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5 Great Job Combinations | Bravely Default

Combining every Job in Bravely Default requires knowledge of their 14 possible abilities, each of which influence either the field of battle, or aid your party in novel ways in the world outside. These abilities range from basic heals and damage in combat, earning more money from your victories or even helping you discover treasure whilst you explore. Not only this, but you can take certain abilities from each Job and have them be active whilst you inhabit another, making for some interesting combinations.

It’s these combinations we’re here to write about today. Navigating the minefield of abilities can be hard enough, never mind the huge amount of combinations possible, so we’re going to summarise five of our favourite combinations. Get in touch down below if you’ve found some yourself that you’d like to share!

Valkyrie & Spellfencer Jobs

Valkyrie Job, Bravely Default

Acquiring the Valkyrie in Bravely Default, you get your hands on the best physical AOE damage that the game has to offer. The Spear weapons are very powerful to start with, and the Job itself does more damage as the amount of opponents rise. Secondary to this is the Spell Fencer Job, which excels at exploiting an opponents elemental weakness with powered up physical attacks. Why not squish these two ideals together?

There are much more complicated combinations in Bravely Default, but this one is unashamedly simple: Combine the elemental power of Sword Magic, combined with the Crescent Strike attack. The result is a huge physical attack that hits the elemental weakness of choice. We’ve often seen the damage of Crescent Strike almost triple just as a result of this. You must bring Sword Magic as your secondary set of skills remember, and it’s a good idea to buff up your physical attack as much as possible with the rest of your slots too. It’s not the kind of combination that’s likely to make bosses fall, but if you’re set on grinding out the rest of those Job skills, look no further for a random battle beater.

Combination Skills

  • Crescent Moon (Valkyrie – Level 1)
  • Sword Magic (Spellfencer – Various)


Monk & Dark Knight Jobs

Monk Job, Bravely Default

Perhaps you’re looking for some super high single target damage after all that AOE spam? Of course you are, and you’ve come to the right place if you are. This is almost certainly a late game option, not only because of the Dark Knight Job, but because you’re going to want a HP total that’s as high as possible.

It’s also another simple one: Phoenix Flight, a powerful Monk ability, reduces your HP to 1 whilst doing huge single target damage. Follow this with Minus Strike from the Dark Knight Job, which damages a target for a number equal to the amount of HP you’re currently missing and well… Lots of damage. Of course, you can spend all four of your BP at once to complete three Minus Strikes following the original Phoenix Flight. At max level this essentially equates to nigh on 40,000 damage. Technically speaking you’ll want someone with the highest health to do this, so even though the damage isn’t contingent on any other combat statistic, Tiz makes for the best option due to his high health. There is of course the unfortunate consequence that you’ll end up with 1 HP at the end of the turn, but we have ways of dealing with this now don’t we?

Combination Skills

  • Phoenix Flight (Monk – Level 13)
  • Minus Strike (Dark Knight – Level 6)

Swordmaster & Pirate Jobs

Pirate Job, Bravely Default

Perhaps you’re looking for another way to inflict serious single target damage, a little earlier in your journey through the game? Well look no further than the ol’ Swordmaster & Pirate combo. Well, should we say the ‘yet another way to use Free Lunch’ combo.

Essentially what you’re looking for here is any MP-expensive spell or ability, with which to abuse the Free Lunch ability. The Pirate makes for the perfect partner in this regard, since their Amped Strike ability – which deals 4 times a regular attack in damage by the way – costs a huge amount of MP (279). Long story short, use Free Lunch, then Amped Strike three times in a row with all of your BP. You’ll deal three huge attacks worth of damage in quick succession, without any of those MP draining issues. Whats not to love? The only issue is having to level both Jobs up to the max to gain access.

Combination Skills

  • Free Lunch (Swordmaster – Level 14)
  • Amped Strike (Pirate – Level 14)

Knight & Ninja Jobs

Ninja Job, Bravely Default

So you’ve mastered doing a great deal of damage, but what about taking it? Or rather, what about not taking much of it at all? The Knight Job is naturally tilted in favour of a defensive mindset, and the Ninja Job has a mixture of the two, so why not combine them to make the ultimate aggro tank that takes next to no damage?

The Ninja, as it happens, is only really here for one ability: Kairai. It’s an ability that funnels aggro onto a single target of your choosing for the next round. Knowing this, we don’t want to waste this opportunity by having to commit a second character to receiving the aggro, so why not funnel it onto yourself? Perhaps with your other Job tailored to taking as little as possible? The Knight Job is ideally equipped to deal with this. By specialising in shields – even dual wielding them – and physical defence, you’ll be prepared to take hit after hit and keep on going. If anything, it becomes quite laughable just how little damage you take doing this, and it frees the rest of your team up to tear the enemy to shreds.

Combination Skills

  • Kairai (Ninja – Level 10)
  • Dual Shields (Knight – Level 11)
  • P. Defense 30% Up (Knight – Level 12)


Black Mage & Time Mage Jobs

Time Mage Job, Bravely Default

What good is all of this damage and tanking if you have nobody to lend support? Up steps the Time Mage which, along with a critical ability from the Black Mage spell book, can take care of all of your supportive needs alone!

Reraise, Quick and Stop are the main events from the Time Mage spell book, but in this case they’re made infinitely more useful with the addition of the Black Mage ability, Group-Cast All. Your whole party can finally benefit from some of the best buffs the game has to offer! The combination puts out some great magic damage on it’s own too!

Combination Skills

  • Group-Cast All (Black Mage – Level 14)
  • Loads of Time Magic!

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