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3 Great Multiplayer Weapons | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Jumping into a multiplayer hunt, at least in any modern Monster Hunter title, is an easy proposition. Head over to the Hub, pick your quest and either join others or wait for those to join you. Generally speaking, the whole procedure is rather weapon agnostic too, and you’ll likely see success regardless of your choice of arsenal, but that would make for a rather short and boring article now, wouldn’t it? So, the point of our scribblings here today is to detail those that simply ‘feel’ the best in a multiplayer environment, lending themselves to a situation in which four hunters are taking on a target, rather than one. You may agree with some or all of these choices, or indeed you may have a completely different set that you prefer, but the one thing we can all agree upon is that nobody wants to Lance with a group of Long Swords…

3. Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Since its inception in the fourth mainline entry, the prospect of mounting a monster has been an attractive one. The ability to disable your target for a not so insignificant period of time is priceless in games such as these, so it’s value has always been held in high regard. Said value however, is diminished here in MHGU, or rather it has diminished the value of the Insect Glaive specifically, since any weapon can now initiate a mount thanks to the inclusion of Aerial Style. So why do we value the Insect Glaive so highly here in MHGU, when others have infringed on it’s IP?

Well, it really comes down to the myriad benefits available to it. Not only does it have an easy way to mount, which then does not rely upon others joining in Aerial Style, but it also comes with the excellent Kinsect colour buffs, of which Orange is actually likely to be the best. See, often hunts will devolve into multiple players attacking the same weak spot, and it can be tremendously frustrating to constantly find yourself stumbling due to a rogue Long Sword slash or three. By simply keeping the Orange buff active, you can find yourself free of this particular issue, and when this is combined with the other buffs, the tremendous customisation options for Kinsects and even the ability to buff others with them, it all adds up to an excellent multiplayer weapon.

Multiplayer Benefits

  • The buffs provided by a full stack of kinsect buffs are incredibly valuable, especially the Orange buff, which allows you to ignore other hunter attacks, rendering you free of player induced flinches.
  • Still a reliable way to bring mounts to a multiplayer environment, without relying on others bringing Aerial Hunting Style.
  • Despite slight adjustments from MH4U, the weapon is still very powerful and it’s infinite combos can take advantage of downtime provided by teammates.
  • The Insect Glaive has an easy time keeping it’s buffs up when a monster is changing targets, since it allows easy access to body parts that provide certain colours.


2. Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

It’s rare that Capcom, and indeed the very specific team that exists within the developer, treats a weapon so well as they did here, with the Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter Generations & Ultimate. They did this by not only buffing some of the attack values, but also by introducing the various weapon oils that can be applied. By coating your current SnS with your choice of Oil types, you can gain access to additional Affinity, Mind’s Eye, Partbreaker and even KO & Exhaust damage on your attacks. You can even compound these effects through the usage of the Chaos Oil Art!

All of this allows the Sword and Shield to adapt to countless situations, which you’ll likely come up against frequently in the Hub. No matter the hunt, situation or target, your Oils will allow you to change things up, all whilst retaining the swift and adaptable toolkit that is the Sword n’ Board itself. Hell you can even gain more invulnerability by the usage of Round Slash, making you an even safer bet for taking down difficult opponents!

Multiplayer Benefits

  • The Oils that can be applied to your sword allow you to adapt to countless situations. The Chaos Oil Art compounds these benefits, making it a tremendously powerful weapon choice.
  • The Sword and Shield itself is very malleable, allowing you to nimbly hop in and out of dangerous situations, and even block when you’re stuck and out of options.
  • Round Slash allows for even more invulnerability, along with Absolute Evasion and Readiness, making it one of the safest weapons going.
  • Stamina Oil in particular can help you to KO monsters quicker, assisting others in your team potentially aiming for the same goal.


1. Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

So far then we have the Insect Glaive, which offers support via easy mounts and potentially shared buffs, and the Sword and Shield, which can assist with KO and Exhaust whilst potentially breaking monster parts quicker. So what does the Heavy Bowgun bring to the party? Nothing really. Well, aside from absolutely massive damage that is. What you, the prospective heavy gunner of the team, brings to the party is tremendously high amounts of damage. You could argue that this isn’t really as noticeable when compared to the other two, but we consider a hunt that ends minutes quicker than with other choices a pretty good trade off.

It achieves this huge damage through a variety of manners. Firstly and most obviously, if a monster is not focusing on a HBG hunter, they’re free to continuously shoot, something that is rarely available in solo play, which leads to massive damage. This is augmented by our second point, which is that judicious usage of Valor Style will allow you to keep this up, thanks to it’s siege mode benefits. Thirdly is the absolutely huge amount of equipment on offer in MHGU; having such a wide array of models available allows the HBG hunter to adapt, potentially unloading a huge amount of damage and status types, again thanks to the focus being mainly elsewhere. Alternatively, just get the Daora HBG with some Pierce ammo and focus on beating your best hunt times by a mile.

Multiplayer Benefits

  • Massive damage capabilities, thanks in no small part to Valor Style.
  • This incredible damage is amplified when a monster is not focused on the HBG user, which will be the case a lot of the time when 3 other hunters are present.
  • The huge assortment of weapon models benefits the HBG greatly, which has suffered from a dearth in prior titles.
  • Unlike the more mature aiming in modern Monster Hunter titles, the LBG and Bow can feel awkward to newer hunters. The HBG, and particularly it’s siege mode, are much more recognisable. 
  • There’s the small matter of Pierce ammo and certain models, along with the ‘gatling gun’ of Valor siege, allowing for ridiculous levels of DPS.

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