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Tiz Arrior is the main character in Bravely Default. Well alright, he’s the first one that you’ll have control over, though this soon changes and we’d argue the game focuses equally on the four heroes you eventually bring together. Tiz is a man with a complicated and often obfuscated past, the subject of which is often buried behind the myriad other situations his friends find themselves in. He’s also a character that is able to turn his hand to almost any Job the game has to offer, thanks to his well balanced statistics and high HP.

These Jobs are the focus of our article today, specifically those that we’d recommend you choose for Tiz. Whilst your experiences are surely likely to vary, after all Bravely Default is nothing if not adaptable, we’re going to detail four of our favourite jobs for Tiz. We’ve always used him in a supporting capacity, taking on the role of ‘Jack of all trades’ to help the others reach their peak performance.


Bravely Default Monk Job

We’ve already mentioned that our Tiz was used in a supporting role in multiple play throughs of Bravely Default, yet here we are choosing an aggressive, attacking role. Our reason for such is that well, you don’t really have too many options in the early game now do you? It becomes available at the same time as the White Mage, and there are better options for that job, of which we suspect you are aware – she’ll have her own article.

Of the jobs on offer at the time, taking the monk is by far the best option for Tiz. Despite him not being the strongest character you’ll recruit, his stats do lean that way somewhat, and you’ll immediately note that he’s capable of putting out some great damage, especially in the early game. There are some better supporting jobs that become available soon, but we tend to keep Tiz as a Monk for quite a while, mainly to grab the attack up skill noted below. With this in hand he can keep putting up some good numbers, even while he occupies jobs with weaker damage output.

Useful Skills

  • Inner Alchemy (Level 3)
  • P. Attack 10% Up (Level 9)


Bravely Default Merchant Job

Now here is a job that really fits the ‘supporting’ description. The Merchant focuses on the generation of funds, and includes novel ways with which to make use of them. There are myriad options that come along with the Job, but if we’re honest it’s all about getting more money from winning battles for us. We loved playing around with some of the novel elements, but generating funds was our end goal.

The job is not without it’s issues, chief among which is the lack of damage that you’ll put out, due in no small part to it’s poor weapon proficiency options – no matter the equip, you’re unlikely to hit big numbers. Happily this can be offset somewhat by our previous job option, by carrying the physical damage buff over as a supporting skill, allowing Tiz to somewhat keep up with his allies in damage. The Merchant isn’t a job that we tend to stick with though, mostly just dipping in and racing up to level 9 before moving on.

Useful Skills

  • More Money (Level 9)


Spell Fencer

Bravely Default Spell Fencer Job

Until now, we’ve focused on jobs that either provide a bit of physical damage, or operate in a purely supporting role. But what if you’re going up against a single target, and you need every single member to muck in with big damage? Look no further than the Spell Fencer, a job that we found to be ideal for Tiz.

The good thing about Tiz specifically is that his statistics don’t sway too far in one direction. He has the highest HP possible, and whilst he doesn’t excel in a single role, he can turn his hand to anything. We love making him a Spell Fencer and tend to keep him there for quite a while. He’ll be able to exploit enemy defences with different elements, and the job’s ability to retain MP means he’ll pretty much sustain himself. We tend to keep our ‘More Money’ skill from the Merchant, but aside from that we go all in on Spell Fencer skills for a good portion of the mid game.

Useful Skills

  • Auto-Aspir Blade (Level 5)
  • Sword Magic Amp (Level 11)

Red Mage

Bravely Default Red Mage Job

Finally we finish on the ultimate in supporting roles, and what we consider is the best role for Tiz, even in the end game. The Red Mage Job comes with a mix of Black and White magic, as is the tradition, and a whole host of tremendously useful supporting skills and passives. It’s able to interact with almost any other Job option, whilst simultaneously being able to stand alone as a great main.

Tiz is ideal for this role in our eyes. If you want hardcore healing or massive damage then look elsewhere, but if you want a supporting role that’s able to turn it’s hand to anything, the Red Mage is for you. We love using the Spell Fencer abilities alongside it when tackling bosses, and the Merchant passive where possible during random battles. It’s the ultimate assist machine that lines up perfectly with your three, ultra role focused allies. We push Tiz into this role and find that he becomes an essential part of our balanced party throughout the entirety of Bravely Default. Have fun out there!

Useful Skills

  • MP 20% Up (Level 2)
  • Save Magic MP (Level 8)
  • In The Red (Level 14)

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