to regular readers, it’s our favourite Job in the entire game after all, and it’s ideally suited to our lad Ringabel. The Job is available super early, the vast majority of the skills are worth getting and it’s capable of putting out a huge amount of damage – what’s not to like?

Of course, thanks to Black Resonance it’s worth putting multiple members into this Job, if only to experiment with the damage boost it provides, though it doesn’t get too insane until you can compliment it with some buffs later on. Still, it’s a Job that we return to with Ringabel over and over again. Those detailed below may indicate that other options are available, but these tend to be either temporary distractions or tools with which to buff the Black Mage.

Ringabel Benefits

  • Ringabel is second only to Agnes for magical damage, ideally suited for the Black Mage.
  • Very high Dex means that Ringabel will often go first, and using group attacks can wipe encounters quickly.
  • Once Black Resonance is unlocked, the group damage possibilities are significant.

Key Job Skills

  • Damage Dispersion (Level 5)
  • Black Resonance (Level 8)
  • M. Attack 20% Up (Level 10)
  • Group-Cast All (Level 14)


Thief Job

Thief Job, Bravely Default

JRPG thieves tend to come in two, polar opposite varieties; either super useful boss, chest and environment unlocking class, or a complete non starter that serves little purpose. The Bravely Default version lands somewhere between – don’t expect a great deal of variety in using their skills, but there’s some good loot out there to be stolen, and a few nice skills to collect en route.

Ringabel excels in this Job due to his high speed, though if we’re honest it doesn’t make a great deal of difference in the end. We mainly push him into the Thief class as a bit of a break from flinging black magic at everything. The Black Mage is powerful sure, but even we can’t bring ourselves to sit on the same Job for over half of the game. Grab the Thief for a while – it’s a fun class, the skills can be useful and, should it matter to you, it works thematically with Ringabel too.

Ringabel Benefits

  • As a very fast character, Ringabel will deal more hits and as such damage as a Thief.
  • Being able to act before the enemies, and indeed your team mates, is useful for stealing items.
  • Speaking of which, stealing is a great way to get good equipment and items early.

Key Job Skills

  • Steal (Level 1)
  • Mug (Level 6)
  • Godspeed Strike (Level 9)
  • Master Thief (Level 10)

Arcanist Job

Arcanist Job, Bravely Default

We know what you’re thinking: You really want us to wait all the way until the Arcanist unlocks to give Ringabel a new Job? Well no of course not, but we’ve committed to recommended four per character… So there.

The Arcanist is a fantastic Job in it’s own right, replete with some fight turning skill combinations and powerful spells, but it also accomplishes one key thing: It buffs the hell out of Black Magic. Now, if only we had a character already skilled in those spells… Yes that’s right, Ringabel will be perfectly positioned to take advantage of all those buffs to BM spells, so it’d be foolish not to take advantage. Once unlocked, you’ll have in your hands some of the most damaging spells in Bravely Default. We’d recommend also taking some time to level up the Red Mage Job – once done, these three Jobs can combine in various ways to do truly incredible amounts of damage.

Ringabel Benefits

  • Another high magic job, ideal for the high int stat of Ringabel.
  • Great skills to combine with the earlier Black Mage Job.
  • Ideal late game magic class.

Key Job Skills

  • Black Magic Amp (Level 2)
  • Exterminate (Level 3)
  • Save BM MP (Level 6)
  • Convergence (Level 9)
  • Max Black Magic (Level 13)
  • Internment (Level 14)


Vampire Job

Vampire Job, Bravely Default

If you’re anything like us, having already gotten your hands on some truly ridiculous black magic damage, you’ll struggle to let go of it. What better Job to consider then, than something that’s just plain fun? The Vampire is the Blue Mage of Bravely Default. The Job is able to learn certain monster abilities, power them up, and use them against your enemies.

We’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t possess the ability to slam out huge numbers like the magic combo detailed above, but it’s a great deal of fun. Should you go for the true ending of BD, the last portion(s) of the game are incredibly tedious, so grabbing a novel and interesting Job such as this will help you push through.

Alright so nothing can really make those last chapters interesting, but every little helps.

Ringabel Benefits

  • Ideally suited for Ringabels stat spread, in general.
  • Powerful drain abilities available, suited to Ringabel.
  • Great choice for a late game job, alongside higher magic choices, in his portfolio.

Key Job Skills

  • Absorb P. Damage (Level 2)
  • Monster Ability Up (Level 7)
  • Battle Thirst (Level 8)

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