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Choosing the best Class for each character in Tokyo Mirage Sessions can be a difficult proposition. Aside from a screen full of statistics and one line of description the game isn’t exactly helpful, and you’ll struggle to get a full picture without digging deeper into the abilities. Every choice seems to have a defensive and offensive option, but will that choice even make a great deal of difference? Are some of the class choices even worth it? It’s these class choices that we’re writing about today. We’ll give you our choice for each character along with a few reasons as to why. As a bonus, we’ve even power levelled every character up to 99, so you can see their maxed statistics!


Itsuki Class, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Best Class: Conqueror

Your choices for Itsuki are Great Lord and Conqueror. Your preference really depends on your play style with him. Great Lord is more suited to a supporting, spell casting style of play, whereas the Conqueror will lend a greater amount of physical damage to your battles, and give you a greater choice of abilities in that regard.

If we’re honest, both choices have some great skills and benefits – Great Lord does get Aether for example – but it comes down to your play style choices. We prefer our Itsuki to be hitting huge physical numbers rather than acting as a full support. The game throws buff and debuff items at you throughout, so we found it less necessary to have supporting cast members in general. It’s also worth noting that Itsuki won’t get access to some of the strongest spells until new game plus, putting Great Lord at a further disadvantage, at least in your first run.



Tsubasa Class, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Best Class: Falcon Knight

Tsubasa’s class choice is between Falcon Knight or Wyvern Knight. The former is a more dedicated healer option, whilst the latter will give her more attacking options. If we’re honest here, the dedicated healer of the game – a point it makes painfully clear a number of times – really doesn’t have a place doing a great deal of damage, something you’ll soon note if you compare her to others. Of course, some of her Wind spells will do well, but expecting anything more than this is a fruitless endeavour, even if you choose the Wyvern route.

If we’re honest here, our Tsubasa barely saw play time in the main battle team, leaving her to support with session links and nothing more. The game gives you all manner of healing item options and doesn’t restrict their use at all, rendering a dedicated healer rather moot. If you’d rather rely on a party member however, they don’t come any better than the Falcon Knight version of Tsubasa for heals, just be sure to give her plenty of party buffs to give her something to do between heals.


Touma Class, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Best Class: Paladin

For Touma, your choices are Paladin and Dark Knight. The Paladin route will push him towards big amounts of physical damage, whereas the Dark Knight has him lean towards magic. In short, Touma sucks at magic, so having him take part as a Dark Knight isn’t the best idea. There are some interesting abilities there, but sticking with Paladin will gain him access to Debilitate, the best debuff in the game. On top of this, he’ll do some great damage with his physical attacks, more so than the Dark Knight choice for sure.

If you mainly have him in a supporting, session role like us, you’ll still get plenty of mileage from him, and he’ll often be the most damaging element of your combination, assuming Kiria or Yashiro are in your main.



Kiria Class, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Best Class: Sorcerer

Kiria really only has one choice for her class: Sorcerer. Alright so she can also be a Sage, but you’ll be missing out massively if you choose to ignore the Sorcerer path. She’ll gain access to fantastic spells in both, but with this choice she’ll access some truly epic magical attacks, and her magic stat will peak even higher. The Almighty attacks she’ll gain access to are fantastic for removing entire swathes of enemies, and she’ll retain her excellent elemental adaptability.

We tend to have Kiria in the first team no matter what – it’s too hard to ignore that damage – but she’ll also perform well in a backup role. Again, the game does provide items for supporting buffs, so why push one of your best damage dealers into a supporting position? Lean into the spell caster role with Sorcerer, and watch her tear your enemies to pieces.


Eleonora Class, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Best Class: Sniper

Eleonora can choose between Sniper and Assassin for her class, and this is the first in our list that we’re less convinced with. As a Sniper she’ll perform as a physical glass cannon; good physical damage, access to status inflicting attacks but with barely any defence or HP. Alternatively, she can take up a supporting and more durable role, replete with buffs and the all powerful Debilitate debuff ability. Both of these are perfectly viable, and it tends to come down to play style choice with Eleonora herself.

As you might have gathered, we tend to like pushing for maximum damage possible, if only to remove the enemy quicker and negate the need for buffs or heals. That being the case we opt for the Sniper class – Eleonora will contribute some useful damage with her bow attacks, even in a session only role.



Mamori Class, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Best Class: General

Mamori can choose either General or Berserker for her class. She marks a major deviation from our previous damage based choices by being significantly better in her defensive role. As a General she’ll gain access to a great deal of defensive, party saving skills, a lot of which will come in very handy against certain bosses, most notably the last. For us, she became an ’emergency option’, in which we’d bring her in for particularly difficult boss fights on higher difficulties. Having her take hits in place of our more squishy members was quite literally a life saver in these situations.

As a Berserker she will technically have access to higher damage abilities, but nothing that stands out when compared to your other options, besides even as a General she’ll get plenty of axe abilities that do the job just fine.


Yashiro Class, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Best Class: Swordmaster

Swordmaster and Hero are the choices Yashiro has for his class, and in a break from the Fire Emblem norm, we opt not to take the Hero class. Where others may have some benefits that come from other class choices, Yashiro is almost always better off picking the Swordmaster option. As a character he excels at doing huge chunks of damage, and this option is just plain better than the other, even from a HP perspective, which is unusual.

A brief dalliance with Hero may seem like he’s doing well, but do yourself and switch your class over to Swordmaster and you’ll learn the meaning of true damage, especially in your main team. Oh, and just try to tell us that it doesn’t look cool as all hell, go on we’ll wait.

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