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Achieving Perfection #4 – Crafting | Stardew Valley

The next step that we’re taking, and indeed documenting, towards perfection is that of crafting. As a whole this will cover a great deal of elements within Stardew Valley, because crafting in some way tends to be involved with pretty much everything that you do, and whilst you’ll certainly tackle the subject regularly in a playthrough, a more focused approach will be required to achieve perfection. It’s a very daunting task, that’s for sure, but if you make yourself aware of the following steps, things might become that little bit clearer.

Robin's Shop, Stardew Valley

Recipe Collection

Anyone with even the smallest amount of experience with Stardew Valley will know that recipes can be found all over the place. Skills, shops, collectables and key events can all reward you with a new recipe, and in many ways your quest for perfecting everything will invariably grant you the vast majority, so for the purpose of this guide we’ll note some of the lesser known, or more awkward methods to uncover recipes:

  • Maxing out all skills to level 10.
  • Shops have recipes, and often their stock will change, so re-check often.
  • Collect all 8 Rarecrows for an additional recipe.
  • Vendors at festivals and events often have recipes.
  • Mr Qi’s Walnut Room houses 5 recipes.
  • Stock at most vendors will change depending on the season, so be sure to check when these change, even if you think you’ve gathered them all.
  • The Special Order board can also reward recipes.


Crafting Menu, Stardew Valley

Collecting Materials

Now, we don’t expect you to have every single recipe before you move on to collecting materials, after all you’ll probably be doing a mix of both most of the time, so consider this an area in which tips should be considered for all stages of material collection. We’ll also make note of a few pitfalls that might arise, or pieces of advice that we’ve learned on our way to perfection. No doubt you can look up pretty much every recipe going on a Wiki of sorts, but they may miss a few of the following intricacies.

Meaningful Choices

Funny, most players complain when their RPG doesn’t include meaningful choices, or at least choices that make a difference to their gameplay. Stardew Valley meanwhile, can make you wait a whole year for certain items, depending on your choices. There are multiple ways in which this can occur, some of which are more infuriating than others, however the best example is when attempting to get a Morel Mushroom for the Life Elixir recipe. If you did not choose to make your cave into a Mushroom Cave, and you happen to have already gone through Spring without gathering one from the Secret Woods, then you’ll have to wait a whole year to get another chance, barring some incredible luck at the travelling cart. The lesson here then, is to do your best to plan ahead when you’re making choices.

Optimising Combat

Taking down enemies will be critical to gathering the items needed for crafting, and indeed the only way to get your hands on certain parts, so it pays to optimise this wherever possible. One such way is to get your hands on the Burglar Ring, which gives you the chance to receive twice the amount of drops from enemies. Not only is this a great way to speed up the material gathering process, but they’ll often drop things you need in the future. Doing so on a lucky day for example, can gather up quite a lot of metal bars, which are required for completing a lot of different recipes.

Further to the above, completing the Special Order ‘Prismatic Jelly’ will grant you the Monster Musk recipe as a reward. Once crafted and used, this doubles the amount of monsters on a floor in either the Mines, Skull Caverns or the Volcano. This, combined with the aforementioned Burglar Ring, will make farming for item drops much, much more bearable. You’ll need 30 x Slime and 30 x Bat Wings to make the Musk, but it’s absolutely worth doing so, assuming you’re comfortable with a slightly harder phase of combat.

Wood ‘n Stone

You’ll need a lot of Wood and Stone. No really, you will. You’re going to require a great deal of wood, all year round, of every possible type, and a great deal of stone to boot. To this end, it pays to always put some aside whenever you’re completing a task. These are staples for a great deal of recipes, so you’ll want to begin a small growing stock as soon as possible.

Further to this, you’ll want to get your hands on some Mahogany Seeds to plant on your farm, because this will give you a source of Hardwood that’s easier to access, rather than traipsing your way into the Secret Woods every day. Plus, if you can combine this with the Tree Fertilizer, for which the recipe can be found at level 7 Foraging, you’ll be able to keep wild trees (non-fruit) growing even through Winter. This comes with our highest recommendation, because you’ll want to continue crafting throughout every season where possible, and this can save you a great deal of time. 

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