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Best Hunting Styles for Heavy Bowgun | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter weapons tend to vary in degrees of popularity depending on the title. In 4U for example, the Long Sword underwent an unusual dip in users, mainly due to the silly red buff timing, and weapons like the Sword and Shield tend to gain a resurgence towards the end of a games’ life cycle after the old pros return and show everyone how good they can be. We mention this because today’s weapon, the Heavy Bowgun, surged specifically with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. This surge is down to one thing: Hunting Styles, and more specifically Valor Style. Being able to pump out major damage with the Heavy Bowgun is not a new thing, it’s always been able to make a dent after all, but in MHGU we find it paired with a frankly broken amount of mobility that elevates it into the stratosphere.

Guild Style

Guild Style HBG, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

The Heavy Bowgun marks an unusual weapon in our Hunting Styles series of articles, because we’re not actually going to recommend two choices. Yes, technically we’re going to write about Guild Style, but this is mainly to give you a reference point from which to judge the next option.

Guild Style is the HBG that you’ll no doubt recognise from previous titles in the series. Your whole deal is learning to buy yourself enough time, mainly by dodging attacks or having prior knowledge of monster movements, to then plonk yourself down in one position for a while to spool up your big gun. You do some damage, quite a bit if the gap is sufficient, before you slowly sheathe your behemoth of a weapon and repeat the process. Yes Siege Mode is a thing, but outside of a multiplayer lobby you’re unlikely to use it much – no monster will give you enough time to do so. So we’re writing about it now for sheer comparison points. Guild Style HBG is a slow but powerful weapon that requires a great deal of patience and skill to master. There is a much, much better option available to you.

Style Pros

  • High damage potential.
  • MHGU is blessed with some very stupid monsters that might give you enough time to make it work without being hit.

Style Cons

  • Incredibly immobile.
  • Slow as all hell.
  • Did we mention it’s hard to dodge things due to the slowness?


Valor Style

Valor Style HBG, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

We’ll not pull any punches here, Valor Heavy Bowgun is probably the weapon with the highest DPS output in the entire MHGU weapon repertoire. The sheer amount of damage that you can push out in Siege Mode is devastatingly high, and when it’s combined with certain powerful ammo types it can down even the biggest of monsters in minutes. One of it’s benefits is that outside of Valor mode it’s effectively just a HBG, plain and simple. OK so you cannot jump into Siege, but you don’t tend to do so all that much in other styles anyway, so it doesn’t feel like a great loss. You can roam around and shoot things pretty much like you would in any other style, and any other game, all the while building your gauge. Once said gauge is filled, everything changes.

Firstly, you can complete what is known as a Valor Load whilst in Valor Stance, which is a stance that lets you jump into Siege very quickly when in Valor state. This plainly increases the damage that your shots do once you reach full Valor. So it’s a basic damage buff, nothing special so far right? Next up, once reaching Valor state you gain buffs to your evasion, which folks have worked out is approximately Evasion +2. This is a badly needed buff for a weapon that’s traditionally difficult to dodge with, due to it’s minimal speed. So far then, we’re doing more damage than usual and we’re better at avoiding monster attacks, they’ve probably just buffed our Siege Mode damage a little bit to finish off the style right?

Not quite. Not only can you slip into Siege very easily due to the stance, but once you do hunker yourself down and start shooting, your shots will gradually increase in speed, to the point where ammo is positively thundering our of your barrel, tearing your poor target to shreds. The damage output whilst doing this is absolutely incredible, and it’s capable of downing your target it stupidly quick time. To cap it all off, once you have dodged the no doubt furious monster attack, you can hold down the B button to literally sprint with your gun out and reposition yourself. Once there, quickly drop into Siege and you’re peppering the now perforated monster again. Fire numerous powerful rounds, sprint to a new safe area, repeat. All with more powerful bullets and improved evasion. This is as close to broken as weapons get in Monster Hunter.

Style Pros

  • Huge mobility.
  • Massive damage.
  • Stupidly powerful, almost brokenly good.

Style Cons

  • Some of these monsters are supposed to be hard you know?
  • Alright so even with the insane abilities, it can still be difficult to master and use in a solo environment.


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

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