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Best Hunting Styles for Light Bowgun | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

The Light Bowgun is one of our favourite weapons in MHGU, as readers of our Weapon Tier List will know, though this was not always the case. Our route through Monster Hunter games was thus; MH3U, MH4U, MHGen, World and finally MHGU. That being the case, the four titles prior left us a little soured on the weapon. It either felt quick but weak, or quick but not quick enough depending on the game. It was always fun sure, but hunts tended to last a good 5 minutes longer than other weapons. Maybe we just didn’t ‘get it’, but this all changed with MHGU. Part of this is due to the Styles no doubt, though we’re more likely to attribute it to the sheer amount of equipment and customisation on offer here. Still, the Styles do make quite a big difference, and after playing around with all of them we’ve settled on two that we’d like to recommend to you today.

Guild Style

Guild Style LBG, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

It will be somewhat surprising then, after our previous journey with the weapon, that we’re recommending Guild Style first. Surely this is just like the previous games we listed off? Whilst that is unarguably true, the differences in the MHGU make all the difference; the huge and varied cast of monsters, the massive amount of weapon models on offer, increased FPS over both 3U, Gen and World (4U really was incredible wasn’t it?). It just feels better in MHGU, trust us it does. That being the case, it deserves to be experienced in it’s unfettered form. Guild Style is the LBG without the bells and whistles, in it’s raw form. Its just you, your choice of ammo and the target, and perhaps there has been some significant balance work done during the upgrade to ‘U, but our hunts now end in a similar time span as other weapon choices.

Breaking the fourth wall here a bit, we stopped the article and looked up motion values between MHGen and MHGU. Turns out that Bowgun damage in general was nerfed between games and if anything they’re slightly weaker in MHGU.

Huh. Maybe it just took us FIVE Monster Hunter games to finally ‘get’ the LBG.

Style Pros

  • The base weapon is well suited to the new monsters in ‘GU.
  • Great for getting a grounding in LBG, before moving to more fancy Styles.
  • We totally always loved the weapon.

Style Cons

  • Will feel basic if you’re used to the new flashy styles.
  • Was erm, nerfed between MHGen and MHGU, so may feel without the additions that other Styles bring.
  • Might take you multiple games to get good with before you just appreciate the base weapon type…


Adept Style

Adept Style LBG, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

So you’ve played with the LBG a bit and you’re now an expert – should only take you a few hunts honestly – but you’re looking for something a little more flashy than Guild and preferably even more powerful. Look no further than Adept Style then, for what we must describe as one of the best Style and weapon combinations available in MHGU. To get the bad point out of the way, you lose the ability to hop sideways or backwards. Initially this may seem like the death knell for the weapon, after all these hops are its lifeblood, but stick with us here.

In exchange you get the Adept Dodge, which you will activate if you dodge just prior to being hit by a monster attack, just like any other weapon with this Style. After the dodge you can either reload your weapon, which will see your shots powered up with a blue muzzle flash for a short period, or sprint in any direction for a short while to reposition. If that sounds a little awkward, choosing between the two, well you can also sprint after the powered up reload! All of this lends the LBG a fantastic risk and reward element. Before long you’ll be dodging, powering up your shots, repositioning to do some big damage, the repeating. It’s a novel way to power up the weapon, but it’s one you’ll truly learn to love. Much like the constant switching of Adept Switch Axe, this is another style and weapon combo that just feels right.

Style Pros

  • Great power boost available post Adept Dodge.
  • It feels like the natural evolution of the LBG.
  • Looks stylish as all hell.

Style Cons

  • Relies on a certain amount of risk taking.
  • Maybe you don’t like blue..?
  • Just try it, seriously.


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