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Ideal Beginner Armour Sets | Monster Hunter Rise

For beginners to Monster Hunter, Armour Sets can mean the difference between life and cart. It’s all well and good picking up a weapon and learning to swing it around, but unlike some other games you absolutely will take damage here, no matter your skill level, and wearing a flailing piece of paper tissue is liable to see you fail in short order. All that being said, if you look around the internet for equipment recommendations, you’re likely to find people talking about the absolute end game sets, but what about those right at the start of their journey? Well, paired with our beginner weapon article, we’re going to record three basic armour sets that offer a great starting point for hunters only just starting to ply their trade.

Good Start Armour Set, Monster Hunter Rise

Armour Set: Good Start

During your introduction to Monster Hunter, you’re likely to have been told all about the different skills that you should grab. Some players will enjoy the virtues of Attack Boost, others might lean towards critical strikes through stacking Affinity. Crit Draw, Rapid Morph, the list goes on. To cut through this frankly unnecessary information, we’ve chosen to recommend a very simple set that requires monster parts very near the start of the game. By taking down the basic starter monsters – Jaggi, Wroggi and such – you can craft yourself what we’re calling the ‘Good Start’ set. It comes with a little bit of Attack, some Critical and even a few points of Evade Extender, which just makes your dodges go further. This set is unashamedly basic, but it gives you a little of everything that you need and even manages to keep you safe.

Beginner Benefits

  • Comes with a few points in Attack Boost, to help you deal more damage.
  • Has a few points in Critical Eye, which will boost your damage a little more.
  • The inclusion of two points in Evade Extender is great for beginners. This skill increases the distance that your character will dodge, making it ideal for learning new and more dangerous monsters.


Attack Armour Set, Monster Hunter Rise

Armour Set: All Out Attack

Our next choice is for the indulgent out there. If you have attempted to use our first set and would like to see those orange numbers getting as high as possible, you might find yourself hankering for a set that boosts your attack as much as possible. We’re not about to call this the very best set available, nor is it really efficient in the way that it gets the skills, but it is probably the most Attack Boost you can get your hands on before the harder targets start to come your way. It’s worth remembering however, that all the Attack Boost in the world will not make the monster fall any faster without practice. Nothing beats taking on a monster 5 – 10 times to help you improve – no skill can do this for you!

Beginner Benefits

  • Just a metric ton of Attack Boost.
  • Probably the earliest that you can get your hands on this much attack rating.
  • The Anjanath parts will likely be the hardest to gather here. If you want our advice for taking it down, it’s to give it a very wide berth between attacks, and jump in when it commits itself to a big dive.


Safety Armour Set, Monster Hunter Rise

Armour Set: Ranged Safety

Our final choice is one that works in opposition to our previous choice. Where it is all about gathering as much Attack Boost as possible, this set is a little smarter with it’s choices. We’ve dubbed it ‘Ranged Safety’ because that’s what it’s all about; staying safe whilst using a ranged weapon, something that we find is ideal for newer hunters out there. This set is unlikely to win any awards for damage numbers, but we’d argue that you’ll end up slaying your target quicker thanks to it’s skills.

Firstly, it retains the Evade Extender from an earlier set. This will make your dodge rolls leap a little further, keeping you out of harm’s way. Building upon this is the Evade Window skill, which gives you a tiny bit more leeway when dodging an attack. Combined, these two skills will keep you very safe against almost all targets. To augment your attacking prowess then, the set has a good amount of Critical Eye, which pairs well with some of the weapons you’ll be crafting at the midpoint of Low Rank, case in point being our HIdden Eye Light Bowgun, which comes with a bumper crop of Affinity itself. Finally, we have a value point of Spare Shot, which will occasionally save you some ammunition or coatings, which can be very useful in the longer, extended hunts that you’ll soon be taking on.

Beginner Benefits

  • Retains Evade Extender from our earlier set, which significantly increases the distance that your character will dodge.
  • Comes with Evade Window, which allows you a little more time to actually dodge an attack – the difference is small but meaningful.
  • Plenty of Critical Eye, which will work well with weapons you should be crafting, like those of the Nargacuga line.
  • Spare Shot will help save ammo and coatings when using ranged weapons.
  • The set can be adapted to suit melee hunting too, or even just used as it is. It’s a great all round set for progression in Low Rank!

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