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Best Hunting Styles for Hunting Horn | MHGU

Some Monster Hunter weapons just have no point of reference for those coming from other games. Sure, some might have a hammer, but a hammer that also plays songs? Others might have a bard class, but can they also knock out their enemies in a hammer-like style? Truly, the hunting horn is an weapon like no other. It’s the ultimate in supporting tools, the epitome of flowing style when in use and the most joyous of accomplices on any hunt.

So how does MHGU and it’s differing styles influence our favourite bringer of doots? Well, if we’re honest, it doesn’t do all that much. Other weapons feel positively transformed as you switch between the styles, yet the horn just remains well… The horn. Where does that leave us then? Well, we’re going to detail the two styles that make the hunting horn the most horn they possibly can… Horn.

Doot Doot!

Guild Style

MHGU Hunting Horn Guild Style

You’ll note that we do tend to recommend Guild Style quite a bit in our style articles, and that’s mostly due to the unfettered experience of a weapon being ultimately superior to most options. The Hunting Horn is no different in this regard, with Guild being the dooting style that you’ll be familiar with, especially if you’ve come to MHGU from another Monster Hunter title.

The main benefit of Guild Style is the attacks that you can use with the horn. All of your slams and swipes are available, and whilst that might sound like an unusual benefit to be ahem, trumpeting, you’d be surprised just how many of the other styles choose to limit these without a big enough added benefit. Guild feels like the horn should, it feels malleable enough to adapt to the huge variation of monsters on show in MHGU. It’s a weapon that needs all of it’s move set unlike some others, and having it limited in other styles is too much of a detriment.

All in all, pick up Guild Style and play the Hunting Horn. It’s how the weapon was designed, and its perfectly capable of taking on anything the game can throw at you, solo or online.


  • Keeps all of it’s more nimble abilities.
  • Can put out great damage.
  • Great selection of songs in MHGU.


  • A bit boring compared to flashy new styles.
  • While not specific to Guild Style, the weapon is hard to master.


Valor Style

MHGU Hunting Horn Valor Style

It falls to Valor Style then, the buff to Horn wherever possible. How does it achieve this? Well, it essentially just makes it easier to perform your songs whilst retaining most of your important attacks. Even then it’s not without it’s issues.

Both out of Valor, and indeed within Valor, some of your attacking abilities have been lopped off, the most notable of which is the flourish attack. We’re not sure why this has been done, it’s not like the Horn has ever been an overpowered weapon in a Monster Hunter title, and it feels a bit harsh when compared to the Hammer, which seems to have universally received buffs in it’s Style options.

Once in Valor the benefits do start to come, though we’ll admit even here the improvements are limited. You’ll gain a step ability, not unlike the Greatsword, which does make the weapon much more nimble, which is a definite boon in a game filled with frighteningly fast opponents. You’ll also then be able to perform songs much more quickly, something you can also complete immediately following the step.

We’d love to write more here but.. That’s about it. Valor Style Hunting Horn is a slightly limited, but more focused version of the weapon. You’ll be a more streamlined head hunting, song toting hunter. It feels great and it’s certainly good fun, but we can’t help but feel a little short changed by the Horn style options in general.


  • Quicker songs in Valor mode.
  • New step dodge makes it very nimble in practice.
  • Feels better than Guild in online play.


  • The loss of some attacking moves will be alien at first.
  • Doesn’t really seem to gain an ‘X’ factor, like other weapons do.

That brings our second-to-last weapon style article to an end, and it’s a bit of a sombre end to be honest. Horn users may feel a bit hard done by, and rightfully so, but it’s still a fun weapon to use and it’s certainly something we love teaming up with online.

Praise the doot!


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