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Best Hunting Styles for Insect Glaive | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

From one Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate debutante – the Charge Blade – we now fix our vision on another, the Insect Glaive! If you thought that transforming sword-axes were unusual, how about trying to defeat your target with a pole vault and an insect? You get the feeling the creative meetings at Capcom must go very late into the night, probably accompanied by varying degrees of inebriation. Not that we’re complaining, after all figuring out complicated and unusual weapons is the lifeblood of a Monster Hunter title. Hunting Styles then, introduced in MHGU, tend to take the weird and wonderful and make them even more so, but how do you make sense of all the choices available to you, especially when faced with an already complex weapon? Join us as we dissect two of our favourite styles, and see if we can shed some light on the situation.

Guild Style

Guild Style Insect Glaive, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Despite all of the myriad options available for the Insect Glaive, we’ve chosen Guild style as our first option. We’re aware that there are plenty of entertaining options available, but there’s just something so right about the normal Insect Glaive. It’s like walking into your parents old pantry – you know where everything is, it’s immediately familiar despite your time spent away. It’s also a weapon that we feel benefits from starting off with Guild Style, especially if you’re a new player. It has the gap closing draw attacks, the usual mounting vault and the ability to infinitely combo your ground attacks, assuming you’re holding the right buffs. In this style the weapon really feels like a combination of others; you can slash from mid range like the Long Sword, use the draw attach like a Great Sword smash or whirl around in close range like the Dual Blades. It’s tremendous fun, and even with the slight lowering of movement values from MH4U, it’s still capable of pushing out incredible amounts of damage.

Eventually you’ll want to move on and try out the remaining styles, and we’d encourage you to do so, but getting yourself a grounding in Guild Style will stand you in good stead moving forward. Worth nothing too, is that the Insect Glaive hunting arts are not the best, so only having two slots isn’t much of an issue.

Style Pros

  • Immediately familiar for those moving over from other MH games.
  • Infinite combo remains intact.
  • One of the most versatile weapons in the series, unchanged.

Style Cons

  • Veterans will want something different.
  • Kinsect levelling is terrible in MHGU. Yes this isn’t Guild specific, but we hate it so we’re listing it here.


Valor Style

Valor Style Insect Glaive, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

So you’ve used the Insect Glaive in previous Monster Hunter games, and you’ve spent the requisite amount of hours (minutes) with Guild Style, and now you fancy something a little different. Well look no further than Valor Style!

OK look we understand that you probably hunted a few beasts, picked up your favourite old vaulting stick and then thought, ‘wait, if every weapon has Aerial Style now, what on earth does Aerial Insect Glaive do?’ – Go ahead, we can wait…

Done leaping over vast swathes of the map, consistently missing your target? Good, let’s get down to business. Valor Style manages to strike the perfect balance for the Glaive in our opinion. Of course when your Valor gauge isn’t active, the weapon’s edge is dulled significantly. You will not be able to vault onto your target, nor can you perform all of your usual combo ground moves. However you can still complete the infinite combo, which is really quite unusual for a weapon when it’s outside of it’s Valor state. The Charge Blade is woefully useless outside of it, for example, so it’s nice to have a weapon that retains some usefulness before your bar goes blue.

Once it does go blue, and you activate full Valor mode, the weapon significantly changes. Your Kinsect becomes a part of your attacks, launching itself back and forth as you complete different manoeuvres, damaging your target alongside you. It’s attacks change too, depending on your buff levels. You’ll have all of your attacks back, plus your vault, and the Kinsect attacks even make your Hunter Arts charge quicker. For us this all combines to make Valor the ultimate Insect Glaive hunting style – it’s quick, does great damage and it still feels right.

Style Pros

  • Kinsect usage feels smooth.
  • Not overly punished outside of Valor.
  • Feels like a natural upgrade to Guild Style Insect Glaive.

Style Cons

  • A bit less flashy than other Valor weapons.
  • Despite the infinite combo you are limited outside of Valor.
  • Yes, it doesn’t have the super leap that Aerial Style does… Hey where are you going!?


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

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