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Achieving Perfection #1 – Creating a Wine Empire | Stardew Valley

Achieving the perfect game in Stardew Valley is no easy feat. There is a huge list of tasks to complete, all of which take a great deal of time, which can be tracked through the perfection tracker in Mr Qi’s walnut room. One of the more difficult of these tasks is to earn yourself 10,000,000 gold, which is frankly a huge undertaking, and one that you’re unlikely to get anywhere near in a normal playthrough. It’s this topic in particular that we’d like to focus on today, because there’s a sure fire way of getting yourself on the road to the cool ten mil: Turning fruit into Wine. In other words, it’s time to set yourself up with a Wine Empire!

Oak Resin, Stardew Valley

Wood & Resin Farm

In order to begin generating your own Wine, you’re going to need to craft yourself a large amount of Kegs. Actually, if your aim is perfection, you’re going to need a very, very large amount of Kegs, which means a great deal of crafting is required. So, the first step is to collect the raw materials that are required for such things, which are as follows:

  • 30 x Wood
  • 1 x Oak Resin
  • 1 x Iron Bar
  • 1 x Copper Bar

Your first task is to take care of the Wood and the Resin, both of which will need trees in order to be gathered in a large amount. Firstly, you’ll want to plant yourself a bumper crop of trees in a good location, such as the spa area or the Calico Desert, which we specifically choose because residents will not interact with and destroy your trees. By doing this you will ensure that you have a large supply of Wood to continuously farm, and be ready to syphon off enough for your massive Keg collection. 

Secondly, once the recipe for Tappers is unlocked, you’ll want to set up a series of Oak trees and have them equipped with Tappers. This will allow you to stockpile the required Oak Resin, of which 1 is required for every Keg. Per our picture above, you can easily set up a few of these in your farm, and regularly revisit to collect your Oak Resin.


The Mines, Stardew Valley

Iron & Copper Bars

Next up, you’ll be requiring Iron and Copper bars to complete the Keg recipe. More accurately, you’ll require Iron and Copper Ore, with which you can smelt the bars required for the Kegs. To get a reasonable amount of these, you’ll want to take yourselves to the Mines with plenty of bag space, and be ready to mine as much as possible during your trip. Be sure to bring your pick of course, and take yourselves to one of the following levels for the easiest route to each:

  • Level 21 – Copper Ore
  • Level 41 – Iron Ore

This will allow you to quickly and easily exit the mines when required, whilst also accessing them easily thanks to the elevator. Be sure to kill any Dust Sprites whilst you’re down there, because they drop Coal, which is an ingredient that is required when smelting those gathered ores into bars.

Wine Kegs, Stardew Valley

Keg Creation & Storage

Now that you have yourself a good collection of Kegs, which for serious Wine aficionados we believe should equal X or more, then you’re going to need somewhere to store them. Ideally this place will be quick to access, and organised in a way that allows you to quickly fill and empty them to minimise downtime. 

You could visit Robin to install yourself a Shed, which will cost some gold and a fair amount of wood, or you can lay some flooring down in certain locations and completely fill it with Kegs. Using the Quarry is a good example of this, because you can put some flooring down to stop rocks spawning, and completely fill the area with Kegs. Check out our picture below for a real look at what a Wine Empire looks like!


Wine Empire, Stardew Valley

Wine Empire Profits

It goes without saying that you’ll likely want to pick the Artisan perk whilst you’re doing this, because turning fruit into Wine essentially triples its value, and adding 40% on top of this will mean that your earning potential goes through the roof. Furthermore, do not forget to plant enough crops to keep those profits flowing, and be sure to keep filling your Kegs, no matter what else you’re focusing on.

The more expensive the fruit the better of course, but it’s also worth considering certain crops in certain seasons, like Rhubarb in the Spring, Starfruit in the Summer and Pumpkins in Autumn. The amount of Kegs can vastly outnumber the amount of produce that you can fit into a Greenhouse, so you’ll struggle to keep them filled with the very best options all year round. The most important thing is that you keep them filled and produce Wine. Before you know it, you’ll be inching ever closer to that elusive Golden Clock and your satisfying perfect game!

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