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Creating a character tier list in Underrated JRPG Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore made us realise something: This game actually has a very small selection of characters to choose from. Our Tier List then, focuses on the relative battle power of each of your character choices, but key to this is exactly where: In your main battle team. For us, some characters are very well suited to being in your main team – they deal the most damage and set the team up for long Session combinations. We’ll get into the details below, but bear in mind we’re not recommending you just take all of the ‘S’ Tier characters and only use them.

Tier List

Character Tier List, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

S Tier

  • Itsuki
  • Yashiro
  • Kiria

In our experience, these three tend to deal the absolute most damage, the majority of the time. There will always be situations where a certain weapon isn’t ideal, and we’re super aware that we’ve suggested essentially two sword users, but throughout their time in the team we found them putting up the best numbers, regardless of their class. Kiria is a no brainer. Her magic stat is absolutely huge, and it really shows in battle. She’s an out-and-out damage dealer, nothing more, nothing less. She was the one mainstay in our team that really didn’t shift at all. Itsuki too was always going to be here, and not only because he’s essentially forced upon your party no matter what – happily the lad has access to some of the best abilities, buffs and debuffs that the game has to offer.

Yashiro is the unusual option. We’re not going to argue that a different weapon type makes more sense regarding the exploiting of enemy weaknesses, but in our experience well… It really doesn’t matter all that much. This team of ours was able to hit upon at least once weakness almost 100% of the time, and Yashiro would always contribute huge chunks of damage no matter what. Your experience may vary of course, but in our games he just pipped Touma to the top slot, occasionally rotating the two if strictly necessary.

Tier Highlights

  • This tier features super powerful characters.
  • Each of them can deal huge amounts of damage.
  • Their skills remain useful from their join time, right up to the end game.
  • With a little work, this very team can complete the entirety of TMS #FE Encore with ease.


A Tier

A Tier Characters, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Touma
  • Mamori

Our A Tier essentially consists of units that rotate in and out of our main party, but not enough to be considered one of the ‘main’ starting team members. The two members here are both able to contribute in a big way, be it through damage numbers, buffs and debuffs or unique abilities.

Touma is your main way to do big damage with the spear weapon, and he’ll not be found wanting in this regard, assuming you can patch up his accuracy issues. It was a toss up between him and Yashiro for our last S Tier slot, but in the end Touma loses out because despite the weapon triangle being important, having the spear in our backup team didn’t really matter all that much. He does high damage and some great AOE damage, it’s just not that necessary to have his weapon type active at all times. Shame really. Mamori operates similarly to Touma, in that she’ll slot into the main active team from time to time, but her appearances are due to her defensive capabilities. Should you require it, she’s able to trivialise some of the games’ biggest and baddest enemies with her defensive skills.

Tier Highlights

  • Both Touma and Mamori are still powerful characters.
  • Their damage isn’t quite world beating, though Touma will deal great Lance based damage.
  • Mamori has some excellent buffs and defensive party options.
  • Just don’t quite reach the superstar heights of S Tier.


B Tier

All Characters, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Eleonora
  • Tsubasa

We should explain that the B Tier of units are in no way useless. No unit is really terrible in this game, rather these are those that see the least amount of use, or perform slightly worse than the others throughout. Should the mood take you, any unit can take their place in the squad and do just fine, these are simply the two that spent the least time in ours.

Eleonora is a strange one. Upon her recruitment you’re greeted by a new weapon type and as such, new possibilities. She’ll start new combinations, get involved with your sessions and generally brighten up the place at a key point in the story. Unfortunately she doesn’t bring a great deal of damage, a trend that continues until you reach the end game. Once there she can contribute more, and her status shots can be a godsend on higher difficulties, but it’s just not good enough for us that she’s so unspectacular for the vast majority of the game. Even at end game, we’d argue that the status and powerful bow attacks aren’t wholly necessary, all of which makes her ultimately quite forgettable from a combat perspective.

As the main dedicated healer in the game, Tsubasa has one singular problem that she’ll struggle to overcome: Items. The items in this game are just good enough to render her almost useless in the role of solo healer, which tends to make her a complete afterthought. She sat in our sub party for almost the entire game, contributing nothing more than a little physical damage or wind spells in the session line. There may be a way to rescue her from obscurity, but if there is we have yet to find it.

Tier Highlights

  • Unfortunately, these two fall off in usefulness as the game progresses.
  • It’s possible for Eleonora to deal great damage, but it’s not strictly necessary and requires a lot more work than others.
  • Tsubasa is primarily a healer, and items are so powerful in TMS #FE Encore that she’s rendered superfluous.
  • Using either of these can often make battles feel a bit more of a slog to get through.

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