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Taking your first steps as a beginner is a daunting proposition in a Monster Hunter game. Upon arrival the intrepid gamer will be flooded with new and unusual terms, themes, opponents and equipment. During the series’ progression the developer, Capcom, has improved it’s tutorials and ‘on boarding’ sections, but it’s still a doggedly impenetrable series at the best of times. As such, it’s likely to take the new player quite a while to get used to the world, it’s inhabitants and your hunter’s place within it.

The most important choice a new player must take will undoubtedly be their choice of weapon. There are fourteen on offer and only a few of these will be similar to those found in other games. Said similarity ends with looks however, because nothing quite compares to a Monster Hunter weapon: Each of them come along with a huge dollop of complexity, no matter how simple they may seem from the outset, with quirks and foibles being discovered with each even after hundreds of hours of play. The following then are 3 picks for the most beginner friendly of weapons in Monster Hunter World – hope this helps!

Easiest Weapon #3: Long Sword

Long Sword, Monster Hunter World

For a new player the Long Sword is likely to be the most familiar and attractive. Countless hack ‘n’ slash games at least have the option to use a sword, so the proposition of slicing up some monsters with one isn’t too far removed from prior experiences. Happily, for the most part at least, this is true. The Long Sword has some very friendly and easy to learn attacks, and it’s relatively long reach means the new hunter won’t be putting themselves in danger zones too frequently. Things do get a little more complicated of course, but the basics and even the gauge is very easy to understand: Hit some things or hit them with your combo to power up your sword.

This being a Monster Hunter game, digging a little deeper reveals quite a complex beast, capable of inflicting tremendous amounts of damage in the hands of a seasoned hunter. The Helm Splitter and Foresight Slash allow an experienced hand to look like a proper Samurai, and judicious use of the Fade Slash can make the most fearsome of beasts look like gentle teddy bears. Overall the Long Sword is a fantastic weapon for a beginner: It’s simple yet strong, and it belies wonderfully creative depths for those willing to stick around.

Beginner Tips

  • The single downward slash is deceptively powerful. Start off by using this to hit sensitive monster parts, then dodge left or right as you learn your opponents movement.
  • The single poke into upward slash combination is also very useful. Your hunter can simply end it here and dodge an attack, or combo this into some stronger attacks in the same area.
  • Learn to love the Fade Slash. Despite the flashiness of some other moves, this is your bread and butter repositioning tool, so it would serve you well to learn it’s timings and movement.


Easiest Weapon #2: Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun, Monster Hunter World

Our second choice for those starting out is the Light Bowgun. Of the two Bowguns on offer in Monster Hunter World, this is the quicker and more nimble option. Whilst it technically does less damage per shot than it’s Heavier counterpart, it more than makes up for this with speed. A well practiced Light Bowgun user is a joy to watch, like a prize bull fighter juking and dodging it’s infuriated prey, peppering it from every angle until it submits. Why then, do we consider it one of the best starter weapons for hunters wet behind the ears?

It comes down to a combination of said speed, the safety that range ensures and the familiarity that gamers will have with it’s aiming system. Having a ranged weapon immediately offers the new hunter the ability to stay way out of the danger zone, yet still be able to contribute some good damage to the hunt. Further to this, when the monster eventually does turn it’s eyes on our new hunter, it has the speed and agility to get out of dodge. Finally, the method of aiming the LBG is very similar to those found in other action games, making it the ideal starting point for friends making the jump from certain annually released, AAA shooters.

Beginner Tips

  • Evading twice after shooting a monster will make your hunter slide, covering a great distance and making it easy to dodge larger attacks.
  • Different coloured damage numbers will appear when you shoot the weak points of a monster – pay attention to these and aim for them to do maximum damage.
  • Bring along guns that can inflict status ailments like Sleep and Paralysis, your hunting mates will thank you for it.
  • Try to pay attention to the monsters movements, and lay your mines between you and it. Eventually it’ll turn it’s attention on you and run right through them.


Easiest Weapon #1: Great Sword

Great Sword, Monster Hunter World

Finally we come slamming down onto our final choice, the Great Sword. This weapon is a staple of the Monster Hunter series, and has carried many a beginner through their first tentative steps into these strange lands. These giant slabs of metal and bone are unmatched in terms of damage potential, at least in terms of a single hit, and their usage commands such a visceral and satisfying feel, especially when charged. Gone are the complexities and style choices from ‘Generations Ultimate, with World opting for a rather more unified approach: Get charged hits, more and more often.

It occupies our top spot here mainly due to a combination of it’s simple usage and progressive growth. It’s a weapon that is perfectly happy to be used as a one and done, single swipe and roll away weapon. In fact, early use of the weapon is likely to be used in exactly that way – get one draw attack in, charged or not, then roll away and wait for another opening. The weapon is perfectly viable being used this way thanks to it’s massive raw damage and skills like Crit Draw. This lets the new hunter slowly learn and adapt to monster openings and vulnerabilties.

As the prospective hunter grows in skill, so too does the Great Sword. As monster patterns begin to be understood, so too does the opening time grow, eventually allowing for charged attacks to be used more frequently. Follow up charges and forced down time, be it through traps or otherwise, extend this and allow the Great Sword user to grow in confidence. As the difficulty grows so too does the weapon, allowing the hunter to learn tackle timings, creating even more openings, and before long the hunter is flowing from charge to charge, slamming and slicing their targets into pieces in short order. It’s a wonderful weapon that evenly matches the hunter’s growth, ready and waiting to be unlocked.

Beginner Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to simply attack once and dodge away. With such powerful weapon, this tactic can still slay even the biggest of monsters.
  • Crit Draw is a fantastic skill that’s worthwhile, whether you’re adept with charge attacks yet or not.
  • Try not to rely on the sweeping sub attacks that the Great Sword has – they offer little benefit.
  • Since the weapon hits less frequently, try not to rely on them for elemental or status damage. High raw damage will serve you well throughout any Monster Hunter with the Great Sword.

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