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Three Super Profitable Greenhouse Crops | Stardew Valley

Having access to a Greenhouse is one of the many beneficial Community Centre or Joja rewards that can be found in Stardew Valley. As you might imagine, it’s designed to house crops and help them grow, but more specifically allows the growth of those currently out of season, or indeed in the winter period. Technically, there are very few crops that shouldn’t be placed within a Greenhouse, however given the year round benefits, and indeed the financially ruthless nature of all the profiteering farmers out there, you should probably prioritise one of the following.

Starfruit, Stardew Valley


  • Great profits, re-planting required every 13 days.
  • Possible 6,000g per fruit, every 13 days.

When it comes to Artisan Goods, there’s no fruit more individually profitable than the Starfruit, thanks to its massive selling price. With the Artisan profession choice, you can expect to get over 6,000g for a Starfruit of the highest quality, which means that a Greenhouse full of these has the potential to make a huge amount of profit. The caveat to this however, is that they take 13 whole days to mature, and they can only be harvested once. Some crops can be planted once and will continue to produce fruit forever, like our next option, but Starfruit will require that you plant additional seeds after every harvest, so you’ll need to fire up your Seed Maker to keep things going.

Ancient Fruit, Stardew Valley

Ancient Fruit

  • Good profits, regular produce with no re-planting.
  • Possible 4,000g per fruit, every 7 days.

In contrast to our first option, the Ancient Fruit is a type of crop that will continue to grow once planted, assuming a normal plant upkeep. In this regard, you will not need to plant more Ancient Seeds once the crop has been harvested, however it’s worth noting that these fruits in particular will take 28 days to flourish upon startup. This can be a pain, but once these fruits have been planted and harvested, they will produce more fruit after a further 7 days, and continue to do so without fail. So, whilst these do not generate as much cash for each part as the Starfruit – circa 4,000g vs 6,000g for the best quality with Artisan – they do not require planting again, and once the startup of 28 days is completed, you’ll get a crop almost twice as quick, so they’ll eventually create a bigger profit.


Rare Seeds, Stardew Valley

Sweet Gem Berries

  • Very valuable, non-Artisan crop.
  • Possible 6,000g per fruit, every 24 days.

Unlike our previous two choices, Sweet Gem Berries cannot be turned into Artisan Goods. In fact, they’re not even categorised as either a Fruit or Vegetable, which makes them a rather unusual proposition. So isolated is this product in fact, that it’s almost entirely used to generate profit, outside of being required for one singular recipe and perhaps a remixed bundle. Further still, it’s very difficult to get your hands on the required Rare Seeds in order to make them grow, given that the travelling merchant will only sell a small amount in Spring and Summer.

Despite all of this, the highest possible quality of Sweet Gem Berries will sell for a massive 6,000g each. They do take 24 days to fully blossom, which is certainly longer than either of the above, however they can also be accessed rather early in the game and be used to give you a financial ‘leg up’ as you progress. Use of a Seed Maker is an obvious benefit here, but prepare to have your mental health destroyed when you occasionally find your Rare Seeds have RNG’d their way in Mixed Seeds instead…

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